USER REVIEWS: GoodnessMe Box (March)

GoodnessMe Box has been designed to get you excited about eating pure and wholesome food that is always natural and GMO-free. For just $25 per month GoodnessMe Box will surprise you with 5-10 of the latest and greatest health foods so you can get your hands on the most sought-after clean eats the world is going nuts about!

Sourcing only the highest quality health food brands that share their passion to provide wholesome and natural food products that are GMO-free and which are two or more of the following: Organic, sustainable, raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free or vegan.


GoodnessMe Box want you to get excited about eating clean, nourishing your body with pure wholefoods and being a part of the wellness revolution!​​

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A selection of our members will be testing the March GoodnessMe Box, find out what they think in the comments section below.

11 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: GoodnessMe Box (March)

  1. I couldn’t wait for my Goodness Me box to arrive. What a fantastic review!
    I’m a busy Mum of 3 and after baby #2 we found we were so run down, we decided enough was enough. We looked inward and cut out all the bad stuff; Highly processed foods, all food containing numbers considered harmful, we looked into GMO foods (which is just insane – I suggest everyone looks into this!). It’s been a long journey but we no longer feel sluggish, moody, tired etc (well as good as parents of 3 children can feel). I can’t imagine going back to a highly processed diet. The food we eat is beautiful but very basic and I’m always on the lookout for new ideas, this is why I was so excited to try this box of goodness.

    In the box:

    Terra Firma Foods – Tigernuts
    This tasty treat is actually tiny root vegetables, not nuts at all! They contain prebiotics, fibre, magnesium, vitamins E & C and good fats. This yummy paleo snack will be a hit with my family….if I leave them any that is! I found them to be really filling and low in calories so it’s good filler between meals.

    Spice Super Protein Blend
    This protein powder is great added to smoothies, breakfast bowls and raw treats. I’ve added it to muesli and a small amount in vegie muffins this week. It tastes just like cinnamon, very yummy.

    Meko: Coconut Water
    Meko’s pure coconut water contains no added flavours or sugars. Included in my Goodness Me box is a recipe card for a Mojito Green Smoothie using this coconut water. It tasted amazing and I felt really energised after.

    Higher Living: White tea & strawberry
    This tea is light and delicate tasting. I really enjoyed this tea. Each bag is packed with 100% certified organic herbs.

    Aussie Bodies: Naked Bars
    This is the only product I wouldn’t buy myself. Partly because I don’t like proteins bars and partly because it’s a ‘Product of New Zealand” stating ‘Product of’ and not “Made in New Zealand’ it literally could’ve been made anywhere and I’m not too trusting of certain countries food regulations. I’m sure they’re fine this is just me being picky these days.

    This box is one I’d certainly purchase myself. I’ve found a few new foods to add to my ever growing list of goodies. The price of the box is reasonable, the packaging is lovely and the recipe card is handy.
    Thank you Beauty & Lace and GoodnessME for this wonderful review. I feel very spoilt.

  2. I was super excited to receive my GoodnessMe box this week. The lovely wrapped and presented box contained health foods some of which I have never heard of! It also entailed recipe cards and description of each item, as well as a few promotional and discount cards for other health products and information.

    What I really liked about having the box delivered is that I got to try out new things that I normally wouldn’t see in the supermarket shop, as I normally have to run in and run out with kids in toe. The six products included:

    1. Aussie Bodies: Naked Bars: I’ve tried a few protein bars previously when doing a high protein diet. They are great for a snack when keeping calories low and keeping you full. What I really liked was the fruit and nut combo it was nice and chewy but i didn’t like the powdery after taste – which most unfortunately have.

    2. Higher Living: White Tea and Strawberry: I love my teas, but sometimes can be put off by flavours that are too strong. This tea however had a mild flavour and beautiful sweet scents, these are reasonably priced and I would defiantly buy.

    3. Glutenfree Kitchen: Gluten free penne Pasta- My family loves pasta and we eat it at least every week. Having never tried Gluten free I was surprised at the taste and texture is similar to regular pasta – if not more flavour! I made up the recipe suggested on the box for something different and we all loved it and no one noticed the difference in pasta! It does taste similar to brown rice on its own but is delish served with your favourite sauce yet has more vitamins and contains less sugar.

