USER REVIEWS: Isla Dry Cough Lozenges

Isla – is it for you?

  • Isla is for a tickly throat
  • Isla is for strained vocal cords and hoarseness
  • Isla is for a dry cough

Do you sometime lose your voice due to too much talking or even shouting? Maybe you love to sing out loud or find you’re constantly yelling at your kids! (Most parents admit to this so don’t feel guilty.) Or are you in a job that requires you to talk all day on the phone or person to person? Do you ever get a tickly, irritated throat or cough inside air-conditioned environments like the office or outside when dust, pollutants or pollen are swirling through the air? Do you often experience night time coughing and keep your disgruntled partner awake?

Isla 3d Pack

Perhaps you should try Isla!

Isla is a proven treatment for tickly throat, strained vocal cords and dry cough (the latter may be a result of allergens).

What makes Isla so different?

Isla is not a chemical cough suppressant – it does not block a cough. Instead Isla has a soothing, balm-like action which coats the mucous membranes in the mouth and pharynx. This means that:

  • your tickly, irritated throat is soothed and relieved,
  • your vocal cords are soothed and protected from external irritants,
  • your dry, persistent cough is relieved,

Isla is a natural and well-established treatment.

Isla contains a natural herbal ingredient, Cetraria Islandica, which works as a demulcent. This means that when you suck an Isla lozenge, it produces a protective coating or film over the irritated mucous membranes that line your throat and respiratory tract, soothing and protecting them from further attack. Cetraria Islandica has been tested in adults and children (from the age of 4 and up) so it’s a good option for adults and school age kids.

Isla is a good and delicious alternative.

Isla is available in a delicious blackcurrant flavour and does not have a synthetic or chemical taste like many other lozenges. It is free from gluten, dairy and sugar. Available from pharmacies nationally or

98 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Isla Dry Cough Lozenges

  1. With 6 kids, when I get under the weather I never have to time to rest up and with a sore throat it doesn’t qualify for a “day off”. This would help pick me and keep going. Would love to try them x

  2. Would love to try these drops and give a review. It would great to have lozenges that taste a bit different. 🙂

  3. I would love try it as everyone in my household has cough these days, CDROM my husband to me, my girl, two year old boy and 12 month old baby

  4. Seriously would love to be on the trial team ,I always have a sore throat and am very sick at the moment I could even record my cough & send it to you! Thank you xx

  5. Hi am full of cold right now it’s just gone down to my chest , I work with the elderly and am wearing a mask for their protection ,so would love to try anything at all so I don’t need the horrible mask

  6. As soon as my head hits the pillow I get post nasal drip which causes an annoying dry, tickly cough every night. So far every lozenge I have tried has been ineffective, and I then resort to dry cough medicine. I would love to try Isla and give medicine the flick! Thank you 🙂

  7. I always seem to suffer dry mouth and lately have had a tickle in my throat that keeps me coughing for hours on end. It’s also interfering with my sleep. I would really love to try these and review them.

  8. 3 virus’ so far this year-one thing I find the hardest to get rid of even when ur better is a sore throat!

  9. Would love to be part of this trail as I do get sore throat and a very dry mouth most of the time.

  10. Would love to trial them, with being in air-conditioning all day I seem to constantly suffer with persistent dry cough….

  11. This would be ideal for our family this time of the year hubby & sons asthma plays up & they get sick a lot & they have cough lozenges then it’s past throu the house 🙁

  12. I would really like to try these lozenges I have just been sick with cold/flu syptoms and since then my throat seems to be quite dry regularly now I noticed that these are supposed to help with dry throat symptons as well thanks very much …..Sharon.

  13. I’d love to trial Isla Dry Cough Lozenges, as not only do I get a dry tickly throat and irritating cough from talking too much, but I also get a niggling and annoying dry cough due to my sinuses playing up. This could be the solution to my problem!

  14. As a private tutor, I am talking all the time and often have an annoying tickly throat or dry cough.

  15. I am sick of the cough ahhh bah! going around the house it jumps from one person to the other and torments weekend plans

  16. I,ve never tried these cough lollies before, have to be honest never heard of them but would luv to try them thanks it would help with dry cough through winter

  17. I,m impressed with this product because it states natural and well -established treatment which is very hard to find luv to try thanks 17 switchback rd Churchill 3842

  18. I would like to try these lozenges as I always have a dry ticklish throat and a dry hoarse cough. Would love to find something that works.

  19. Would love to try and give a review. The thing that caught my attention was the natural ingredient contained in this product. I would be the ideal candidate for this product as I have a cough that continues constantly from the early hours of the morning which is very frustrating and irritating to say the least.

  20. I was pleased to be selected to trial this product and after a few days of use I have found them extremely effective.They have a pleasant flavour and certainly calm that dry irritating cough. Being all natural is a bonus too. I would certainly continue to use this product and have also reccomended them to my father who suffers from a hoarse throat after surgery.

