Tilley Le Sparkle Candles

If there is one thing that has got me excited this Christmas, it is the limited edition range of ‘Le Sparkle’ Candles from Tilley. I honestly don’t know why they are limited edition because they are so cute they deserve to be a permanent feature. But, no such luck, they are for the silly season only.

What am I raving about?  From an Australian brand who has recently celebrated their 152 year anniversary, Tilley, comes 6 double wicked, soy candles packed in sparkly glass jars.

There are six festive scents with:

  • Mulberry Spice
  • Sugared Candy
  • Midnight Ember
  • Winterberry
  • Red Velvet
  • Eggnog

Each comes in a different coloured jar, packed with sparkle! They are a nice way to mix up traditionally clear glass jars and give a pop of colour to your home. These candles have been handcrafted and are 300g. The brand has thought of everything, as the Le Sparkles come beautifully packaged inside a gift box.

They smell and look divine and you will want to collect them all so you can reuse the jars!

These candles have an RRP of $29.99 each

Tilley products can be found in more than 300 independent retailers throughout Australia, New Zealand & the USA – in addition to its online store at tilleysoaps.com.au

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14 thoughts on “Tilley Le Sparkle Candles

  1. These gorgeous candles, full of Christmas sparkle, get me in just the right mood for the season. They remind me of the glow of loved ones around the table on Christmas day. I’m so looking forward to the festivities. Have a merry christmas, everyone!

  2. Gorgeous jars that would look perfect on my dressing table. The scents they have chosen mmmm eggnog sounds yummy to me.

    Wouldn’t you just love to have the whole collection.

  3. What better present to light a room for a romantic Christmas indulgence… but ensure you put them to use before overeating and drinking (te he)

  4. I can never understand when Companies bring out just limited items that can only be bought at festive times. I always think, gee, if only you had them all year around because I love to buy as gifts for birthdays and other occasions.

    These candles are certainly sparkly and have got my attention. Red Velvet hey…….I am off to check out their online store NOW.

  5. My mother in law used to be a teachers aid and she always used to tell me how much she hated candles as a gift because she used to get them all the time. I used to agree with her until I was given a ‘fancy’ candle for myself. I love having a candle lit on my dining table. I love watching the flame and smelling the beautiful fragrance and my children all think they are something special too. I haven’t ever seen these candles before, but love the look of them. My husband would attest to the fact though that I wouldn’t be able to choose which candle to buy because give me some bling and some glitter and I cannot make a choice!

  6. How gorgeous do these candles look? And their fragrances sound divine, surely they smell just as good, what a lovely gift they would be.

  7. I love candles and they are a delightful gift to give and receive. I love that they are double wicked. I only buy double wicked now as I have had many candles that have only melted in the middle.
    Tilley Le Sparkle candles come in a colour and fragrance to suit everyone.

  8. I haven’t smelt these candles, but I am absolutely loving the beautiful glassware they’re in, so pretty. Christmas is summer here in Oz, and in my state it’s so hot. The thought of drinking hot mulled wine, or eating spiced laden, heavy warm puddings doesn’t appeal. However candles which can emit the type of Christmas you would experience in the northern hemisphere sounds right up my alley!

    I can’t wait to check-out the website. 🙂

  9. Candles and diffusers are the best ever go to gifts.. I buy them for gifts but I end up using them because they smell so good.

  10. oh oh oh….these look and sound AMAZING. How pretty are the containers and the available scents …..well now I want them all. Candle addict here.

  11. These candles look so gorgeous with their sparkle, one would be the perfect addition to my first home that I’ve just bought and am moving into shortly! I loooove a delicious scented candle to add a pleasant scent to the living room – my current favourite is glasshouse Tahaa but these ones all sound delectable and I don’t think I could go past Winterberry!

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