    4. Terra Firma Foods: Tigernuts Snack- having never heard of these I wasn’t sure what to expect, but these were delicious! They were sweet and almost tasted and had the texture of coconut. These would be perfect to have as a snack on the run or as the kids enjoyed them too great for a lunch box friendly idea as they do not contain ‘nuts’ but a root vegetable. The added health benefit of containing a prebiotic means it’s a great natural snack for us all!

    5. Meko: Coconut Water: Using the recipe card I tried out the Mojito green smoothie which included the coconut water, I had most of the fresh home grown ingredients to make this with so that was an added bonus. It was really refreshing and I love coconut which has so many health benefits and can be used in many ways. I could see this as being a great breakfast smoothie. The can meant it was easy to store and handy to use. The taste alone was not sweet which I was surprised at but reading the ingredients it contains only coconut water and nothing else, so no hidden nasties!

    6. Nutrition Warrior: Spice Super Protein Blend- We also have lots of smoothies at home, so I added a heaped teaspoon to a yogurt/milk/banana/berry smoothie. It gave a slight cinnamon flavour which tasted nice and something you could easily add to boost your protein intake, which is perfect for keeping fuller for longer.

    I’ve subscribed to the GoodnessMe newsletters and keen to see what other products they have on offer. It was such a handy way to sample many goodies and know ways to use them in your everyday diet and being better educated on the latest health foods available. Thank you for the opportunity to review!

  3. I was so excited for this box to arrive – I have been wanting to try the GoodnessMe box for quite a while. In the past I have subscribed to monthly beauty boxes. Firstly the packaging was gorgeous without being over the top and wasteful. For $25 per month I think you get what you pay for – it is not brilliant value but I was very happy with what was in the box for $25. A fantastic way to trail new products. I would definitely look forward to a treat every month in the mail for $25 if I was to subscribe.
    *Aussie Bodies Naked Bars x 2. A delicious snack to keep in your handbag – they are quite tasty.
    *Higher Living White Tea & Strawberry – Im not a fan of anything but regular tea – however I gave one to my friend to try & she loved it.
    *Gluten Free Kitchen – Gluten Free Pasta – it says packed with extra vitamins & minerals – I made the recipe on the box – did not disappoint! I am not Gluten intolerant but would purchase this product again.
    *Terra Firma Foods – Tigernut Snack – YUMMMMMO
    *Meko Coconut Water. I love Coconut Water & this did not disappoint. I live in the tropics & it was a nice treat to have apart from water on a really hot day.
    *Nutrition Warrior – Spice Super Protein Blend. My partner & I are daily users of our Nutri Bullet – we love our fruit & veg smoothie & this was a great way to boost the nutrition content.
    There were also 4 vouchers in the box for various websites & businesses.
    Overall I was quite impressed with the GoodnessMe Box & am seriously considering a subscription. Thank you to Beauty & Lace for giving me the opportunity to review this product

  4. I was really excited to be part of this trial for the Goodness me Box. I love natural and healthy products and trying different options I may not normally buy or see.

    The first items I noticed when I opened the box were two naked bars from Aussie Bodies and they were NEW flavours -Nut Job which is macadamia, almond and cashew and the other is pistachio, cranberry and cacao nibs. These are tasty and a healthy, filling snack and I enjoyed the taste and texture.

    Next up in the box was Gluten Free Pasta from GlutenFree Kitchen. I can only eat gluten free products so this was a great opportunity to try this pasta. The texture was smooth and not at all gluggy like normal pasta and because it is high fibre, low carbohydrate this makes it versatile as well. This blend has also been fortified with vitamins and minerals as well. Just really delicious!

    The next product in the box was a Spice Super Protein Blend from Nutrition Warrior. This spice it combines pea protein with ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and 5 other ingredients to fuel and nourish body and mind! It can be used in smoothies, breakfast cereals and raw treats. It definitely is different and added a punch to my breakfast.