  21. I received the ISLA lozenges in the mail on Friday, when I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. I suffer from night-time dry coughing, which means I’m lucky to get more than an hour of continuous sleep at a time, so I’m always tired. I’ve tried nearly every cough lozenge available, with little to no success in relieving the cough. And the taste that some lozenges leaves in your mouth is hideous. The first time I woke up coughing after I’d gone to bed Friday night, I used an ISLA lozenge. The coughing stopped within 3 minutes, and I drifted off to sleep. For the first time in months, I didn’t wake up again coughing … not once, all night. I couldn’t believe it, when the alarm went off yesterday morning, that I’d had over 6 hours uninterrupted sleep. I felt like a new woman. And while I didn’t have a nasty taste in my mouth from the lozenge, I must admit that I’m very much a mint or menthol person, so I’d love to see the lozenges in a mint flavour. I will definitely recommend ISLA lozenges to friends & family, and I’ll be buying them again. $9.95 for 30 lozenges isn’t the cheapest around, but if they continue to work as well as they have so far, it’s a cheap price to pay for me to get a decent night’s sleep. Thanks ISLA!

    1. Wow! What a spectacular result Kerry-Anne. We understand how debilitating it can be in your health not to get good sleep so as the Product Manager for Isla, I’m so happy to hear about this fantastic result! And the mint flavour is definitely something we are considering (possibly next year). Here’s wishing you many more cough free nights.

  22. I have been having trouble with an annoying dry cough and as my work requires me to give lectures it has been quite debilitating. I am pleasantly surprised with the ISLA Lozenges effectiveness. I am very impressed with the ingredients and flavour also and give them a 10/10. The dryness has been greatly reduced and my throat feels more relaxed. Thank you ISLA

  23. This product arrived at a great time, as I had been suffering from an annoying intermittent dry cough for the past few days.
    The natural ingrediants appealed to me straight away, and the taste was great, not sickly sweet at all. It has helped with my dry cough and left me with a pleasant taste in my mouth.
    I also gave them to my son for his dry cough, he is very fussy and actually liked these, so that is a huge thumbs up from both of us 🙂

  24. finally a product that does everything it says it will do!!! i often wake up at night with a dry throat which makes me cough. i received this product on friday and used it friday night. one lozenge was enough relief to make me sleep all night!

    the taste of the lozenges is fantastic, not too sweet but sweet enough to taste nice. the after taste was ok too. i wouldnt say it was awesome but it’s a lot better than other products i have tried. the natural ingredients are just a bonus!

  25. Talk about good timing. Isla just arrived when I needed them the most this week. My kids were sick during the school holidays and of course I got it as well. I have a dry cough and a tickly throat especially at night. The weather being so cold and having the heater on all the time makes it worse. These lozenges has definitely given some relief and I love the blackcurrant taste. These will be in our medicine cupboard from now on for the whole family to use. Thank you for letting me be a part of the trial. I love it when I discover new products that will benefit my family.

  26. My daughter has been having a dry cough during the night, so last night when this happened she sucked on one of the lozenges and it seemed to settle the irritation. So at last we have found a wonderful pleasant tasting product. We will always have a packet on hand

  27. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to trial the Isla Dry Cough Lozenges. My mother was the main trialer as she suffers from chronic coughs – in air conditioning, after talking for a while or after eating. Her throat is chronically irritated. I loved the natural ingredients of this lozenge and persuaded her to give it a go. The first thing she noticed was the pleasant taste and the fact that they dissolved easily. While the lozenge did not provide a miraculous cure for her cough, it does provide effective relief which lasts as well as (if not better) than other throat lozenges. The blister pack was easy to use, kept the lozenges fresh and stopped them from sticking to each other. Overall, I think this product is a winner in our family and we will keep using it.

  28. Got these on Friday and have been trying them out along with my Mum as we both have a cough /cold at the moment. Initial thoughts – the lozenges are very small in size (much smaller than regular lozenge), it was sugar free which is great however the flavour is only very slight (not sweet but pleasant). Nice to use and are already working, although they don’t seem to help with throat soreness from coughing. Overall, so far so good. Looking forward to re-assess in a few days.

    1. Follow up review – I used the lozenges for 3 days and my mum used them almost a week, as she had a persistent cough. We were both pretty impressed with the product. It definitely calmed down my cough. I liked that they are in the blister packs as they are easy to carry round and dispense one at a time when needed. It would be good if there could be a range of flavours like Eucalyptus, lemon, Menthol or mint :-). Thanks again for allowing me to be part of the trial – it couldn’t have come at a better time.

  29. Thank you for sending me these lozenges to try. The timing was perfect as I have a cold and I am suffering from a sore throat and dry cough. These lozenges come in a pack of 30, all individually wrapped. They are blackcurrant flavour and sugar-free. These lozenges taste pleasant and they work really well to soothe the irritation in my throat. They leave my throat feeling calmed and relieve my dry cough. A great product to ease cold and flu symptoms!

