USER REVIEWS: Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies – Mug Desserts

Recently Beauty and Lace have been trying out some magnificent Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies mug desserts that are designed for the gluten conscious.

Melinda’s make gluten free fun and delicious, you don’t have to be restricted to cardboard tasting boring treats while you steer clear of gluten anymore and the results are amazing.

Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies has been a leader in developing baking premixes for the Australian marketplace. It is a brand that prides itself on providing delicious tasting products that everyone can enjoy. Melinda’s has delivered many industry firsts to the Australian market place in their range of gluten free premixes and now they have joined the current trend for mug desserts.

Dessert in a mug is a simple and super fast option that is sure to satisfy the sweet cravings of the family and is served in less than 5 minutes, what more could you ask.

A selection of our lucky members are trying two of the flavours in the delicious mug range and you can find out what they thought in the comments below.

The range includes, and is making me extremely hungry and jealous just thinking about:

  • Lemon Mug Puddings
  • Maple Syrup Mug Puddings
  • Choc Fudge Mug Brownies
Choc Fudge Mug Brownies_1 copy
All three of these products come in a box of 4 serves, they are egg free and with small substitutions can be dairy free too. There are only 2 ingredients that need to be added to the premix, the same for all varieties, and it’s a simple process.

I would be tempted to have one of the children make this for me, and it’s simple enough they could do it with ease.

I can’t wait to hear what our readers have to say about them. They are easy to personalise if you like the idea of extra fruit and nuts (or chocolate chips in my case) and all you need is a mug and a spoon. The mug needs to be at least 225ml to ensure that you don’t have overflowing explosions, which is something I was always concerned about when making mug cake.

Maple Syrup Mug Puddings copy

These mixes are designed to both rise and fall when in the microwave so don’t freak out too much while you are watching and waiting for that explosion. Unless you have a super high wattage microwave, then you should cook in 30 second bursts with a little break in the middle for the mix to settle.

Remove the mug from the microwave and your dessert will settle, leaving room for cream or ice cream to top off the tantalising taste bud teaser.

For more information on Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies please visit the website at Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies

You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

30 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies – Mug Desserts

  1. I tried Melinda’s Choc Fudge Mug Brownie this afternoon! OMG! They are divine for anyone who wants a really lovely chocolate-y dessert or treat. Super easy to make and cook (in just one minute) in the microwave. Highly recommended.

  2. Melinda’s GF goodies – Mug Desserts are a treat for someone like me who is gluten intolerant, so has to avoid most cakes and puddings. I received two boxes to try – one was the Choc fudge and the other the Maple syrup, and each box contained 4 dessert sachets.

    Both are tasty, but the Choc fudge one was my favourite. It was as its name suggests, chocolaty rich and had quite a fudgie, gooey brownie texture. The Maple syrup one was quite sweet with more of a sponge pudding texture. Both go well with a nice dollop of cream or ice-cream.

    Melinda’s Mug desserts are quick and easy to make and are very convenient. Both require just a bit of butter and milk, or alternatives. In my case I substituted coconut oil for butter. Mix together then in the microwave for 60 seconds.

    Now when I get a sweet craving (mine seem to strike at about 9pm when the house has gone quiet ) I can grab a sachet out of the box and whip up a treat in around a minute. Yay!

  3. I received a box of the chocolate mug pudding and a box of the maple syrup mug pudding to review. Each box contains 4 little packets, so you can make 4 cakes from each box.
    The instructions are pretty simple, take a mug, size should be atleast 250ml and add a little butter, melt the butter and then add some milk and the packet mix, and then heat in the microwave for 1 minute. This creates a pudding.
    If you want a cake, the directions say to add 1/2 egg to the mix. I tried making both pudding and cake!!

    I used a very big mug, because I didn’t want to waste any of the product and I didn’t want to clean up any mess.