    Next up was a can of Pure Coconut Water from Meko. It claims to be the best coconut water you’ll ever taste, containing 100% coconut water only. I really enjoyed the taste of this coconut water, the best I have ever had, and will buy it again for sure.
    There were also two tea bags – White Tea & Strawberry from Higher Living Herbs. They contain white tea combined with strawberries to create a light and delicate tea and 100% natural and certified organic herbs .The taste was delicious, my daughter and I loved the flavour and smell.

    Tiger nuts from Terra Firma Foods were the final product. I have never heard of these before, but they are a snack with a sweet and slightly nutty/coconut flavour. They’re not actually nuts, but tiny tubers (root vegetables). The taste is different and I am not sure I would buy these as they are not really my cup of tea, but was great to try and really good value at $3.74 for the sample size.

    It was great to be part of this trial and get the chance to try different, healthy and natural products already picked out and delivered to my door. The box is good value and something I have recommended to my health conscious friends. There were also some vouchers included however they were no use to me as I cannot afford the costs involved to use them nor are they in my local area.

  5. I was so excited to be selected for this trial. When my Goodness Me Box arrived it was beautifully presented and not only filled with some great products but some wonderful offers recipes too.

    Inside the box was:
    Meko Coconut Water – I love coconut water and this one did not disappoint. Delicious and refreshing it’s a great healthy alternative to drinking juices or cordials that are loaded with sugar.

    Terra Firma Foods: Tigernuts, which are in fact nut free as they are really tiny root vegetables. I’m not sure if it was the texture or taste but they weren’t really my thing.

    Aussie Bodies: Naked Bars: I really enjoyed these bars, especially the Macadamia, Almond & Cashew flavour. I quite often have to eat on the run and these bars are a tasty snack that I can pop in my handbag when I’m out and about.

    Gluten Free Kitchen: Penne Pasta: This pasta tasted great and was a nice change to eating spaghetti. I love that it’s packed with all the extra nutrients however I probably wouldn’t purchase this product in the future as no on in our household is gluten intolerant.

    Nutrition Warrior: Super Protein Blend – Great product and very versatile. I added some when baking some healthy muffins and used some to make the smoothie recipe that was on the back of the pack. Was really yummy.

    Higher Living: Strawberry White Tea – I did enjoy the tea, it had a lovely light, sweet taste and scent. Not sure if I would purchase in the future or not as I am more of a coffee drinker.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial the Goodness Me Box and the products within. At $25 I really think that it’s great value and a great way to try something new.

  6. I was thrilled to have been chosen to review the ‘GoodnessMe’ Box. As a Mum of four always on the go and with recent health issues, I decided that this year I would try and make my health a number one priority, and therefore was excited to have the chance to sample healthy, clean and tasty food items.

    The first thing I noticed was the lovely packaging, simple however not at dull, the packaging was lovely and blended well with the box’s contents enticing you to peek inside!

    Contents inside the box included:

    1. Terra Firma Foods: Tigernuts

    I must admit I couldn’t wait to try these as the description had me very intrigued! “We are not nuts, but small root vegetables”. Not the most attractive things, however what they lacked in looks, they certainly made up in taste. Tasting like an almond nutty flavour, but also that of a coconut, they were certainly tasty. I ate them as is, however I think they’d be a healthy addition to cereal as well. The only thing I would caution is giving them to small children. The texture requires quite a bit of chewing to digest and I found I needed a drink of water after snacking on them.

    2. Higher Living: White Tea and Strawberry

    I am an avid tea fan and quite often try different flavoured teas, however this was my first foray into ‘Strawberry’ flavoured tea. What struck me first was the beautiful aroma of strawberry as I was drawing the tea, not too sickly sweet, a pleasant authentic aroma. As per the directions, I allowed the tea to brew for 4-5 mins to release the essential oils and flavours. I loved this tea, it was smooth and a pleasure to drink as it wasn’t over-powering in flavour. At $3.69 for a pack of 20 bags, I’ll definitely be adding this to my next shopping list.

