USER REVIEWS: Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

Cadbury Dairy Milk have made their classic Bubbly chocolate even more bubbly and more flavour-some with the new-look aery chocolate snack.

There are three delicious flavours with Milk Chocolate, Strawberry and Mint and instead of the usual blocks of chocolate the insides are covered in yummy chocolate, in a bubble design.

Bubbly Bar closed with block by the side SMALL

Strawberry is new to the Joyville range of Bubbly and tastes like a strawberry milkshake with a chocolate twist.

Available in stores now!

A selection of our members have been taste testing Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly, find out what they thought below or add your own feedback of the product.

13 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

  1. I was sent three Cadbury Bubbly flavours to try; plain, strawberry, and mint. I shared the chocolates amongst my parents, husband, and children, (ranging in age from mid 70’s to just 3!)
    We ALL really enjoyed the chocolate. One of my daughters described the strawberry flavoured one as the same taste as a strawberry iced donut, and we all agreed. The shape of the chocolate was a little bit more difficult to break off in comparison to the square pieces in a regular Cadbury block, but I liked the texture of the chocolate very much. Mint was my least favourite but that is just because I don’t like mint flavoured foods all that much. My dad said that it had the most flavour and it was his favourite. I found the packaging a little tricky to open too; it has arrows to show which direction to pull for the wrapper to open, but it wouldn’t comply when I tried. It happened on all three, but after a short while I managed to open them. I would recommend this chocolate; the quality and value for money are exceptional. Thank you from my family and I for the opportunity to review. I will buy this in future

  2. I happily received the plain, strawberry and mint Cadbury Bubbly to taste and review. Having 7 people in our house, it actually went really quickly, everyone got the chance to try all 3 flavours, the results were:

    Plain was a massive hit, creamy chocolate that just melted in your mouth, great texture with plenty of bubbles throughout.

    Strawberry: was still liked however most said that it was a little bit too sweet for their liking, the chocolate was still creamy and delicious though.

    Mint: well this is my favourite as no-body else in the house is a big fan of choc-mint!, great mint flavour, not too overpowering, great texture with the bubble effect, melting in your mouth chocolate, love it!

    Easy to open packaging on all 3, like how it reseals if you don’t eat the whole block at once….which is not often in this household!
    The labels are very clear, easy to see which flavour is which.

    Thankyou so much for the opportunity to taste and review these products, will definitely purchase the plain and the mint again, not so sure on the strawberry flavour.

  3. I, of course, wasn’t eligible for the trial but I have tried Strawberry and Mint.

    The family liked the Strawberry but I am not a fan of Strawberry flavouring at all.
    The mint was amazing, I absolutely loved it and could eat it by by the block. Great texture, just minty enough and definitely very sweet.
    Well worth giving it a go.

  4. I received the plain, strawberry and mint bubbly chocolate. Tried it with partner. His favourite were the mint and plain. He’s not a big strawberry fan whereas I am. I loved all three. My favourite would be mint, plain then strawberry. I do love the big bubbles but as I keep them in the fridge, they are a bit hard to break so I would suggest break before going into the fridge.
    Got married on Monday and we had guests come back to our house for cake and coffee and of course……taste test the chocolate. Most just loved the mint and plain. Some said that the strawberry was bland but they are not lovers of strawberry flavour but of course they did keep eating the pieces.
    I prefer these to the other brand that is a bit sweeter plus Cadbury has always been my favourite when it comes to chocolate. I sooo love the bubbles.
    Thanks Beauty & Lace for allowing me to trial a yummy product that I eat every day. Really enjoyed the trial.

  5. Oh My Goodness…My Postie had been and gone for the day but then returned late in the day with a single package for me. It turned out that he had over looked it so he kindly called by even though he had finished for the day. It turned out that the parcel with the one containing 3 blocks of the new Cadbury bubbly Chocolate. Plain, Mint and Strawberry. My blocks of chocolate had been carted about on the Posties bike all day on a very hot Queensland day so they arrived in quite a melted and squishy state so they went straight into the freezer much to the disgust of my Miss 17 who wanted to try some straight away.
    So after dinner we decided to try the chocolate which after a stint in the freezer was looking quite good. I had to laugh at the fact that the blocks of chocolate come in resealable packs…they are so yummy…do they really think people will need to reseal them? So very tempting to eat an entire block….but we didnt. Miss 17 liked them all but said that the mint was her favorite. I loved the plain the most with the Mint coming in second and the strawberry being one I would eat if it was there but I would purchase. Obviously we are all differant and its personal preferance.
    I found these chocolates to have the usual high quality of Cadbury.
    I enjoyed these chocolate blocks and will certainly repurchase.
    A huge thank you to Beauty and Lace and Cadbury for this very yummy trial.

  6. We truly loved the texture of the chocolate.. Felt like a bit of an indulgence without being to heavy.. Flavour wise we couldn’t even pinpoint our fav…

    I will put this in out “treat” list 🙂

    Thanks so much for this trial 🙂

  7. Thanks so much to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review the new look Cadbury Bubble with new the Strawberry flavour!

    I received the Plain, Strawberry and Mint flavours. They were shared within the household, and we were all excited to try it. We stored ours in the fridge – I might advise against this as the pieces were so hard to break off. They are super cute bubbles though.

    My Dad used to buy the Plain Bubbly all the time and loved it, but he was not impressed with the taste of the new packaged Plain. I’m not sure if it’s just because of the new shape, but it just didn’t taste like the old Cadbury Bubbly.