    Things I noticed:
    -The pudding doesn’t rise, so it’s more solid compared to the cake, as a pudding should be.
    -The cake, which has 1/2 egg, rises, even in a large mug, it rises to the top, so watch the microwave carefully so it doesn’t spill over. It can rise and fall without spilling, so just watch it carefully when it’s cooking.
    -The cake is softer than the pudding, but both are soft and delicious!
    -I topped our cakes and pudding with some thick cream we had at home and it was decadent!
    -If you’re using an egg, do some prep and break an egg into a bowl, beat it, and then pour half of it when you are ready to microwave it. Then use the remaining half for another cake.
    -The resulting cake and pudding is sweet, so it is a treat to savour and enjoy. It would be nice if there was a reduced sugar version too!
    -You can use coconut oil instead of butter if you wish
    -Once you get used to the concept, you can add few nuts or seeds to have a more filling treat.
    -Read the Notes from Melinda on the box, these add a lovely personal touch and offer some helpful tips

    This was a new experience for me and it would be fun to include kids to help make it. The entire concept is brilliant and the results are tasty!

    I’m going to buy these and have them in the pantry for anytime cake and pudding! The fact that these are egg free, gluten free, preservative free and the company is Australian based, makes it perfect to support and enjoy the sweet benefits!

    Thank you Melinda’s GF Goodies and BeautyandLace for this chance to try this very interesting and yummy anytime dessert. It would make a very impressive dessert for guests if you made each cake in its own cup and then topped it off with cream or ice cream and served it to your guests!
    Yummy all the way!!!!!

  4. What a great way to finish my day when I arrive home to find Melinda’s Choc Fudge Mug Brownie & Melinda’s Maple Syrup Mug Pudding’s
    It was such a cold night and I couldn’t wait to try them.
    The Choc Fudge was a little too rich for my liking but with some vanilla ice cream, it balanced it out.
    My fave is the Maple Syrup. So delicious.
    These little gems are quick and easy to make. Even better, there is oly one cup to wash.
    My next challenge was to serve them to the family. I need not have worried. Another hit & another tick to the thanks mum, you’re the best!
    These are great to take away on holidays.
    I definitely recommend these to the gluten tolerant and gluten free.

  5. Love love love these! After testing both flavours (numerous times of course ☺) I found the trick to making sure they don’t spill over during cooking was to stop halfway then restart..yes I should have read the instructions fully the first time lol. These taste great with a dollop of icecream or fresh cream. Perfect for the quick naughty sweet fix. Definitely worth keeping stocked in your cupboard

  6. WOW ! Yumbo !

    Melinda’s GF goodies – Mug Desserts were beautiful, I made the chocolate ones and myself and my kids loved them. They were delicious and very easy to make. Most of all hardly any washing up.
    The texture was very smooth and very nice with ice cream.
    These are a beautiful desert to eat even if you are not Gluten intolerant.
    The following night my kids made the Maple Syrup ones on their own, Bingo ! I did not have to help.
    They reminded me of the sticky date pudding we recently had.
    My microwave also thanks you Melinda for the beautiful smell that is lingering inside.

    Fantastic Gluten free product, well done Melinda.

  7. Thank you so much for selecting us to do this review

    The Mug flavours we received were Choc Fudge Brownie, and Maple Syrup. I am usually a Choc person, but the Maple Syrup smelt and tasted Devine, so I am finding it impossible to choose a favourite.

    These were so easy to do, taking less than 2 mins from beginning to eating. The butter is melted in the mug first, then the milk and cake mixture is stirred in and microwaved for a minute. The wonderful aroma wafts through the kitchen and activates the taste buds into overdrive. We added ice cream to our Mug puddings, and it all tasted devine.

    Hubby says there is one fault: the serving size is too small for the big mug I cooked it in. It subsides down once cooked, so it was only half way up the mug. But that does leave room to add more ice cream ☺️

    Thanks to Beauty & Lace and to Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies for the chance to fall in love with this quick and easy super tasty treat. With each pack containing 4 individual serves,it will be handy to keep on stand by in the pantry. I will need to stock up next time I am shopping, and to buy the flavours that we haven’t yet tried.

