USER REVIEWS: Nasodren for Sinusitis Sufferers

Sinusitis can be an unpleasant condition. Symptoms can include congestion, headache and even facial and/or dental pain. In chronic cases, the symptoms can last for weeks on end. Many suffer in silence, as existing treatment options have proved ineffective.

Gerald Quigley’s Top Tips for Relieving Sinusitis

Gerald Quigley is a practicing Community Pharmacist, Accredited Herbalist and Health Presenter on 3AW Radio. Gerald’s qualifications and experience provide his customers and listeners a unique overview of health from a holistic perspective.

Gerald has provided some useful lifestyle and nutrition tips to help provide you with some relief from sinusitis pain. These tips are simple and easy to incorporate into your daily life and although they may require minor changes, they could help make a major difference in relieving the pain of sinusitis.


  1. Try using a warm pack over the sinus area.
  2. Find out if you have any food allergies eg milk or salicylates. (Salicylates are found in foods from plants: fruit, some vegetables, herbs, spices, tea and flavour additives).
  3. Avoid smoking or exposure to passive smoke.
  4. Have a cuppa – two cups of fenugreek tea supports sinus draining.
  5. Give your immunity a boost with a multivitamin twice a day – this also ensures nutrient support.
  6. Try irrigating your nasal passages with an isotonic saline. This keeps the nasal passages clear of allergenic material.
  7. Use a nasal spray to clear and drain mucus from the nasal cavities. (Nasodren with Cyclamen extract is effective and only needs to be applied once per day).
  8. Increase your dietary intake of garlic, onions, horseradish and ginger.
  9. The use of a humidifier at home, in the office or in your bedroom helps keep the air moist.
  10. Sleep with the head of your bed elevated or with extra pillows.
  11. If it’s a very cold night, wear a beanie to bed (seriously!)
  12. If gastro-oesaphageal reflux is a cause of your sinusitis, treat with acidophilus and a fibre supplement.

New rapid sinusitis treatment.

Nasodren is an innovative, fast and effective treatment for sinusitis (acute or chronic). It helps drain, clear and decongest the sinuses. When sprayed once per day into each nostril, Nasodren thins mucus, opens the sinuses and facilitates rapid draining of retained mucus. Users will feel the effects of Nasodren within a few minutes of the very first spray.

To find out more about Nasodren please visit:

10 Members of our Beauty Chick Chat panel who suffer from sinusitis have been trialling Nasodren. Read below to find out what they thought…

13 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Nasodren for Sinusitis Sufferers

  1. I have trialled Nasodren for 4 days, at first it left a tingly sensation in my nose for a few hours which I read was perfectly normal, I also had alot of mucus. Slowly over the 4 days I have been able to breathe better and my nose feels more normal than usual. However, I think I need to continue with it for a little bit longer to see any real effects.

  2. I am on day two of using this product and so far, I am in love!

    Yesterday when I used it, as the instructions said, I needed a lot of tissues on hand, my nose started pouring out and I sneezed for half an hour like mad. Spraying the product did burn a little bit, but I guess that is just the product working.

    This week I have had severe sinus pain but after using the spray for two days I’m already feeling a lot clearer, and a lot less pain – it’s a miracle!

    Will update after a few more days or trying this out.

    Thanks for the trial Beauty and Lace!

  3. I have been using this after stopping antibiotics for a sinus infection. i did sting a little bit and made sure i used it after the dinner rush. It felt like a constant drain form my nose.. but a big relief around my eyes and head.. So for now I am giving it a big thumbs up. i have used it for 4 days so far.

    thank-you so much for the opportunity to trial… 🙂

  4. So far I’ve used this 3 nights and I can breathe again.
    The first night I used it I sneezed for a long time and I did have pain (more than the tingle they say you may have) it was similar to sinus pain anyway so nothing I thought was wrong.
    Then about 2 hours later I could feel that I could breathe, in, out, no pain, felt good.
    It must have worked straight away as my husband said I didn’t snore that night and not any night since.
    Next morning I felt like I had just had the best sleep ever and it felt so good to breathe again.
    So onto day 4 and all my sinus pain is gone no more pain, I’m not snoring at night and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.
    Once you use this product you must put it in the fridge and use for only 16 days so I’m hoping sinusitis is all gone by then.