  30. Last night when I was at work one of my colleagues was complaining about her throat and told us that she wasn’t feeling well. Luckily, I remember that I brought the lozenges and gave her a packet of it. Then, after an hour or so, she thanked me and told me that it really helped her. I didn’t even hear her cough all night after our shift. x

  31. I have been using ISLA for a couple of days now and have really noticed a difference in my throat. I usually wake during the night with a tickling cough and have found that since using Isla that it hasn’t occurred. I love how soft they are and are a great size for popping into your mouth and sucking on. The blackcurrent taste is mild and quite nice on the palate

  32. I have been using these cough lozenges for the past couple of days. I have been suffering from a dry and sore throat. These lozenges have really helped to ease the irritation and that annoying tickle in my throat. They have a nice blackcurrant flavour and are sugar-free which is a bonus. A great product to have on hand during the cold winter months.

  33. I have been using these lozenges for a few days now and I must say I am impressed,they have helped my cough and the irritation my mother has been staying with us and she usually coughs all night not any more thanks to Isla lozengas, the flavour is quite pleasant and they are a good size and being sugar free is another bonus have purchased another box for my mum to take home she was also impressed thanks for allowing me to trial this product wish I had know before about them have recommended them to my work mates

  34. Love the taste of ISLA cough lozenges it makes it easier to get through a bad cold with a sore throat. It’s also a large box so ou will have enough or the whole family.

  35. I have been using these lozenges for a few days now and I must say I am impressed,they have helped my cough and the irritation I have, my mother has been staying with us and she usually coughs all night nit any mire thank to Isla lozenges,the flavour is quite pleasant and they are a good size and being sugar free is a bonus, have purchased another box for mum to take home she was also impressed thanks for allowing me to trial this product as I have never heard of them before have recommended to my work mates

  36. Thanks so much Beauty and Lace for allowing me to trial this product. It came on Friday and I told my family about it and that it couldn’t have come at a better time. (they were on my back about seeing a doctor or looking for something to help ease it) I had had the cough for about 3 weeks after developing a cold. It was so ticklish, irritating and constant that twice when I was putting my baby daughter to sleep I woke her. Agh! Thankfully this product worked wonders. The cough subsided and now I am hardly coughing at all. The blackcurrant flavour was subtle though I would probably have preferred a strawberry flavour. Overall, this is a fantastic cough lozenger – one that actually works!

  37. What a great time for this product to arrive, I have had a sore throat for almost two weeks. This product worked a treat. The blackcurrant flavour is very nice not overpowering and sugar free is great. I would highly recommend this product and will continue to carry this lozengers in the hand bag. Thank you.

  38. I think I could have kissed the mail man today when he delivered a box filled with Isla Blackcurrent Lozengers. I have been dealing with a sore throat for almost 3 weeks now so I was so excited to give these lozengers a try. I have grown up loving Blackcurrant fruit pascals so I was super excited to find something to sooth my throat that was different to the normal, orange, honey, or eucalyptus flavours that fill the chemist shelves. The taste was delicious and I found after I finished the lolly that my throat was instantly soothed. While I do hope that this sore throat will pack its bags and leave me alone, Isla has certainly helped me through this draining and frustrating sore throat. The packaging is also great as the purple shades can be easily found on the chemist shelves. Thanks Isla for helping me out, while I am only on day one of using these gems I now see light at the end of my sore throat tunnel. The price is what I would normally pay so when it comes to the choice left for me at the chemist I know that Isla will make its way into my hands very quickly.

  39. Thanks for the chance to trial Isla & what a pleasant surprise.Not only do they do what they say they will do but such a pleasant taste.Only used for a couple of days so far but can feel that annoying tickle disappearing & post nasal drip is on its way out .The price is good value for money & would recommend these to all my family & friends.

  40. Hi, thanks so much for the Isla lozenges trial, the timing was perfect, they taste lovely and even my youngest daughter enjoyed them which is a great thing because she is the fussiest eater ever, our throats have been soothed nicely from sucking on these lozenges and they last quite well, I do believe our coughs have slowed down a bit too, I really like these Isla lozenges, I will definitely be making these my new regular cold and flu feel better lollies. Thanks

  41. Totally amazed at how very natural and tasty these lozenges tasted! My throat was feeling tickly and dry with indoor heating and these lozenges have been a life saver! My husband with a sore throat loved them too. It soothes the pain and eased the dryness. Love how it seems to immediately sooth and calm the tickle and ensure you get relief from a dry sore throat. Was very happy to be part of this trial and discover Isla. This is a firm family favourite already!