  8. I received my two boxes of Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies mug desserts, choc fudge and maple syrup flavours.
    Firstly I’d just like to mention that the packaging is very nice, the pink colour and yummy photo on the front really appeals to the eye. I love how there’s so much information on the box, I was really impressed with the packaging. I would’ve liked to have a little measure spoon/cup included just to make measuring out the ingredients a bit easier.
    I followed the instructions and couldn’t believe it only took a minute to have dessert ready!
    My three children and my husband loved the mug desserts; I tried the chocolate one which had a nice rich flavour, but I found the texture a little dry. It may be because I didn’t serve with cream or ice cream, or maybe I hadn’t added the right measurement of milk, but having said that, the flavour was still enjoyable.
    It was quite sweet but not to over the top, and makes a lovely treat, especially on a cold winter night!!

  9. Thank you for letting me try these delicious treats! Love the chocolate fudge, very tasty and you wouldnt think they are gluten free. Awesome product and would highly recommend. I didnt eat with ice cream or cream as Imnot a fan but it didnt detract from anything, they were great just as they were. I tried the maple syrup after tea last night and am so looking forward to finding both in my local supermarket when next shopping. Well done Melinda!

  10. I received the Choc Fudge and Maple syrup mug Puddings a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to try these on the weekend. We don’t normally have desert after our meals, but it was a cold and wintery night , just perfect weather for some yummy comfort food.

    I made the Choc Fudge Brownie for myself and hubby said he would gladly test the Maple syrup one for me 😉

    The mug puddings was super easy to make. I liked that you only needed to have butter/margarine and milk in your pantry and you could make these yummy puddings. I didn’t make the cakes, so I didn’t add the half an egg to the mixture, but next time I will try to see if the puddings turn out differently.

    Although I cooked the puddings exactly the same (60 seconds) the maple syrup pudding probably needed a bit longer, as it was still a bit undercooked, I’ll know next time. I used a largish mug, so I had no issues with it spilling out.

    I really liked that your could add extra ingredients of your liking, like nuts and fruit for a bit of variety.

    The puddings were super easy to make and I could smell the delicious aroma wafting through my kitchen. I loved the Choc Fudge, it was sweet and decadent, especially with a big dollop of ice cream. The size was perfect for me, enough to satisfy my sweet craving without feeling guilty as it was a petite size.

    Hubby enjoyed his Maple syrup pudding too, but he did say it was a bit too sweet, I think he would have liked the Choc Fudge better as he is a chocoholic! Next time I’ll make him the chocolate one.

    These puddings are perfect to keep in your pantry or to take away with you when on holidays or camping trips, as long as you have access to a microwave. They were so delicious! Even though I’m not gluten intolerant I would still purchase these because they were so easy to make and I would love to try the lemon variety.

    I would love to see a low sugar version too. Thanks again Beauty and Lace and Melinda’s GF goodies for this scrumptious trial. Thumbs up from me!

  11. Thank you so much for allowing my family to test these products, the mug deserts are delicious we honestly can’t say which one was our favourite as they were both yummy, we couldn’t believe you only needed to add margarine/butter and milk to create a desert and was so quick in the microwave, and best of all not much mess to clean up, will certainly be stocking these deserts in the pantry and we are looking forward to trying the other flavours

  12. I was so very excited to try these.
    My daughter was away when my mug cakes arrived in the mail so I tried the Maple Syrup Mug cake. I made it up in a mug of course and had it with some cream. Made with a little butter and milk and 60 seconds in the microwave and I was good to go. I found that it hadnt even filled half the mug so decided that the next time I would use a smaller one as the box does say 250ml capacity. I held off until my daughter arrived home and then surprised her by saying we were having chocolate mug cakes for dessert. I used a 250ml cup this time and found that although it says that on the box its not a good idea. My Mug Cake overflowed and I had to stop it after 25seconds. I tipped it into a bigger mug and popped it back in and all was well.
    These mug cakes are super tasty. The chocolate being my favorite. I would have loved to have tried the Lemon ones as im sure they are amazing also.
    Fantastic to have in the cupboard for a little treat after dinner but way too fiddly if you are wanting to make a dessert for several people but then the Mug cakes are not designed for that anyway.

