The Benefits of Bike Riding

By Tash Hughes of Save Time Online

Bike riding is a popular sport, but many of us don’t find the time to go for many rides even if we have a bike sitting in the garage somewhere collecting dust!

A thirty minute bike ride will burn up about 8 kilojoules at a social pace, or 26 kj if you ride at 25 kph or faster. Compare that to 5kj for a slow walk or 9kj for half an hour of sit ups!

So bike riding is an effective form of exercise and can be part of a fitness or weight loss program. But there are other advantages as well.

* Unlike working out in a gym, bike riding will get you out in the fresh air and in different environments. All resulting in clearing your mind and helping you relax and enjoy yourself.


* Riding outside also exposes you to sunlight which is a natural source of vitamin D and also reduces seasonal affect disorders.

* Bike riding isn’t very stressful on most of your body, and it’s certainly less jarring than going for a run although a medium paced jog burns a similar amount of energy.

* Bike riding can be practical. Consider riding next time you need to visit a friend or maybe even use it as a way to get to work each day. Not only will you get some exercise, you’ll save petrol money and may even save time.

* Make it social. It’s hard to chat whilst swimming or doing aerobics, but bike riding with a friend allows for chatting and you can have a picnic or well earned drink at the end.

* Power. Riding a bike with the rush of wind in your face can give a real sense of power.

* In the same time, you can move a lot further on a bike than you can by walking so you can explore more places and get an extra sense of freedom from the everyday.

* Once you have a bike, bike riding is cheap. Apart from the odd tyre tube and maybe some grease, bike riding doesn’t cost much for months or years at a time.

* Riding up a big hill or a long distance is hard work, but once you reach the destination you will feel exhilarated and rightly proud of your achievements. And unlike some other exercise options, you can actually see what you have achieved.

* Bike riding gives you a cardio-vascular workout and also builds leg muscle. And don’t forget that more muscle means you burn more kj even when you’re sitting still!

* If you want an exercise program that will last, bike riding fits the bill. Some other exercise ideas become trendy for a while then fade away and you’re left with equipment you can’t use; other exercises won’t suit your lifestyle as you have children or get older. Bikes last and can be used over many years. Parents can take their children on rides, or as a break from the children, and older people can still ride if their balance is ok.

* A Danish study indicated that people riding for about 3 hours a week have 40% less chance of dying compared to a sedentary group – so ride yourself to a longer life!

* Riding to work may actually reduce the amount of pollution you breathe in whilst commuting. Cyclists breathe more than drivers and thus take in a larger amount of oxygen, according to a European study. Physical activity also reduces the impact of any pollutants anyway.

* Cyclists have reduced chances of depression and quicker recovery times if they do develop depression. This is possibly a greater effect than from other forms of exercise.

* Riding your bike rather than driving or even taking a train will give you more time to observe what is happening around you. Noticing flowers and trees will relax you and many other things you see as you ride can amuse, inspire or excite you.

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