  42. My Miss 18 had a horrible cold and was then left with the most annoying cough so when the isla lozenges arrived I was so thankful. I gave her a strip of the lozenges from the packet and she instantly started to suck on one. Half an hour later i realised that she had stopped coughing. I mentioned this to her and she looked at me in delight and said “oh yeah…wow…these things really work”
    I have already suggested them to others and im thrilled.
    I had one myself to check out the taste and found them to be quite yummy.
    Honestly I think these should be something that everyone has on hand for the Winter months.
    thank you B&L and thank you millions Isla…Miss 18’s cough was driving me crazy so having these on hand has certainly saved my sanity.

  43. I received my Isla Lozenges just before I emptied my new bagless vacuum cleaner for the first time – I stupidly released the button and dropped the whole thing in the bin. As it hit the bottom, all the dust blew up in face and I breathed it in, which resulted in fits of dry coughing and spluttering which I felt would never stop. A drink of water didn’t help much so I tried a lozenge. I must say, it really did help!

    I suffer from allergies, sinus problems and asthma, which all give me a dry irritating cough, which is not only annoying to me, but probably also annoys those around me. I found these lozenges help soothe my throat and alleviate the irritating dry cough. My mum suffers the same thing, so I’m going to get her to try them as well.

    I really liked the subtle Blackcurrant flavour of Isla Lozenges and the fact that they’re not sweet or sickly tasting. I’d highly recommend Isla Lozenges to all my friends and family.

  44. Isla was effective in relieving my dry sore throat within minutes.
    The taste was subtle and left me wanting more of a burst of flavor.
    I wouldn’t give this product to my children as they are quite chewy and could easily lodge in the throat.
    $9.95 for 30 lozenges would be great value for money.
    I must say though I am more of a butter menthol girl as I do prefer the flavor over a fruity one when I do have a sore throat.

  45. These lozenges arrived smack bang in the middle of a nasty cold passing through the family. They were tried by myself and hubby. Nice flavour and good for settling a sore throat and tickle cough. Pleasant to use throughout the day when needed. Good value for money and highly recommended for some cold relief.

  46. Thanks Beauty and Lace, I received my Isla lozenges a few days ago and I was really interested to see how these compared to the lozenges I have used in the past.
    Although I didn’t have a cough, thankfully my cold that I had resolved a week ago, my throat has been feeling a bit dry and raspy from having the heater on during these cold winter days.

    I really liked the taste, black currant is actually my favourite flavour and they tasted quite nice and natural tasting. They didn’t leave a funny taste in my mouth and helped soothe my dry, irritated throat in minutes. I think if the flavour was minty, children wouldn’t like the taste as much, so blackcurrant is a great choice. I think the lozenge would be suitable perhaps for older children, maybe 6 years and over. I would be concerned about choking if used for younger children that would not know how to suck the lozenge and would chew the lozenge instead.

    I like the fact that the lozenges are sugar free, so I am not consuming extra calories.
    I think $9.95 for 30 lozenges is a fair price, I would use these again and I would recommend them to my friends too.

  47. I was lucky enough to be chosen to review the Isla lozenges and couldn’t wait to try them. I suffer from hayfever so have allergies to dust, pollen and even cleaning chemicals which cause niggles in my throat. Hubby also has this thing about sleeping with the window open so I wake up with a dry cough most mornings.
    On opening the pack I was surprised how small they were I was expecting them to be the size of a Strepsil. They are also a soft, gummy consistency instead of the hard, lolly like lozenge I was expecting. This was a welcome surprise.
    Depending on the occasion I used them on I sometimes found I needed two lozenges for them to be effective. However they were a welcome solution to a problem I have had for years. It didn’t block the cough but soothed it through its balm-like action. It sort of lines your throat and protects it and your vocal cords from further irritants. It definitely relieved my dry persistent coughing and soothed my tickly throat.
    Even though some of the ingredients sound like they would taste awful (Iceland Moss) they have a great natural tasting blackcurrant flavour and don’t have any synthetic or chemical taste. Another benefit I love it that they are sugar free which means my diabetic hubby can use them too and of course I don’t need to worry about them adding to my waistline!
    Overall I found these to be the perfect natural choice for me and I will definitely be purchasing more.

  48. I received my ISLA losenges a few days ago and I have to say that they are the nicest tasting throat losenge I have ever had!
    I usually can’t stand losenges as they leave an awful taste in my mouth, but these were really nice; subtle and not overly sweet.
    I didn’t have a cough at the time of trialling them, but my throat does get dry, so I found relief when I had a losenge. They are a nice smallish size and I like the texture too.
    Be aware that they contain sorbitol so like gum, can have a laxative effect if you have to many!
    Thank you for the opportunity to review!

  49. I was lucky enough to be chosen to review the Isla lozenges and when I opened the box I was surprised their were 30 lozenges I have been trying them foe a week now and find they really worked to sooth my throat and I loved the flavour .I will be recommending them to my Mum who always has a sore dry throat ..