    The Strawberry was okay, but my family are not big strawberry flavour fans. I found it a bit too sweet, and would not purchase this flavour.

    The Mint was our favourite, light in texture and just enough Mint flavour to taste nice. Out of them all, this was the only one we liked.

    Overall I guess we weren’t impressed enough to make us go out and buy them. Something about the new shapes and the flavours just didn’t hit it off with us, even though we are massive Cadbury fans (addicted to Marvellous Creations!)
    But thankyou again Beauty and Lace for the chance to trial these 🙂

  8. Oh lucky trialers! but helpful to hear it was too sweet I hate chocolate that is crazy sweet yu saved me from purchasing .

  9. Thank you so much Beauty & Lace and Cadbury for allowing me to be a part of this trial…a trial that is after my own heart – I’m addicted to chocolate and not just any chocolate…it HAS to be CADBURY’S!!

    I received the Strawberry, Milk Chocolate and Mint Bubbly block chocolates. I was excited to try them. I have tried either of them before this.

    The mint flavour was a massive hit in my household and I was lucky to get a row and a bit to be able to trial…my daughter begged for the rest of it. The mint was beautiful…it melted in my mouth. In my opinion mint & chocolate are bed buddies, they belong together. It was the perfect strength of mint and the perfect taste of milk chocolate.
    The milk chocolate block was nice too. It also melted easily in my mouth and it was the unmistakable Cadbury taste that I love. The bubbles just made it fun to eat.
    The strawberry flavour I had to give away…my daughter and I couldn’t eat much of it, it is very sweet. I just couldn’t get into it…so I gave the remainder of the block to my Dad who actually did like it.

    I would buy the mint flavour for something different but I can’t go past my Cadbury Caramello Block that I’m addicted to!

  10. YUMMMMMMYYYYY – How on earth do you find enough yummy words to describe chocolate, especially Cadbury’s??? Beauty an Lace and Cadburys, thank you SO much for offering me this trial. The blocks were so yummy I didn’t even think “Should I be eating so much?” at any point – I did share, but not a lot!

    The Dairy Milk Bubbly was my least favourite but I just LOVE dark chocolate and, of course, this is milk but it was still good.

    The strawberry flavour was a major surprise as I only like strawberries fresh and simply don’t like strawberry flavoured anything – this was until I tried he Strawberry Bubbly and became an instant convert!!!! It was amazing that someone who doesn’t like strawberry flavouring could really, really enjoy the taste and feel that it did taste like strawberry should.

    Now the Mint flavour is “to die for.” OHHHH it is SOOO GOOOOD! Perfect flavour that is as minty as it gets without being over powering.

    I my haste to open I had absolutely no idea it was resealable!! The bubbles are fun, not really easy to break evenly but does that matter? Certainly not to me. The flavours were smooth and left a taste that lingered which was wonderful. I found all the chocolate to have a “true” chocolate taste without it being too sweet or not sweet enough.

    I certainly can’t go out and re purchase immediately, not because I don’t want to but I’m SUPPOSED to be watching my weight!!!

    A wonderful trial – special thanks to Cadbury’s and Beauty and Lace – most enjoyable! You must be on a winner with these three.

  11. 3 different flavoured chocolates to try, how happy my family were.

    First one to try was the strawberry Miss 9 says it tastes like a strawberry milkshake. Hubby said it was smooth and creamy with a lovely strawberry taste that wasn’t lost in the chocolate. Me- I’m not a fan of strawberry so didn’t try this one.

    Plain chocolate next and we all agreed that this was like a smooth ‘chocolate’ taste that was not too rich and yet it gave everyone a wonderful taste that lingered.

    Mint, my favourite, the mint is just the right balance between mint and chocolate. I loved the minty taste that you could smell as you ate it. The mint has a nice strong minty taste without being too strong that it takes away the chocolate taste.

    All the chocolates have a lovely softness to them and them melt in your mouth. The resealable packaging is a wonderful idea for someone like me that takes a while to eat a block of chocolate. lol

    The bubbles look fun but are hard to try and break off evenly. We never could manage to get it just right.

    Hubby has already bought more of the strawberry one.

  12. Ahhhh! Cadbury! The chocolate of my childhood! I was lucky enough to trial this amazing chocolate. It’s so moreish and addictive – it’s my new favourite! It has a melt in the mouth, creamy, smooth sensation that is premium and high quality. It tastes quite light so you don’t feel as guilty eating it – that’s what I’ve been telling myself anyway!
    On first bite you feel your teeth crack into the outer layer and then glide through the inner mini bubbles and fine texture.
    I tried the mint one first which I was impressed by. I loved the fresh mint flavour. The strawberry one was had an extreme berry flavour. I was surprised the chocolate had such an intense strawberry flavour.
    The mint and strawberry ones seemed to have finer bubbles inside. The plain chocolate one was a little more solid and firmer on the bite. I’d have to say mint was my favourite although I liked the firmer texture of the plain one. A strange afterthought is that with the flavoured ones you actually taste the mint or strawberry flavour before the chocolate flavour so it actually lives up to it’s name on first bite!
    The shape of the bar is unique and each bubble is a perfect match for my bite. It seems more natural to bite a bubbly off rather than a square!
    Anyway 10/10 for Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly – I’m off to relax in a bubble bath. Just picture me breaking off bits of chocolate, letting each piece melt slowly on my tongue, while the bubbles pop energetically around me.

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