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Party season often brings with it splitting headaches and cravings for fried food. Plans for boot camp are made pre-party, but the morning after, you’ve easily consumed enough breakfast calories to last the week – a scenario that could easily be avoided with Hydrodol hangover relief.

Hydrodol has been relieving hangovers in Australia for over 10 years. It is designed to alleviate the adverse effects of excessive alcohol consumption and to be taken whilst drinking. Hydrodol is the ‘drinking buddy’ that will help you feel fresh and ready to take on the world the morning after.

Filled with a whole host of body-loving ingredients such as amino acids, B1 and B2 vitamins, minerals, an anti-oxidant and a powerful Chinese herb (pueraria lobata) which has been used to relieve hangovers for centuries; it’s no wonder Hydrodol is the buddy you want by your side this party season.


Unlike other anti-hangover products, Hydrodol should be taken whilst drinking to prevent hangover symptoms such as nausea, dehydration, headaches, diarrhoea, sugar cravings and more. Hydrodol also boasts a new, sleek, black designer pack that slips easily into the smallest of clutches or tightest of jeans.

If you want to feel ready to face the day the morning after, make Hydrodol your essential drinking buddy to help you cruise through the party season.

HYDRODOL is available from pharmacies nationally including Chemist Warehouse in a 2 dose (8 capsules) RRP $13.95 and 4 dose (16 capsules) pack RRP $19.95. Or from

Always read the label and only use as directed. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

Note: Hydrodol supports responsible drinking. Hydrodol is recommended for light to moderate drinkers of alcohol only. 76%* of participants experience a hangover the morning after moderate drinking i.e. alcohol concentration rose to 0.115 g%.

*Ref: Howland J, et al (2008). The incidence and severity of hangover the morning after moderate alcohol intoxication. Addiction; 103(5):758-65.

A selection of our readers have been trialling this product, find out what they thought below.

13 thoughts on “User Reviews: Hydrodol

  1. I love to relax at the end of a long day with a couple of glasses of Chadonnay with my dinner but refrain because of how heavy headed I feel in the morning. So, I was delighted to be invited to review Hydrodol and couldn’t wait to discover the results.
    Hydrodol is a comprehensive formula that replaces all the good nutrients (vitamins, sugars and amino acids) your body loses when you drink so you don’t feel hungover the next day! I took Hydrodol with my dinner and had four glasses of wine and surprisingly woke the next day feeling relatively normal as opposed to the heavy, groggy and tired feeling I usually experience. The only thing I didn’t like about the product was that you had to take four capsules with your first two drinks, which is a little inconvenient. If there was some way they could combine the dosage into one pill it would be the perfect product but overall it is a great natural “alternative” to a hangover!
    I definitely recommend this product and think it would be great to carry in your bag for those unexpected occasions, such as when lunch with friends turns into a few extra drinks with friends!

  2. The hydrodol capsules arrived at a good time, as I was going to a party last Saturday night so took them with me. I took the 4 capsules at the start of the evening and couldn’t believe how good I felt when I woke up yesterday morning – fresh, relaxed and ready to take on a new day without any effects of the previous night’s alcohol consumption.
    So, this week together with my friends will be off to the Pharmacist to purchase a pack each of Hydrodol capsules.
    Thank you for allowing me to trial this great product

  3. I must admit I was rather sceptical about this product…. but the morning after I took my 4 capsules whilst drinking I felt surprisingly refreshed and yes as the last reviewer said, ready to take on the next day! Thankyou so much girls for giving me the chance to trial hydrodol- it truly does work!!
    So I am off to buy myself a packet ready for the silly season aka Christmas and new years!! woohoo!

  4. l wasn’t really sure about this product when l received it but thought why not give it a go. Well Saturday l must admit l had a little too much to drink but l took the 4 capsules as recommended and totally forgot about them. Well l woke up in the morning feeling normal no headache ,no hangover just normal!! l couldn’t believe it, my husband didn’t want to try them as he said they wont work but after he seen me so well and refreshed in the morning he wished he had given them a go. l left a review yesterday on HYDRODOL FACEBOOK PAGE. l will never be without these and have told everyone to try as these are amazing. Thanks for the trial Beauty and Lace. A very happy reviewer

  5. i loved this product. I went out with a few friends to celebrate my birthday recently, and took the capsules, as recommended, when I started drinking. Woke up the next morning feel bright and bouncy as normal! No hangover, no “cocky-cage mouth”, nothing!!! I was so happy, as I don’t “bounce back” from drinking like I did when I was younger, so this product really works. I would definitely recommend to my friends and have already purchased so more for my next outing. Thanks Beauty & Lace for this amazing opportunity to trial and review this product :-))

  6. After 5 years of not drinking due to the intense hangovers that came my way this product was either going to be the love of my life or another let down. Much to my surprise the first night of taking these tablets was a huge success, I woke the next day with no fever, headaches or stomach aches. I am so happy that I got to test this product and i will definitely keep a stash of these in my handbag at all time.

  7. I’m only an occasional drinker and have a big night even less occasionally, and my hangovers seem to be worse, on less alcohol, than they were years ago. So I was glad to be able to trial Hydrodol and made sure I followed the instructions for taking it. I had 2 large glasses of wine and a G&T at a friend’s place, more than I would normally have so I would usually expect to feel it the next day, but I woke up and felt fine. So I’m a convert!

  8. I had a few glasses of wine and took 4 of the tablets , however I did wake with a mild headache and felt a little sick. HYDRODOL did take the edge off my hangover, but I am starting to think I am allergic to alcohol. 🙁

  9. Like others, I enjoy a glass of wine or two with a meal occasionally but have the odd binge when celebrating a special event or outing. I followed the instructions in preparation for a bigger than usual night with friends recently when drinking a mixture of drinks (wine, vodka, cider) and even though I woke up tired, I didn’t feel sick, nauseous or ill. Thanks for allowing me to trial these as I will definitely be recommending them to friends and family over the festive season!

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