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Scrub Daddy is a product that sounds like it could be a lot of things, and a versatile home helper sponge wasn’t really on the top of everyone’s list.

This product is CUTE and eye catching which doesn’t usually have anything to do with it’s efficiency and so isn’t relevant BUT with the Scrub Daddy the eye-catching cute factor is a design feature that has everything to do with how efficiently the product works.

Scrub Daddy is a scrubber that changes texture depending on the temperature of the water. It is great for all sorts of jobs around the house and it can be easily sanitised by running it through the dishwasher, on the top shelf. I would be tempted to buy a couple so that different areas had a dedicated Scrub Daddy. Sanitised or not I don’t know that I want to use the same sponge for my outdoor furniture that I use for my dishes.

A little bit of research over on the website and I discovered that the Scrub Daddy is also available in colours so that you can delegate cleaning responsibilities to your Daddy’s. A separate colour for the bathroom, kitchen and outdoors. There is also a Lemon Fresh Scrub Daddy infused with fresh lemon aroma to help deodorise your icky spots.

Dishes are not my favourite job, not even close, but when I washed them the other day I thought I would put Scrub Daddy to the test and see how he did. I washed in hot water which made him nice and soft, contoured to get right into the bottom of glasses with two ergonomic finger holes (eye sockets) to give that bit of extra stretch to the bottom of the glasses.

The mouth opening is designed to get both sides of your cutlery at once and when I got the hang of finding the mouth this was a great way to get through the dried on goop.

Scrub Daddy is soft yet scrubby which makes him safe for non-stick surfaces while still tough enough to get all the pesky residue off your kitchenware.

The interesting thing with Scrub Daddy’s texture is that he doesn’t hold onto the things he scrubs off surfaces, he rinses clean and works well with just water. Sponges can be horrid for attracting odours but Scrub Daddy is designed to resist odours. Now this is a claim I’ve heard before and it usually comes with a warning that leaving a sponge sitting wet and soggy will create odours so I would say squeeze out excess water and sit him somewhere that he can air and dry.

I wasn’t happy just putting him through his paces on the dishes though, when I finished I put him to work on my stove. Now, my stove is actually almost at the point where I would prefer to replace it than try to get it clean again. This was a job that definitely needed a firmer hand, and sponge, so I used cold water and elbow grease to cut a path through the baked on grime around my hotplates and was pleasantly surprised at the job it did.

The lead up to Christmas has me with more jobs to do than hours so I haven’t managed to put him to work anywhere else yet, but I am looking forward to doing so.

This is a cute, comfortable and original new addition to your cleaning cupboard that I would recommend, especially to those families trying to avoid lots of harsh chemicals.

RRP: $5.95

The Scrub Daddy range is available online at: and you can check for your nearest stockist HERE.

Thanks to Scrub Daddy 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club members are trialing the Scrub Daddy Original and you can read what they thought in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “User Review: Scrub Daddy

  1. I’ll admit I am a bit of a clean freak, so I jumped at the chance to review the ‘Scrub Daddy’ sponge and have been putting it through it’s paces in a little over a week now.

    With it’s eye catching packaging and bright colour, the Scrub Daddy definitely stands alone in terms of looking ascetically pleasing, how can you not love anything which has a smiley face appearance! 😀
    All my kids thought it was cute as, but don’t let it’s looks deceive you. It’s smiley face serves a dual purpose in that not only is it attractive to look at, but it also has unique design features.

    One of the design features is it’s amazing ergonomic shape. It shapes allows it to be fully put into a glass or cup. This came in quite handy when my kids leave a little milk in the bottom of their cups with hardens. The fact that the scrub Daddy softens and mould, made it a breeze to fully put in a cup or glass and clean it thoroughly. I really valued this feature.

    The Scrub Daddy ‘eye holes’ serve as a very handy ergonomic extra grip (you put your fingers through) for when you need that extra hold, especially if you’re scrubbing pots and pans.

    The mouth serves as a very efficient cutlery cleaner, in that it allows you to put a piece of cutlery through and it cleans under and topside of the piece of cutlery. Again, a very unique and efficient feature once you get the hang of it.

    As with all sponges, it’s always a concern in regards to odour and hygiene and the spread of harmful bacteria. However to date, there is not a single odour to be had from the Scrub Daddy and the fact that if put in cold water it hardens, makes it very easy to wash out any excess food debri or residue. This was massive! I was able to keep the sponge clean and free of residue. It’s unique material seems to really repel any food scraps that would otherwise want to stay on a sponge.

    Scrub Daddy’s unique hot / cold water feature, makes it a versatile sponge in that if you harden it by putting it in cold water, you’re able to scrub heavier soiled items, but equally to that, it you require a more delicate scrub (non-stick pans etc) by immersing it in warm/hot water, it softens perfectly to clean more delicate items. I loved this feature!

    So positives are odour-free, hygienic, ergonomic, attractive, becomes drier quicker than an ordinary sponges, and the fact it changes in firmness in hot or cold water are all reasons I will be recommending the Scrub Daddy, and purchasing more for my cleaning needs both in the kitchen and in the house in general.

    The negatives, honestly, I have been putting the Scrub Daddy through it’s paces and I have yet to find any negatives. I don’t even think the price is an issue, I think it is very reasonably priced for what it achieves. And as Molly Meldrum would say, ‘do yourself a favour’. 😉

    Thank you very much Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review such a unique cleaning product as is the ‘Scrub Daddy’.

  2. I was very excited to be selected to try the Scrub Daddy. It comes in a great bright packaging and the bright colour of the sponge really grabs your attention and is hard to lose!