    Thanks Melinda and B&L. I loved giving these tasty treats a trial run and will certainly keep my eye out for them at the supermarket and will keep some on hand for those nights where i just want something to indulge that sweet tooth.

  13. mmmmm……..maple syrup and choc fudge brownie, both were delicious and so easy to make, I loved the smell and taste of both and the maple syrup one lingered in the microwave the next day as I went to make myself a milk coffee it took me back to dessert land!
    Was surprised by these and would highly recommend them to anyone.
    I had both of them with some icecream and it was so easy and convenient as less dishes for me is always a great thing since I don`t have a dishwasher because I am the dishwasher 🙂
    I was rather satisfied with the amount as it filled me up and I thank you all very much for the opportunity to try these 2 yummy flavours.

  14. I love both the maple syrup and choc fudge brownie they were easy to make and took no time at all. For someone who is gluten intolerant it is a god send. I especially loved having it with ice cream. It’s great for that after dinner snack.I would recommend it to anyone wether you’re gluten free or not.

  15. I am a believer that this is well and truly a winner with Mums and dads and children as well. It would be fantastic as a snack for those who are famished after school or sports, and is just so easy to make… I cant decide which one I like best, my husband is definitely the chocolate one, and I think I lean this way… Handy for that exra camping trip you might make if there is access to a microwave.. Mine arrived later than most, as I live here in Perth, and somehow the mail doesnt believe anyone lives past adelaide, so takes longer, but the wait was definitely worth it. Thank you for giving me the chance to try choc. fudge brownie mug and maple syrup mug… Didnt add the half egg, as wanted to try first without ……….( and with that pink colour on the box stands out on supermarket shelves)… It is wonderful to see someone australian getting a chance to bring different products to our shelves, so keep going and lets in on them again when able… thanks for that…also did not try with cream, custard or icecream, wanted to try just by itself, to savour the flavours …………..

  16. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Melinda’s GF Goodies for the Choc Fudge and Maple syrup mug Puddings I received.
    I decided to try them on all the family so it was a little fiddly to do four at a time. Would be great as a treat for one, although for four still didn’t take too long and I even had our children making it – a big bonus!
    Both flavours were well received with some liking one more than the other while enjoying both.
    We had no problems with the mug size or cooking – easy to follow instructions.
    On these cold nights it was a nice treat with ice cream, and I will be getting them again.

  17. Its the perfect after dinner treat on these cold wintry Melbourne nights! So very easy to make my kids can make them! Overall the Chocolate Brownie mug cake was a firm favourite with everyone at home from 5 to 41yrs! It is easy- peasy and ready in a jiffy so its the perfect after dinner dessert you can store in the pantry.

    The individual portion sizes make it easy when you want to make just one or two portions instead of a whole cake that takes ages in an oven.

    Works a treat with vanilla ice cream! I found the maple syrup one a tad too sweet for my taste but the chocolate brownie one ticked all the right boxes!

    With these goodies in the pantry we will never run out when we crave “something sweet” to eat after dinner!

  18. A yummy, easy sweet treat!! I am hoping I can keep a couple for my mother in law to try as she is gluten intolerant, but I don’t know if they will last that long! I have recently bought a similar product in the supermarket, and while they are similar, I love that this has the option to make as a pudding or a cake where the other is just marketed as a cake in a cup.
    At this point I have only tried the two flavours as a pudding, but am very much looking forward to trying as a cake! I can’t decide whether I like the choc brownie or the maple syrup flavour more, but my favourite part is that they are so simple to make!
    Like many of the other reviewers, I also used a big mug to make my dessert (not my husband hahahahahaha) so I had no problem with spillage or overflow.
    They are lovely for these colder nights as a treat after dinner, with or without ice cream! Thank you for letting me try!!

