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Internationally acclaimed confectioner Jeff de Bruges has opened the first Australian store in Westfield Bondi Junction.

There are over 480 shops worldwide and Bondi Junction is our first taste of Jeff de Bruges here on Australian soil.

Jeff de Bruges chocolates are classics with a modern twist, they are hand crafted by master chocolatiers in Belgium and many are still inspired by the original French recipes.

Jeff de Bruges is a respected brand throughout Europe and the owner of Jeff de Bruges Sydney, Roland Tabet, wanted to introduce that sophisticated high-quality chocolate flavour to Australian chocolate lovers.

Jeff de Bruges Sydney offers flavours for all occasions with a range of white, milk and dark chocolate. For those who like a little variety there are some great assorted Ballotin boxes with an extensive range to suit every palate.

The range can be prearranged in beautiful baskets, bowls and platters or it can be custom packed.

I have a box of these delightful delicacies on my desk as we speak. Now those of you who know me wouldn’t be surprised that I expected gourmet chocolates to be gone in …well perhaps not 60 seconds, or even 60 minutes but certainly 6 hours – and they’re not.

Jeff de Bruges JUILIETTES (2)

Rich dark chocolate, creamy milk chocolate or smooth white chocolate, they are all deliciously decadent and that means they demand to be savoured. The flavours are unique and lasting, the textures are interesting and varied and they are all satisfying. Quite often I find I can’t stop at just one chocolate, or two or three if I’m going to be brutally honest, but Jeff de Bruges chocolates are not a chocolate that can be binged upon. Actually, I’m sure given the right circumstances bingeing would be totally possible but it certainly wouldn’t be an everyday thing.

The 375g Assorted Ballotin box I received for review contains a huge range of chocolates with some rather interesting flavour combinations.

It’s no real surprise that I haven’t found a chocolate in this box that I don’t like, even those that sounded a little exotic for my usual tastes.

One of the first I selected was wrapped in a blue/green foil so I immediately thought mint, and I was only half correct. It was filled with dark chocolate ganache with mint tea, and I was pleasantly surprised. You could certainly taste the tea along with the mint but it was delicious.

There are approximately 32 chocolates in the 375g Ballotin box and they are all different flavours so I could be here all night if I went into all of the combinations.


A couple of the notable mentions are milk chocolate ganache with Earl Grey Tea and hazelnut praline with blackcurrant berries in a white chocolate coating.

One of the divine melt in your mouth chocolates I tested earlier tasted just like the creamy inside of a Ferrero Rocher, I could certainly have done with a few more of those.

I would love to hold off on this review until I have polished off the whole box to tell you my absolute favourites but I’m not sure I will be able to pick any. I am tempted to unpack the whole box and check exactly what I have, because some of these look divinely delectable, as opposed to just delectable.

Some of the options I’m looking forward to are Cappucino, Tiramisu, Flamingo which is a dark chocolate ganache flavoured with grapefruit, Snoby’ chic Blackcurrant which is a duo of praline and light milk cream flavoured with blackcurrant.

JeffdeBruges ecorces (2)

Jeff de Bruges chocolates are made using pure cocoa butter and prepared with the utmost care without hydrogenated vegetable fats, palm oil or GMO. Jeff de Bruges also participate in the Quality Partner Program (QPP), which is an ambitious program whose purpose is to share expertise with cocoa farmers, Improve overall quality and Prepare a future where everyone has access to clean water, medical care and education for children. It is through this endeavour that Jeff de Bruges supports the creation and operation of an elementary school in Bodjorou in Côte d’Ivoire.

“Not only do we believe in the quality of our chocolate, we also believe in responsible cocoa farming,” said Tabet. “The Jeff de Bruges Quality Partner Program fosters programs that increases sustainable growing practices as well as the quality of life for the growers.”

For more information visit or visit them on Facebook.