  50. I’ve been trialling these for just over a week now and they have suppressed my horrible tickly cough that has been annoying me since April. I have been to my doctor who has informed me that my chest is alright. She says I just have some virus.

    To trial these lozenges I definitely fitted the category. After my first use of one lozenge, I was happy with the flavour of blackcurrant (although black currants are not my favourite), but the taste is not overpowering in the lozenge. If I was to pick a flavour I would like Lime or Lemon.

    My tickly throat cough is worse in the later afternoon and at night. A couple of times we had to go out at night and I would just suck one lozenge an hour before leaving and thankfully no irritating cough got me during the night.

    I am happy to say, that my tickly throat is a lot of better and I am not coughing as much at night now. My ribs like that. I sleep right through the night with no coughing.

    The daily dose of these lozenges are only 1-2 up to 6 times per day. If more is taken, you could have a laxative effect as they do contain maltitol and sorbitol. I found just having 4 a day helped me.

    I’ve already recommended to a friend who has the same irritating tickly cough. There are 30 lozenges in the packet and at $9.95 they are worth the money.

    Thanks B&L for letting me trial these, as they have certainly come at the right time for me.

  51. Hi Beauty and Lace, Thanks again for letting me trial Isla Dry Cough Lozenges. I’ve been trialing them for about a week now.

    Firstly it has taken 2 complete lozenges to relieve my symptoms within minutes.

    I haven’t had a dry cough at night recently (thank goodness) but I will definitely be reaching for the Isla next time i do.

    Flavor was nice but not as intense and I thought it would be, Lemon would be much nicer.

    I would recommend Isla to everyone including children, I like the fact there is no sugar.

    I do feel that the price is a little steep though.

    Thanks again

  52. Thank you Beauty & Lace for allowing me to be a part of this trial team. I applied for the trial of Isla Lozenges because I get a tickly, irritating throat whenever dust moves in the air, or sometimes as a reaction to my cats fur and also from my awful neighbours who have just moved in to the townhouse next to me, and they chain smoke…(I don’t smoke as it makes me sick) and all their bloody smoke comes in my front door, through the cracks in my garage door and just makes my downstairs area smell like a dirty ashtray…I hate it and it gives me a cough….I sound like a smoker. Plus I also get a dry mouth most days.
    I found the Isla were quite effective against the tickle…..they didn’t do much for my cough. But they are wonderful for those who suffer with a dry mouth. I popped a lozenge in my mouth through a dry period and just sat it under my tongue and let it dissolve away…it did relieve the dry mouth as it made me salivate.
    A couple of negatives I have are; I found the lozenges were quite thin and dissolved rather quickly, I was expecting a thicker lolly…and I know they are stated as being black currant flavour but I really couldn’t pick up a flavour at all, I found them quite boring in taste. I love black currant and would have loved to have had a stronger flavoured lolly.
    But they also get extra points for being all natural.
    I would use them again and I provided my Mum with 5 so she could try them, she suffers with a dry mouth regularly and she also found they helped her dryness. So I believe she will buy some.

  53. Thank you very much Beauty & Lace for allowing me to take part in this trial.
    I found the black currant flavour to be alright, it is not a strong flavour at all.
    Isla was very effective in relieving a tickle in my throat as well as a cough and they acted just before the lozenge dissolved. They definitely had a soothing effect on my throat.
    I will definitely be purchasing them and certainly recommend them.

  54. Thanks for letting me trial these lozenges. My throat is always so tickly, especially when getting over a cold (because I’ve been breathing out of my mouth and drying it out) and also with the high winds in Melbourne currently, pollens are also irritating me and my throat.

    I found these lozenges to taste so nice, I was a bit doubtful as they are made with some herbal ingredients but they tasted much better than any other throat lozenges I’ve tried. I like that it’s also not a strong taste so that I could easily drink and eat something afterwards and not be affected by that lingering taste.

    They are very gummy which I didn’t mind but when it does thin out, it gets stuck to the roof of my mouth which is a little bit annoying. I found that my mouth is no longer dry and my throat doesn’t make me clear it of cough.

    They are a really great product and I would definitely recommend them to everyone as being made with natural ingredients and no sugar, it’s really good to use.

  55. I have had a dry throat and husky voice through Reflux, when I received the “Isla throat Lozenges” I immediately tried them, nothing happened, but after eating 6 my huskiness disappeared.
    I now know what to buy to relieve the huskiness and they are also a very, very nice taste.
    Great product.

  56. A year or so ago I had a cyst strangling my vocal chord and had to have it removed. Since then I have found that I always seem to have a dry mouth. I also have to take other medications that leave me with a very dry mouth and sometimes with bad breath.
    I found that sucking on one of these three times a day has nearly completely fixed my dry mouth problem. I am so thrilled with this outcome.
    I was a little surprised that these are more like a jube than a lozenger, but they taste fantastic, and this is something that I will continually have on hand in the future.
    Thank you to B&L and also to Isla.