  19. Thank you Beauty & Lace and Melinda for the delicious opportunity to sample some of your yummy products.

    These mug desserts are very convenient to make with only 2 additional ingredients required and only 60 seconds in the microwave. So these are perfect for last minute desserts.

    The servings per box are a great amount so there’s enough for for a group, 2 per couple or 4 to enjoy on your own!

    The flavours are so delicious and are definite crowd pleasers. I would love to see more flavour varieties!

  20. The bottom line is that these are delicious, easy to make, and easy to tuck into your pantry for “emergencies”.

    We tried the Maple Syrup and Choc Fudge mug puddings. Both were yummy, but for me chocolate is always going to come out on top.

    I found that the first time I made these it was a little bit fiddly, but a lot easier the second time round; the milk measurement in particular didn’t match any of our measuring cups or spoons and required a bit of mixing and matching. Once I had overcome that, it was very straightforward.

    A minor warning: I found that even 10 seconds could make a big difference to the moistness (it’s so hard to get microwave power and cooking times right). This was easily resolved with a scoop of ice cream, so I suggest having some cream or ice cream on hand the first time you make this.

    We enjoyed these. They were yummy, they were pretty easy to make, they were quick to make. They’re a good portion size too; by themselves they make a nice snack, and with a scoop of ice cream they made a good dessert. They’re not too large, so you don’t feel like a glutton, but they’re rich enough that you feel satisfied.

    I liked the fact that the box size and shape is really easy to tuck into a corner of the pantry. It makes it easier to stash a couple for emergencies. Also, these are gluten free, which is handy as so many people today want or need to avoid gluten. I have family members in that situation, so I sometimes eat gluten free even though I don’t strictly need to; this is one of those products where you genuinely wouldn’t know from the taste that they’re gluten free.

    I recommend these – a good fast sweet snack or dessert. They’re individual portions too, which makes it easy to make only as many as you need. You don’t have a whole cake sitting on the bench looking at you.

  21. I was lucky enough to trial the Choc Fudge Brownies and the Maple Syrup Puddings flavour and can happily say I’m hooked! I am not gluten intolerant and so was a little wary of trialling these having tasted gluten free products before and disliking them however, I need not have worried, these were delicious!
    The boxes are pleasing to the eye and nice and eye catching being bright pink. I loved that Melinda has provided various cooking times on the box for different microwaves as well as different variations you can try to further enhance the dessert as well as make them suitable for even more dietary intolerances. There are 4 sachets in each box and they are not huge serves so just perfect for that little something sweet either after dinner or just during the day. I also trialled out making each flavour into the cake mug version by adding egg and found both rose beautifully (definitely needed the larger cups for this) and became more fluffy.
    My husband who doesn’t normally like this kind of thing, actually really enjoyed it and said he would be happy if I bought these. We are both keen to taste the lemon flavour now!
    Am really happy that these are Australian owned and made and loved that Melinda even packaged the samples up beautifully for delivery. Very thoughtful and appreciated.
    One suggestion I have, to make them even more decadent, could it be possible to include a sauce you could heat up and pour over the top? Just a thought…! 🙂
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Melinda for such a fantastic and tasty trial!

  22. Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial Melindas gluten free mug cakes. They were absolutely delicious and so easy to make. I love how they come with four different mug cakes because it means they last heaps longer and all of the family can have some. The maple syrup pudding was absolutely divine.