To try it out for yourself simply stop by Level 2 Westfield Bondi Junction

10 of our Beauty and Lace Club members were lucky enough to sample a 375g Ballotin box of Assorted Jeff de Bruges Sydney chocolates and you can read what they thought in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “User Reviews: Jeff de Bruges Sydney

  1. OMG!!!! This is the best chocolate I have ever eaten. I am so impressed with the quality and the taste of this delicious chocolate. There really was something for everyone in my whole family to enjoy. The dark chocolate was for me as this is my favourite, the milk chocolate my partner devoured and then asked if there was any more My little 3 year old boy enjoyed a few of the white chocolate delights. This would honestly make the perfect gift for anyone that you want to impress or that is hard to buy for. This chocolate is melt in your mouth and velvety smooth in every bite. Thank you to Jeff de Bruges for this delicious package and I am so glad that you support and foster an elementary school and really give back to the community.

  2. Thank you BeautyandLace and Jeff de Bruges for this absolutely enjoyable trial experience!

    I don’t know where to start my review from! This was such a fantastic treat for us! I’ve never tasted such delicious and exquisite chocolates before! These chocolates are so smooth, creamy, crunchy, and yummy, and these would make a perfect gift for anyone!

    I have never heard of Jeff de Bruges chocolates before, but had a feeling these chocolates would be tasty and very posh, and I was right! I opened the box and started tasting the chocolates, and then I found the little information sheet inside which describes each chocolate piece inside with a photo, so you can choose what you like and eat and enjoy!

    The dark chocolates were yummy and so were the white chocolates and the milk chocolates. So let’s say, the whole box is sooooooo good! Even my family, who don’t eat a lot of chocolate, enjoyed the white and milk chocolates. The box was filled with a fantastic assortment of chocolates, so there would be something for everyone.

    I would recommend these fine chocolates for anyone who wants to buy a special treat for themselves or for anyone else, they truly hold a very high and unique place in the world of chocolates! And, I say, more choco power to you!!!

  3. Firstly, let me say a big thank you to Beauty & Lace and Jeff de Bruges for such a fantastic and delicious trial! This definitely tops it for my most favourite trial.

    Jeff de Bruges chocolates are a work of art. Not only were they so pleasurable to eat, but they were most certainly appealing to the eye. Each piece is intricately created with very fine detail. Jeff de Bruges is a legend chocolatier!

    I was stunned at how many pieces I was given to try and let me tell you that I still haven’t gotten through the whole box yet!

    I can’t pick a favourite so I will list my top 5 that I absolutely loved (which was still very hard to do – I enjoyed all of them!)

    Trèfle milk – milk chocolate ganache with Earl Grey Tea (and I could really taste the tea!)

    Flamingo – dark chocolate ganache flavoured with grapefruit

    Scott – surprising praline with sparkling sugar

    Pistachine – pistachio flavoured marzipan

    Maison de Jeff dark 70% – praline with almond pieces, spiced with cinnamon and coriander

    Jeff de Bruges chocolates make the perfect gift or simply a decadent treat for oneself.

    I just wish they had a store in Brisbane!!

  4. They say that good things come in small packages. This is certainly the case for the 375g ballotin box by chocolatier, Jeff de Bruges. This little gift box packs a whopping 32 different chocolates in one handy spot. This means there is a little something for everyone in a prism that can only be described as chocolate heaven. This bundle features chocolates of all different shapes and sizes in the milk, dark and white varieties.

    Jeff de Bruges is an acclaimed confectioner who is well known throughout Europe for his chocolates. Now it’s Australia’s turn with the first store in the country to be opened in Bondi. The chocolatiers use old French recipes but there are also some modern twists thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. Ultimately the emphasis is on quality as there are no hydrogenated vegetable fats, palm oil or genetically modified organisms used in the production of these chocolates. It is mostly just cocoa butter, pure and simple and this is how it should be.

    The chocolates fit five broad types. There are the “intense” ones for the extra-strong dark chocolate pieces and the “creamy” for the soft and smooth ones that are typically milk chocolate. There’s the fruity variety for the often soft-centred ones that are paired with a tart fruit like a lemon or a raspberry while the spicy variety include ingredients like coffee, tea or other spices. The final “type” is the “gourmet” one and the bulk of the chocolates fit this category. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is de Bruges’s speciality as this draws together lots of crisp and nutty pieces.