  57. Thank you Beauty and Lace for this trial.

    I received the blackcurrant lozenges to trial. The daily dose of these lozenges is 1-2 up to 6 times per day. I found I only needed a couple of these a day to help with my dry cough. They soothed my throat and helped relieve my dry irritating cough. The flavour tasted good too.

    I will be recommending these lozenges to my friends for dry irritating coughs. There is 30 in each packet and I think they are good value for money. I will definitely be purchasing these in the future.

  58. Well, I’m definitely impressed with these! I expected the Isla lozenges to be much like any other cough lozenge but you can tell straight away they’re much better. I could feel the coating action straight away, and found they really worked for a dry and hoarse throat. The taste is great too, not over powering and no nasty medicine taste. I will be recommending these for sure. Thanks b&l.

  59. I was fortunate enough to be able to trial the Isla Lozenges and would recommend them for coughs and sore inflamed throats. The shape of the lozenge makes it easy and safe to suck slowly. They soothed my throat and relieved the pain and dryness and had a pleasant mild taste. I love how it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and also for children. Will definitely be buying again – thank you Beauty and Lace.

  60. These last ages in the mouth as they are a good, hard chewy jube. They are not too big for children either. The flavour is really delicious and I’ll be buying these for our first aid kit at home. They soothed my tickly throat and also kept it from coming back. These provide relief and are a high quality throat product. They work well to calm a dry and persistant cough too. I found these also excellent to have in the night time when that tickly cough struck. I think these have just become my fave throat relieving product!

  61. Thank you for being part of the trial for Isla Lozenges. I use this kind of lozenge not just for a tickly throat but also when I am exercising/ walking (and talking too much!) and I get a very dry throat. The Isla lozenges were just as good as anything else I’ve used but I found that I needed to use 2 of them at a time to be really effective.
    The blackcurrant flavour is very mild and very smooth.
    The price is reasonable too.
    I particularly like the blister pack they come in.
    I would certainly recommend these.
    Love that they are sugar-free too!

  62. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try these Isla drops. Perfect time of year to be trialling as I seem to get a really dry mouth/ throat in winter. The lozenges really helped and have been the most effective thing I have tried to date. My partner also has had a really bad cough and he said they were great. Helped soothe the irritation and sore throat. The flavour is really enjoyable and pleasant and the blister pack so they don’t all stick together and it fits perfectly in my bag. I’m very impressed and have and will continue to recommend to friends. The sugar free aspect is great too for those who limit sugar intake or have diabetes.

  63. I really enjoyed using ISLA throat lozeges because they really work when You have a cold.
    It immediately stopped My cough and soothed the itching in My throat.
    I was quite pleased with this new product and will be buying again in the future.

  64. Was a great time of year to arrive and be able to trial the Isla Lozenges, unfortunately I did not have a sore throat to be able to test whether it would of worked for this reason but found the lozenges helped with my persisted cough that I always get from being at work in air-conditioning and heating. I found that the lozenges did help, sometimes had to take 2 but not always.

    Found the blister pack makes the product last instead of going sticky like other cough lozenges which was fanastic. Enjoyed the blackcurrant flavour which wasn’t overpowering and that the lozenges were soft and much easier to suck on and no chance of breaking a tooth with the harder ones out there. Not bad a price, dearer though compared to other lozenges on the market but worth paying more for as they seem to work better. Would highly recommend to friends and family and would buy in the future.

  65. Thank you Isla Lozenges for allowing me to be part of this trial.

    Like many others this time of year, ive been suffering from an awful, tickly, dry cough. It’s been driving me insane (coughing at night) and so the Isla throat lozenges arrived with perfect timing.

    I’ve been using them for over a week now, and must say i LOVE them!!! What a wonderful product. I DETEST the strong chemical taste of other throat cough lollies and so Isla was SO MUCH BETTER TASTING!!! WITH NO HARSH CHEMICAL AFTERTASTE!! YAY!! i love how the isla lozenges provide a nice smooth blackcurrant coating that melts away the cough rather quickly!!! i felt the effect within minutes which was awesome!! Although Isla doesnt suppress the actual cough, i believe they did help me get some rest and relief!! Compared to other brands Isla is a winner based on taste, and effectiveness. I’ d much rather buy Isla than other harsh/chemical tasting brands on the market. The price for me $9.95 for 30 lozengers is a little pricey, but comparatively speaking, they are worth it! The blackcurrant flavour in my opinion is amazing!!!!

    I’d definitely recommend Isla to others! Everyone should try these indeed. WELL DONE ISLA. I will be purchasing these in the future for sure!! 🙂 warm regards Patricia

  66. Isla lozenges taste amazing and begin to work almost immediately!
    You can feel them coat the mouth and throat and you cough die down a fair bit instantly..

