Vittoria Chocochino Drinking Chocolate

The weather is getting cooler, and there is nothing better than snuggling up at night time with a mug filled with hot chocolate. A hot milky drink will help you sleep and warm you from the inside out.

Vittoria has just launched three new flavours to their range of Italian style drinking chocolates and their current selections are described as:

Chocochino Originale ®

The Original Chocochino is designed with a milk chocolate finish. The classic blend was originally available only to cafes and now is available to everyone to recreate an Italian café-style drinking chocolate at home.

Chocochino Amaro ®

Dark Chocochino is a rich cocoa blend delivering a full, smooth and bitter-sweet flavour that is savoured by dark chocolate lovers.

Chocochino Bianco ®

White Chocochino is rich and velvety smooth. A creamy, indulgent white chocolate drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Chocochino Menta ®

Choc Mint Chocochino is a smooth aromatic Italian-style drinking chocolate with a luscious twist delivering a fresh minty taste.


Vittoria used to be limited to cafes, and it is exciting to see their range of delicious, high quality drinking chocolates available for the home. The Chocochino range comes in 375g canisters, with a sprinkle top lid for adding a yummy frosting to your cappuccinos.

Everyone will have a personal favourite, and mine would have to be the Original Chocochino. It has that classic chocolately taste making it the perfect at home hot chocolate.

Not just limited to winter, Chocochino can be added to cold milk for a refreshing iced chocolate drink.

Highly Recommended by Beauty and Lace.

Chocochino new flavours are available in selected Coles and BiLo Supermarkets and delis in 375g canisters. Chocochino Originale is available in all leading supermarkets in 375g and 60g canisters.

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  1. Can you buy it anywhere where they will send to the USA I was just in England and the cappuccinos were very good the Sprinkle of the chocolate made it simply wonderful

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