    A highlight of this collection is the gianduja. This is one for lovers of Nutella and Ferrero Rocher. It’s a very creamy one that tastes like hazelnuts and is also the basis for quite a few of the chocolates in the ballotin. Another stand-out is the amande milk and dark chocolates that are the size of chocolate sultanas but are actually a kind of scorched almond with a sugar coating. In lesser hands this could be sickly sweet and overpowering but one thing that is noteworthy about Jeff de Bruges’s chocolates is how balanced all the flavours are, it’s like they’re all in perfect sync with one another.

    Jeff de Bruges chocolates look poised to become a new favourite with Australians who love their high-quality chocolate packed with a dash of chic and modern sophistication. The ballotin box has a little something for everyone and the premium ingredients mean that these chocolates are far better for you then the chemical-ridden slabs on our supermarket shelves. We may not need another excuse to eat chocolate but Jeff de Bruges has given us at least 32 reasons why we should sit down and savour every morsel of his creations and bask in their glory. Yum!

  5. I have eaten a lot of chocolate over the years, both in quantity and in variety. In terms of quality, this box of chocolates was absolutely one of the best I’ve tried.

    One of the things I really enjoyed about it was that the “added tastes” – the nuts, fruit, fillings and so on – were generally quite subtle. They didn’t overpower the chocolate; I could always taste that too. As a result, I don’t think there was a single chocolate I disliked in the box, and I’m usually pretty fussy and reject at least a couple in any box.

    The box I received seemed to be predominantly a mix of “creamy” and “gourmet” varieties. They also classify some as “intense”, “fruity” or “spicy”. I definitely received some “intense” and “spicy”, but I’m not sure there were any “fruity” in the box.

    The spicy ones were quite subtle as well; some of them are a little more unusual flavours (like the milk chocolate with Earl Grey tea, which was lovely). These also tended to be the liqueurs, so possibly the variety to be most cautious with.

    These were just divine. Every time I popped one in my mouth, I wanted more, but at the same time, one or two at a time were very satisfying. Perfect for people who want a little sweet treat regularly but don’t want to go overboard!

    I couldn’t pick a favourite as I enjoyed them all so much. If I was really pushed, I might nominate “Harvey” – a cute dog shaped dark chocolate with crunchy bits of biscuit. Then again, the white hazelnut praline with dark chocolate mousse may possibly have made my eyes cross with pleasure. The milk praline with nougat was good too… Nope, this is too hard a path to follow. I can’t choose a favourite.

    There’s a mix of white, milk, and dark chocolates in each category, to suit all tastes. And I understand you can choose your own selection to make a personalised gift box, although I imagine that could take hours to narrow it down!

    I honestly don’t have a word of criticism about these, except that they eventually ran out! These would make a glorious gift for someone special, and a wonderful treat for yourself.

  6. Oh my goodness me. These are some of THE BEST CHOCOLATES I have tasted. When they arrived they were in a beautiful box, Once opened, that aroma of fine chocolates filled my surrounds. It smelt amazing. My husband was drooling awaiting a taste. There were so many in the box too, Such a wonderful selection of almost every single one. A tasting menu (leaflet of all the chocolates) came in the box allowing us to pick out some of our favourite flavours. Mine was a caramel filled square. mmmm.

    My daughter picked out the 2 little dogs because they were so cute, and she said it was so yummy. My husband isn’t fussy but is usually just a cadbury man but even he was won over how delicious these chocolates were.

    There was a big mix of white, milk and dark chocolates, with a variety of different fillings. Each one so beautiful in shape as well as taste.

    I must say, these fine chocolates are quite rich and intense with flavour that I couldn’t eat a lot in one go (probably better for my waistline).

    Now I’m just going to wait until they open up a store in Melbourne. These are beautiful and so delicious and special.