    I think the price is reasonable.

    I also love that they are safe for pregnant women, children and diabetics.

    Will definitely be recommending them as well as buying them 🙂

  67. These lozenges arrived just when my daughter who is 9y,o and I both had a dry irritating cough. She suffered at night the most so I gave her two before bed, she woke up only once that night coughing, but I didn’t give her more in fear of her choking if she fell asleep. We did that for three consecutive nights and I haven’t heard her cough at night for almost a week.
    For myself I used them in the afternoon when it gets cooler and I begin to cough. Needed them twice now I seem to be ok.
    Lovely flavour, and reasonably priced. Very child friendly!

  68. I love these lozenges. I quite often wakeup with a dry throat in the middle of the night and have a tickle during the day. The lozenges are soft and not overpowering in taste and really help coat my throat and get rid of my dryness. My son had a lingering cough after his cold and it has really helped him too and he loved the taste.Highly recommend.

  69. Thank you for selecting me for a trail of your Isla lozenges, firstly I was gave one to hubby to try ( cause he had a sore throat) he couldn’t believe that they actually soothed his throat and the taste was amazing, the lozenge were not hard but soft and full of flavour, I have since tried them myself as I must of got his man flue, the taste is amazing and don’t leave a horrible after taste in your mouth, I love how the lozenge are soft and think they would be perfect for the little ones. I believe they are very well priced for $9.95 you get 30 lozenges ( I say what a bargin) Thank you Beauty & Lace for allowing us to try this wonderful product and yes I will ( have) told my family and friends about this amazing product, Thanks again

  70. What a nice surprise these Isla Lozenges were, I’d had a dry sore throat for about a day and a half when they turned up so it was perfect timing, prepared myself thinking they would taste awful and burn my mouth and was really pleased to find they not only tasted ok but didn’t have that horrible lingering after taste. Maybe just a coincidence but after using Isla by the next day it all seemed to have calmed down and didn’t turn into a full blown episode.

  71. Wow for me I thought they were great ,I get I tickle in my throat a lot because of the air conditioner all the time and also get this tickle and cough at night which drives you mad and stops you from sleeping .I have tried these Isla cough Lozengers and the longer I took them the better my problems were,my tickle and cough stopped and it was wonderful to be able to sleep better.I liked the taste of them so they were pleasant to suck on .It was really nice not to have that annoying cough at night .I will be buying these for sure and I will recommend them as well.

  72. I loved these my throat was so sore last week and I tried these and omg they worked I will be buying these for sure I have told my family and friends, I loved the taste and this helped me sleep me at night, I would like if these where bigger in size

  73. I loved trailing Isla lozenges, I had a cold and my throat was so dry and sore! They worked beautifulty. I love the fact that they contain Icelandic moss and I love the taste I would recommend them to everyone have them in your bag for when you need them. Thanks beauty and lace xxxx

  74. I have just trialled this product over the last week as I got a sore throat and thought, perfect, will test out the Isla dry cough lozenges. I’m sorry to say, I found these of absolute no help. I continued with a sore throat throughout the days I used it. I had a total of 6 on the first day with no relief. I ended up having to buy a pack of butter menthol. The taste wasn’t bad or good, just ok. The price $9.95 for a pack of 30 is ridiculous when sore throat lozenges are cheaper and more effective. I know that we all are more inclined to buy natural products but a cup of tea with lemon and honey does a better job. I do not recommend this product, sorry.

  75. I have just finished my trial of the Isla dry cough lozenges.
    I did have a sore throat from a dry cough at the time I received
    them…. what great timing.
    I had the max dose of 6 a day for the first two days and thought they were a waste of time. They didn’t seem to give me any relief at all. I ended buying throaties and butter menthols…..
    Although the flavour was ok it was nothing to rave about.
    As for the price….they cant be serious!! 30 for $9.95.
    Geez… I got both the throaties and butter mentols with change!
    AND they gave me relief.
    I would definitely not purchase them and I wouldn’t recommend them either.

  76. I have just finished my Isla pack & found them to work great for me. I did have a very bad cold when i was accepted in the trial but by the time my packet arrived i was on the mend so i wasnt at my worse, but i still had a sore throat & a dry cough. I found i had to use them quite a bit on the 1st couple of days. I love the different flavour but would recommend they bring more flavours out as alot of people dont like that flavour so they wouldnt try it & i would also recommend they try to bring their price down a bit or even try smaller packets to temp people into trying them as $9.95 is alot for a single mum to fork out on a product their child might not like. I would recommend this product & have done so already. It worked for me! Thanks again Beauty & Lace ❤️

  77. I have trialled a pack of isla blackcurrant dry cough lozenges.
    Unfortunately for an in-depth reviewing (and fortunately for me) I have not had a cough or hoarseness since receiving the product, which reputedly assists in these conditions. However, I can testify to the tastiness of this product and its very nice “chewiness”, which did help a dry throat. It’s quite health oriented in its ingredients and production. Despite its probable efficacy, I would find the cost of $9.95 for 30 lozenges a bit too pricey; however, if it does the trick it could be good value for money. It’s certainly a pleasant taste, for me anyway, and doesn’t have a “loaded with extra sugar” taste.
    Given I can’t comment on its results for a more drastic “cold/flu condition”, since I didn’t have one, I can only say it’s a pleasant, even more-ish lozenge that would be good to carry around for a refresher.