    3. Nutrition Warrior: Spice Super Protein Blend

    I’ve never tried a protein blend before, and therefore decided to try it in a fruit smoothie. Upon opening the bag, the most delicious scent wafted, mostly that of cinnamon and spice. The directions suggest 1 or 2 heaped tablespoons, I used 1 tablespoon into the fruit smoothie and found this a sufficient amount. I loved this blend, it added a very palatable and distinctive flavour of cinnamon and turmeric amongst other things. A delicious and easy way to fuel and nourish your body!

    4. Aussie Bodies: Naked Bars (Pistachio, Cranberries and Cacao Nibs and Macadamia, Almond and Cashew)

    Yum! I thoroughly enjoyed these tasty treats, the texture was great, with a slightly oily coating and you could see the various ingredients within the respective bars. A tasty snack for those times when you need a little pick me up but don’t want to grab a less healthy alternative like a chocolate bar!

    5. Meko: Coconut Water

    As it claims to be, 100% Coconut water. I firstly liked the fact the coconut water was in an aluminium can as I chilled it in the refrigerator first. I have to say, this IS the best coconut water I’ve ever had, very smooth and very refreshing full of no added nasties and tasty to boot!

    6. Glutenfree Kitchen: Glutenfree Pasta

    I’m not gluten intolerant and have always been a little hesitant to eat gluten free products, as in the past I have found them a little bland. This penne pasta however didn’t disappoint. We tried it with the recipe provided on it’s packaging for the ‘Smoked bacon penne’ and the whole family enjoyed it. Not at all gluggy like some pastas can be, a good texture and quite light. The best bit, it’s packed full of vitamins and minerals. I’ll definitely be buying this pasta when I shop next.

    In conclusion, I think the ‘GoodnessMe’ box is a reasonably priced unique way to sample healthy and innovative foods you otherwise may not know existed and with the full benefit of being not only a delight to consume, but safe in the knowledge you are eating food which endorses integrity and an aid to optimal health.

    I was thoroughly impressed with the GoodnessMe box and will seriously consider a subscription to both the box and newsletters. I was also impressed with the bonus vouchers enclosed.
    Sincerely I thank Beauty & Lace for providing me the opportunity to review such a unique box as is the ‘GoodnessMe’ box.

  7. I was very exited to be chosen for this review as I have had an interest
    in The Goodness Me Box for a few months . The presentation was just gorgeous l felt like l was opening a gift as the presentation was 10/10 . l think this would be a great Birthday or Christmas present a 12 month subscription , the gift that keeps coming . The contents were very pleasing and a great selection too.
    1 Higher Living White Tea and strawberry . l must admot l love my tea but have never had the desire to try strawberry tea. Well this tea smelt amazing while brewing and l have to admit the flavour was beautiful not overly sweet like l expected . This is already on my shopping list and l am purchasing an extra pack to take to work.
    2 Meko Coconut Water . l am a big fan of Coconut water and this certainly didn’t dissapoint. l often use coconut water in smoothies and cooking as well as drinking on it’s own . this was a great package size and l loved the fact no preservatives or additives just coconut water.
    3 Terra Firma Foods , Tiger nut snacks . loved the Tiger Nut Snack , it was nutritious tasty and a great snack to have in your handbag whilst on the run
    4 Spice Super Protein Blend . Absolutely loved this little additive , l have added this to my cereal, my smoothies and l will be doing some baking with it . l think the taste was like a cinnamon and it was really nice
    5 Gluten Free Kitchen ,Gluten Free Pasta. This was a very nice past as often pasta that is gluten free isnt very tasty , but this certainly did not dissapoint . l would purchase and happily recommend this pasta
    5 Aussie Body Naked Bars These were ok but not something that l could say l really enjoyed so wouldn’t purchase in the future .
    Overall this Goodness Me Box was a real treat to have tried , l would certainly look at subsciption. l think the beauty to this box is a great variety of products to try delivered to your door so convenient and well priced too

  8. I am a subscription box convert. I’m already a subscriber to a few kids ones but I loved this heathy family goodness me box.

    Beautifully presented and wrapped in string and I let out a *sigh* when opened.

    Higher living tea – I love herbal teas and I’m quite partial to a white tea. A white tea is gentle and with the hint of strawberry.. Yum..