  7. Would I like to Trial some Chocolate??? Well HELLO!!! Seriously who doesnt like Chocolate??
    I waited eagerly for them to arrive and when they did I felt a little sad to start with as the box was so small but boy oh boy was I in for a surprise. So many wonderful chocolates in that box and each and everyone of them was a true delight. 32 chocolates and each one was different. It was hard to share as i really wanted to try them all myself but share I did and my two daughters loved them just as much as I did. If anyone had been able to listen in they would have been saying “I want what they are having”
    Jeff de Bruges is now my most favorite and I have told my daughters that if they ever want to truly delight me and if they really love me then I will be receiving a box of these for special occasions 😀
    Honestly if you want to delight someone then this is the way to do it. Something super special and wonderful.
    The moment you taste this chocolate you know instantly that it is quality.

    I am in Love and I have no doubt in my mind that this is a lasting love for life. I want more and i will get more. it will happen.

    I dare you to try Jeff de Bruges Chocolates and be able to walk away and not think about them every single minute of the day…I dare you.

    Jeff de Bruges Chocolates *loving sigh*

  8. Wow what an absolutely wonderful trial. I was stoked to be picked for this one and was so excited to receive my Jeff de Bruges chocolates. They came lovingly packaged in a gorgeous box with a handy leaflet inside describing all the types of chocolates contained within. Straight away I was intrigued by some of the flavour combinations and found it refreshing to find they were not your usuals. A few standouts for me included the Ballotin milk, Bloc Gianduja (was like a delicious mouthful of Nutella!), Javanais (blackcurrant in chocolate – yes please!) and the Maison de Jeff dark 70%. I found the chocolate to be incredibly smooth and creamy and just an absolute pleasure to eat, you could feel the quality in each bite. I did find there to be a lot of praline flavoured types which tasted a bit similar however, luckily I really like praline so it wasn’t a problem. These chocolates are lovely to look at and even more lovely to eat and would make a very thoughtful and welcome gift as well as being a fantastic treat for yourself or perfect for impressing when entertaining. Thank you for allowing me to take part in this trial. It was an eye opener discovering just how good gourmet chocolate really can be and I will be hoping to see a store in Melbourne soon!

  9. This was a really exciting product to trial. I had not heard of the brand before but it sounded luxury from the name and my assumption was confirmed when I googled it, and even more so when they arrived in a beautiful box. I was extremely surprised by the very generous sized box I received to sample – it had around 32 chocolates crammed in. I think the chocolates were probably in neat rows when they left but the post threw them around so they were just piled in when they arrived.

    The chocolates came with a sheet showing what each one was and there was 5 types (Intense, Creamy, Gourmet, Fruit and Spicy). There are about 56 varieties on the sheet and my box contained 24 types.

    I enjoyed all of the chocolates which you could definitely tell were high quality due to the depth of flavour and the texture. I don’t even like coffee myself but I did try the 3 coffee varieties in my box and surprisingly the flavour was so subtle that I still enjoyed them. They weren’t in my favourites but I wouldn’t say no to them if I was offered. A couple of these gourmet chocolates each night was the perfect amount after dinner as a treat and I was pleased that they were not overly sweet.

    While there were none I didn’t like, my top five were:
    -Manon White – This was a smooth & creamy chocolate which looked great inside with layers as it had praline base, vanilla cream and a white shell.
    -Maison de Jeff Milk – This one had a nice creamy texture with a small amount of crunchiness added from the praline
    – Maison de Jeff dark 70% – This one sounded unusual as its praline with almond pieces spiced with cinnamon and coriander but the combination was surprisingly enjoyable
    – Trefle milk – I enjoyed the smooth gooey centre, and again was surprised by how much I enjoyed a slightly unusual combination this time which was earl grey tea in the milk chocolate.
    Tosca – A creamy mousse textured centre inside a firm shell, with an almost suitable fruity like flavour.

    While I got to try a huge amount of types, I’d love to try more off the list, especially the fruity ones as I only had one off that column in my box. If I am ever in Sydney I will look at going to the store to buy some more! I am fairly sure this store won’t open where I live in Tasmania, but hopefully they do open in Melbourne as I visit there a lot more.

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