  23. This was a quick and easy delicious treat for the whole family. This gluten free alternative was great after a tiresome day. I enjoyed the different varieties of flavours. I did find them a bit sweet but my family and I have cut most sugars out of our diet and are not used to it, although we did give one to our friend and they thought it wasn’t too sweet. It’s delicious with some cream on top too. LOVE THEM!!❤️

  24. I finally found a spare minute to try these today and that literally is all the time you need. These products are amazing. Whilst I preferred the Maple Syrup pudding to the choc fudge brownie they were both delicious.
    I was surprised to find that when it cooked it filled less than half the mug and my first impression was that they needed to be bigger. Upon tasting I found them rich and sweet and the serving size was therefore OK as I wouldn’t have been able to eat anymore. The texture is light, airy and a little bit sticky. It tasted like regular sponge pudding and is definitely a simple but effective way to end a meal or cure those afternoon hunger pains.

  25. These gluten free goodies are fantastic! My sons girlfriend can have gluten and when she comes for dinner it’s so hard to make a nice dessert! But not anymore they are delicious and best of all come in individual serves so she can quickly whip one up for herself. We are now converts to Melissa’s gluten free goodies. Thanks Melissa’s and beauty and lace xxxx

  26. WOW!! Gluten Free that tastes dare i say better than normal! Still can’t decide which is my favourite the Choc Fudge Brownie of the maple Syrup Pudding. GF tick Easy to make tick Delicious double no triple tick, normally my GF goodies are just for me, but these i had no choice in sharing as they smelt so good everyone wanted to try. Have already purchased and would highly recommend to everyone.
    A great serving size perfect for one with no leftovers ( yes i licked the mug out) Sticky gooey and delicious perfect in this cold weather

    Melinda’s I salute you

  27. Oh my goodness , these are so good and easy to make timing can depend on cup size but these would be great for camping and or holidays. Flavored were good in both ( choc mud and maple) . So fab that these won’t upset our tummies either.

    thanks B & L and Melinda 🙂

  28. Thank you Beauty & Lace for the opportunity to trial Melinda’s Gluten Free Sticky Maple Syrup Mug Pudding and Heavenly Choc Fudge Mug Brownies.
    I was extremely lucky that my daughter gave me a couple of mouthfuls of her Choc Fudge Brownie as when I went to make my sample, there were not any left…my daughter & her boyfriend had used the all…but my two mouthfuls was heavenly …just as the packaging says. It was hot and had melting ice cream on top. The brownie was so chocolatey, gooey and scrumptious and smelled amazing. One of the best things is that it literally takes minutes to make….awesome.
    Now the Sticky Maple Syrup Mug Pudding I did get to try…but again, Thank God that my daughter also gave me a couple of mouthfuls of her first one she made….because when I made mine, I cooked it in my massive mug, I did not read the part about the 250ml size….and after I finished heating in the microwave, I took it out and nothing had risen and I had like a hot 2cm layer at the bottom of my mug….I did eat it though, it was too yummy to throw away. I loved this flavour the best, you could really taste the maple syrup part of it….it was moreish and I did scrape my mug clean.
    I really wish these products weren’t suitable for Vegans…my daughter is a Vegan, that’s why she hooked into these. She didn’t realise I actually had to trial them & review them.
    I would definitely buy these though…just have to search and find we’re they’re sold…I haven’t seen them at my local Coles.

  29. Thanks for the opportunity to try these. They were really delicious – the Choc Fudge Mug Brownie was very decadent. They weren’t stodgy at all (not like some other gluten free “goodies” I have made in the past). So quick and easy to prepare and I like the fact that there are four separate sachets in each box. I have passed on a couple to my daughter who is gluten intolerant and will recommend them to anyone else I know too. So handy to have a few in the pantry for unexpected guests.

  30. I was extremely excited to try these yummy brownies and cake in the mug as my little toddler loves everything sweet.
    They are super easy to make and each box comes with 4 pouches that are perfectly proportioned for single serving. It just takes 1 minute in the microwave, only 2 ingredients and one cup to wash 🙂
    I like the goey texture of the brownies, it was rich and chocolatey and perfect for a cold winter night.
    Overall it’s a nice and quick dessert to have when you don’t feel like making a effort to stop your dessert craving.

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