  78. I must admit being a mother of 4 children I always have a dry sore throat from yelling, a lot of reading, singing and dancing but after afew days of using Isla Dry cough Lozenges I found I was using less and less as it was taking the dry and soreness away. I do enjoy the Blackcurrant flavour it wasn’t too strong like other lozenges and didn’t leave a weird after taste. I have recommended these to my friends and family and will continue to recommend Isla to others,the only thing I didn’t like was not being able to chew the last little bit of the lozenges haha. my eldest Daughter enjoyed the taste and slept a lot better, she normally has an irritated, tickly cough.
    $9.95 is a bit pricey but worth it.
    Thank you to Isla and Beauty and Lace for letting me trial Isla Dry Cough Lozenges

  79. The first thing I noticed about Isla is the thinness of the lozenge. And it’s squishy. Such a difference from other lozenges! Those I end up crunching, which ruins the whole purpose of them. I couldn’t crunch Isla. The blackberry flavour I had to try was pleasant enough but more to rave about is they aren’t sickly sweet. Definitely an adult flavour. The lozenge gives a nice, soothing coating to the throat. Again, it was pleasant, eased a bit of my dryness but not dramatically. Isla is nice. I’d recommend them to adults who want a change from the lozenge as sweets.

  80. Thank you so much for allowing me to trial Isla lozenges. The whole house came down with a bad head cold the burning sore throat and dry cough was horrible! The Isla lozenges worked beautifuly, and gave us a chance to stop coughing and get much needed rest I love the taste and really love that they contain Icelandic Moss! Just awesome I will recommend them to everyone thank you

  81. sorry for late review as i got really sick, feeling bit better and back home now. Isla is a good product and it did made a difference. but the cough usually returned after sometime. i would recommend it for temporary relief…also sadly it did not help with my vocal cord problem, i still have it. thank you for choosing me for the review

  82. Luckily I haven’t been sick all year until this past fortnight…hence the late review (sorry 🙁 …)
    I caught the flu and literally felt and still feel like death.
    I found these did help my dry cough at first but then my cough became chesty…I kept using them as my throat has been itchy and it really takes the edge off the itch.
    I find they last awhile and slowly dissolve…only thing is they get stuck at the roof of my mouth haha.

  83. Due to my travel overseas I can write my review only now after using one of your lozenges. Hard to say how effective they are. I like the shape which was different to other lozenges and blackcurrant flavour was appealing. Blackcurrent is an healthy fruit and one of my favourites. Taste of the lozenges is plesant. I felt like eating a healthy lolly. The only thing I didn’t like about it was a gummy feeling after sucking the part of it off. I could use these lozenges. The one on the market with strong eucaliptus flavour I stay away from. These are more subtle. Thanks for including me in your trial

  84. I suffer from dry mouth and throat at night, and kept these by my bedside. It was so easy to pop one in my mouth to relieve the symptoms.
    The taste was pleasant, just like a lolly, and nothing at all like other throat lozenges.
    Not sure if I would purchase though, as usually a cough or irritated throat is combined with a blocked/runny nose, and these do not work in that area.

  85. I was part of the trial for this product. I often wake up in the night coughing so I need to have something on hand to stop the cough in it’s tracks so I don’t wake the rest of the house (and so I can breathe again!). These were great. I loved the taste, and because they are more like a hard slightly rubbery texture, they stopped me from chewing them up to quickly so I could get back to sleep, which was good! They don’t suit every situation for me, but for some they are the best choice.

  86. Sorry this review is late been away and was sick as well .Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to trial the Isla Dry Cough Lozenges. They were an absolute god send I have a really dry and itchy cough nothing would stop it until I received IsIa throat lozenges they were very tasty my husband even liked them and that’s saying something he doesn’t really like the taste of most of them but these ones he loved so that’s now on the list to keep at home thank you again

  87. Get this lozenge for trial just in time for my cough. It helps with my cough. Love the flavor of the blackcurrant and its not too sweet at all which is perfect.But wish the size of each of it double in size and the strength of the lozenge can be a bit stronger to feel immediate result. It helps to calm my dry cough before i sleep each night for a week. Overall will purchase this again when i encounter cough.

  88. I try Isla cough lozenges it help with my dry cough and my irritation throat it had nice taste for sugar free lozenges I would recommend them to friends.

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