    Meeko coconut water – in a can, very refreshing has a nice taste and will look for this brand to buy when I’m out.

    Super spice protein – the hubby stole this and made a smoothie with frozen banana and blueberries. Thumbs up!!

    Terra Firma – Tigernuts – I hand a handful and the next thing hubby has taken them to work for morning tea. Super yummy.

    Gluten free pasta – I made a pesto pasta and used this pasta, I felt good giving this to my toddler with the whole grain so much healthier than normal pasta. He gobbled it up!! Success!!

    Aussie body naked bars – again the hubby was quick onto these I had a taste, they were yummy. A good size and he popped them in his pocket for a bike ride.

    Goodness me were very generous with the discounts and sample sizes. I feel you get good value and it’s nice to see Aussie companies in the samples. Healthy and delicious, you get your money’s worth and I’m thinking this would make a great present for that tricky family who lives interstate and you don’t know what to get them!!

    Loved it and will consider getting a subscription, that’s if my hubby hasn’t already subscribed first!

  9. I was thrilled to be chosen to receive the Goodness Me Box. It was well packaged and I was excited to see and try the products. All of which were new to me.
    Meko Coconut Water. This was a 310 ml can of 100% coconut water. It tasted great. I use coconut water every day to make green smoothies. This is a perfect size to take away for a weekend.

    Nutrition Warrior Super Protein Blend. I really enjoyed the taste of this in my smoothie. It has a great blend of goodies including tumeric. However I have read that for tumeric to be effective it should be consumed with pepper and there was no pepper in the blend. It came in a pouch and I cut the corner off it to use. I think it contained around 10 serves, I would also have preferred if the container had a self sealing lock to keep it fresh and prevent spills.

    Gluten Free Kitchen Penne Pasta. I cooked this for my grand daughter, she is coeliac. It was delicious, better than some other pastas I have used and I would definitely but this again.

    Aussie Bodies Naked Bars. These small bars were delicious. Perfect for keeping in my handbag when I am out, feeling hungry and need something for a quick energy hit.

    Higher Living Tea White Tea Strawberry. I rarely drink tea as I prefer herbal infusion. Being a white tea the flavour was light and refreshing.

    Terra Firma Foods Tiger Nuts. These are not well named as they are not nuts, but small root vegetable. I did not like the taste or texture. They were very fibrous and I could not even swallow them, even after much chewing.

    I really appreciate Beauty and Lace giving me the opportunity to try this box. However I would not subscribe to it. The cost is $25.00. There were 6 different products, only three of which, I think, were full sized. As I assume the aim is promoting new products I would expect to receive a highly discounted rate. For me it does not seem to be good value. However if you want to try a variety of different products then this could be a great way to do so.

  10. GOODNESSME what at box !

    I received my beautifully wrapped box and was quite excited.
    It’s always a delite to try new, organic and wholesome foods. I hardly buy processed foods and try not to introduce them to our diet.

    The following products were in our box:

    Aussie Bodies : Naked Bars

    What can I say ? They took a little getting used to, I think it was the texture, they were a little too pasty. The better of the bars were the Cranberry and cacao bars. It’s not a product I would buy myself.

    Higher Living: White tea and strawberry
    Tea was lovely, on the sweeter side, would not need to add sugar, pleasant smell. Would purchase this product. Highly recommend it.

    Gluten free kitchen: Gluten free pasta
    Yum , I always buy gluten free pasta for myself because I can’t tolerate wheat, the texture was nice, once cooked it was not sloppy and kept its shape. What a bonus it came with vitamins and minerals, what gluten free pasta lacks. Nice product , would recommend and purchase.

    Wahta: pure maple water
    Nice drink, nutty taste, actually better than coconut water. A little sweet tasting for water. It makes fruit smoothies taste better.

    R & G Organics: Coconut Flour
    Nice flour, gluten free also, just the way I like it, made pancakes with it , it was not chalky, would highly recommend it

    Souk Spice: Original
    I used this spice to marinate steak, it was full of flavour. I also added the spice to a beef curry. It was delicious.

    Thanks for the beautiful, wholesome products.

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