  5. I’m on to day 4 and am really noticing that I don’t feel congested anymore.
    After first spraying the product into my nostrils, I did notice a sensation similar to the sinusitus pain. I was sneezing like crazy for an hour or so, but then that’s where the tissues came in handy! So glad of the “heads up” about not going in the car and meeting friends, as my nose flowed and flowed!
    Felt like I had a cold that night, but then felt heaps better the next day. It was a good feeling being able to breathe in and out of my nose, instead of my mouth.
    Looking forward to continuing the product, as directed and will definitely recommend to others. Will buy this product when I run out!
    Thanks B&L for the opportunity to trial Nasodren.

  6. This stung and hurt my nasal passages at first which is how it is meant to work according to the instructions so there was no need to worry and it did settle very quickly. Some dripping went on for a hour or so after the administration of the product up my nose. I found it easier to breathe out my nose!

    It does do what it says it will do: Cleans and drains mucus from the sinusus and nasal cavaties. So if you want to have a bit of a spring clean in your nasal passages this could very be what you are looking for. I liked that it contained the natural extract of Cyclamen europaeum (a plant).

    It’s really easy to use so it’s a nice and simple product as it only need be used once per day. A full course of 7-10 days is recommended on the instructions which is pretty basic to do – say just after dinner at night – same time every day.

  7. I’m onto my 3rd day using the Nasodren. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially after reading the comprehensive instruction leaflet, that kind of overawed me. I found I really had to concentrate on “NOT” breathing in when spraying the Nasodren up my nose. It is a reflex action for me to just breathe in…..but I didn’t. I thought I’d done something wrong at first as it really stung the back of my nose, in the area at the farthest reaches of the nose and the highest peak of the throat, where they meet. I also had a continuous runny nose for 12 hours or so, I went through more tissues than I’ve ever used. The first day I felt stuffier than normal but the following day when I woke up, my nose was so much clearer and right now I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in ages, I usually have an almost constant sinus headache, this has dissipated. I don’t want this to run out, I would love to be able to get rid of my sinusitis forever.
    Nasodren by Bio Revive is very effective for sinus sufferers, I’m actually going to recommend that my Dad buy some of this, he has always had sinus trouble too.
    Thanks Beauty and Lace for the chance to trial this product.

  8. Thanks for sharing ladies and Beauty and Lace. Thankfully I dont suffer from sinusitis but my poor mum does and after reading these reviews I am going to tell her to buy some.

  9. Firstly I’d like to say a big thank you to BioRevive as my product went missing in the mail (someone probably pinched it in my opinion), but BioRevive sent me out another one to trial.

    It stung a very small bearable amount, and made me sneeze a little after each application. The drainage was amazing! I did use quite a few tissues, but that is the focus of the product so it was definitely working. It felt a little swollen inside the sinus in my problem area (near left cheek/eye) after so much drainage but I think that would be normal. The facial pain caused by sinus congestion was largely absent at the time of drainage and minimised afterwards.

    The only issue is that it must be kept in the fridge – so the night when I was not at my home I couldn’t use it. However I feel I can breathe easier/deeper even with having missed a treatment. I also felt that drainage has improved somewhat – presumably because it removed some of the problem build-up. The product seems to remove more sinus-build-up from problem areas than the salt water nasal washes/Neti-pots which you can buy. I would attribute this to the effectiveness of the plant extracts.

    I would definitely recommend giving this product a try. It is completely different to any other product out there.

  10. I love Nasodren. I wasn’t keen on having my nose running for hours as I usually take tablets to dry everything. I waited until the weekend to try it, and wow. I think about 20 years of mucus came out. I sneezed and blew my nose for around 6 hours. The next day I woke up without a headache, which hasn’t happened in I-don’t -know-how-long.I thoroughly recommend this product for anyone who needs a sinus clean out.

  11. What happens if you leave the spray out of the fridge for 4-5 hours (temp was around 21 degrees)

  12. I cant believe this stuff I have not been ableto blow my nose like this for a very long time I only took it half an hour ago

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