    I love the hot and cold features of the Scrub Daddy. When scrubbing pots, the bath and really gritty areas I would when you put it under cold water it really did stay hard and enables you to scrub and eliminate all that grit. When cleaning places around the house such as benches, cupboards,etc, the warm feature was great as the sponge goes soft and doesn’t damage any surfaces.

    I have a 6 month old and we also have other kids with us part time and I found that this sponge is so versatile for cleaning mess, we have actually bought some in different colours and use them for different rooms. They are great in the bathroom, kitchen (amazing for those gritty pans), walls, you name it the Scrub Daddy can do it.

    I wasn’t really sure how a sponge could hold no odour however this sponge is the first one that really doesn’t hold any odour. When cleaning dishes particularly I find normally after a couple of weeks you are replacing the cloth/sponges as they smell but this is not the case with the Scrub Daddy. It is still yet to smell and it has cleaned some pretty yucky dishes!!

    Another thing I found great is that kids loving using it because of the smiley face. This was great for me, means instead of asking them to do jobs they are loving using the sponge around the house, winning!!

    The only negative I don’t like was the holes for the eyes and the mouth, I do understand they are used for your fingers to hold however if you are cleaning something that is gritty it would be better if the holes were not there to ensure you can get all the grit off. That is the really only negative I found.

    This product is a great price and is very versatile. I recommend this product and it does last a long time, my is still like new and have used it heaps for nearly a month!

    Thank you so much to Beauty & Lace and Scrub Daddy for letting me try your great sponge! Will be recommending it for sure :).

  3. Thankyou Beautyandlace for the opportunity to trial a Scrub Daddy. My Scrub Daddy came in an orange coloued cardboard box. It is a delightful yellow colour (although I believe it is available in other colours), it looks like a big smiley face complete with eyes and mouth. It looks like a sponge but has a slightly coarser feel.
    I felt very confident that it wouldn’t scratch anything because while feeling coarse it is in a gentle way.
    Christmas was an excellent time to trial it as there was a wide variety of dish and cutlery styles to try it out on. I found it particularly great for cleaning inside glassware. It just squeezed into the bottom of glasses and effortlessly removed the leftovers in them. The cutlery cleaning was a breeze by using the big smile.
    I’m impressed with the way it is always clean, just rinses out and looks unused, must be much more hygienic than the dish wash brushes and pot cleaners often used. There is no odour from it.
    Srub Daddy can be used in warm water where it is softer but when using cool water it is firm.
    I will definitely be using a scrub Daddy from now on and will be gifting them to family members, it’s a great product!

  4. This is the best Scrubber i have used, usually my scrubbers last a week or less, no harsh chemicals in this little beauty. I love how nothing that i scrubbed has any scratch marks, for instance my new stove. Its very gentle yet does the job as stated.All my pots and pans came up clean as a whistle. I would recommend this Scrubber to family Friends, it is definitely worth the money, , mine looks like new. Awesome.xx

  5. Thank you Beauty & Lace! This was a great trial testing out the Scrub Daddy. This is the best scrubber/hand washing tool I have used in a long time. It’s effective at cleaning some of the most stubborn food stains yet stays so clean after a quick rinse and odourless.

    I also love that it is dishwasher safe which means I can use the Scrub Daddy for a while.

    With such a great price point, I will definitely continue to use this sponge and recommend it to my family and friends.

  6. Thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity of trialling Scrub Daddy. I used it in my kitchen for scrubbing stainless steel pots and cleaning dried food off cutlery and my kitchen sink has never looked so shiny!
    I love that it’s easy to use in hard to reach corners because of it’s eye and smile holes.
    I’ve had it sitting on my kitchen sink for weeks and found that all it needs is a rinse clean. It doesn’t go smelly like some kitchen scrubbers I’ve used,
    Would definitely buy these.
    Thank you!

  7. I heard about scrub daddy a year or so ago and wanted to give it a try but with a lot of things in life the idea went to the “too hard basket”. I was so excited to be given a chance to trial it thanks B&L ☺

    When it arrived it felt like any other scourer did so I was prepared to be underwhelmed.

    Well was I wrong its AMAZING. Stains that had been on my slow cooker pot for over a year GONE with little to no effort.

    I explained to my husband that it’s the most amazing new sponge I’m trialing and how easy it is to use, typical he laughed and told me that there is no way its not like every other kitchen sponge we’ve tried. Hes now 100% in love with the design, the fact it dries easily after use, no smell of wet dog after a few days he demanded I get more.

    After a few days in the kitchen it cleaned a pair of my step daughters filthy white sneakers and my step sons favourite hat that smelt like a dead animal. Hands down the most amazing thing ive ever used for laundry too very little effort put in on my behalf and everything came up looking new with no scuff or “rub marks” on the fabric

    After the laundry I tried in on my bathroom tiles and once again it was a winner there especially on the horrid soap scum that wouldn’t budge unless I scrub really hard with a brush

    Ive since gone out and bought another 6 and im sure scrub daddy will be a permanent addition to our entire household not just the kitchen

  8. With two kids at home, washing dushes and cleaning is never ending. Scrub daddy came like a little releif and handy help to me. Its really very easy to clean throughly all kind of utensils and household things with it. It reaches cirners and edges also moulds where ever we want to reach. After use also easy and hygienic to clean dry itself. Because of large holes nothing get entangled in it. Its specially good for nonstick, as we want some thing gentle but efficient.
    I would reccommend to buy few and keep each separate for different purpose, that way ww can prolong its life and use too! Really happy!!

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