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An Olympic medal might be highly sought after, but could there be a sporting event even more challenging for athletes? It might not be as publicised as the Olympics, but there are (wannabe) Australian athletes training hard for the “Outback Games” which are held in the Northern Territory.

Tourism Northern Territory have released a series of parody videos featuring the training of ‘athletes,’ one of which features Waterhole Swimming.”

In the following video you will meet Sally, a swimmer preparing for the games with the help of her long time neighbour and coach Sam.

Sally trains hard for the waterhole event and never gives up, until she declares, “that’s it for me, I’m stuffed.”

Sam has decided he will help her win one way or another, even it means disguising himself as a crocodile…Aussies really do have a great sense of humour and this video depicts that, watch it and laugh:

The video may be hilarious but when you have had your fair share of giggles you will start to notice the beautiful scenery. The Northern Territory has a lot to offer tourists and even if you aren’t a “serious athlete” like Sally, you will be able to enjoy waterhole swimming and other once in a lifetime activities just by visiting.

With thong marathons and sandbar soccer The Outback Games truly is a unique event! And lets just say, in addition to our sense of humour, us Aussies do have a competitive streak – no matter what weird or wonderful challenge is thrown our way!

Just watching that video has made me want to visit the NT – which is something I never thought about before…

You can visit Tourism Australia:


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