Unique Valentine’s Cocktails at the Lonsdale

Wherever you are in the world the most romantic day of the year is fast approaching. So whether you will be celebrating with a loved one or nursing a broken heart this Valentine’s Day the Lonsdale Cocktail Bar and Dining Room in Notting Hill have created two unique cocktails in honour of Valentine’s Day.

The Bar Manager at the Lonsdale created, styled and named these cocktails after the two girls that broke his heart, so if you are all loved up this Valentine’s Day spare a thought for the Lonsdale Bar manager who brought you these sophisticated flavours.

the S Brach
the S Brach


The Lonsdale likes their cocktails the way that some like their partners – fascinating, amusing, complicated and wild after dark.

The S. Brach

Equal parts Aperol, Punt e Mes and Absolut Wild Tea with a splash of orange bitters to round off the competing flavours.

Dry like her wit and as revolutionary as her city’s forefathers.

The N. Macnaughton

The sweetest Glaswegian you’ll ever meet. Kind, soft and yet brutally frank.

The N Macnaughton
The N Macnaughton

A fist of raspberries, muddled, a large dram of Auchentoshen 12 year old, creme de mure, cloudy apple juice, a splash of gomme and a smidge of eggwhite. Intelligence has never come in such a lovely head.

Try out these two interesting cocktails, toast the broken hearted Bar manager and have a lovely Valentine’s Day.

These recipes came all the way from Notting Hill in London so some of the terminology is new to me, let’s say the measurements are approximate. The pictures look amazing though.

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