What You Need to Know About Your Car

It is easy to become complacent about your car and rely on the men in your life to fix any problems. There are certain things a woman really does need to know about her car, and this month we asked SheBuys Deputy Editor, Ashleigh Lalor her top tips:

“Many women don’t know anything about cars…they’d prefer to go shopping than change the oil or put pressure in their tyres, but at SheBuys we want to help women become more familiar with their cars”.

Changing Tires

“One of the first things women should know is how to change a tyre. It may look a little dirty, but trust me, once you know how to conquer a flat tyre; your driving days will be stress free”.

Changing Oil

“Women need to know how to change the oil in their car. Men are not always going to be around to help you. It’s so easy and can be done in 4 easy steps. Women can get step-by-step instructions at www.shebuys.com.au”.


Know Your Service Provider

“It is vital that women know who their service provider is. For example, when buying their cars, did they sign up with the dealer to get regular check-ups, or do they have a private mechanic? Whoever it may be, women need to get regular servicing to their cars”.

Air Pressure

“There are hundreds of females that don’t know how to put air pressure in their tyres. When buying your car, you should check to see what your PSI is. PSI is the unit of measurement for pressure, and you can usually find this reading on the inside of the driver’s side door. Once you know your PSI, the local petrol station should have a machine which lets you program in your PSI”.

Pink and Green Slips

“Women should know the difference between a green slip and a pink slip. It may sound silly, but lots of females get a little confused between the two. A green slip is the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance and is a requirement for every registered motor vehicle.

Essentially it is a form of car insurance that protects you from legal liability for personal injury to any other party in the event of a personal injury claim. Whereas a pink slip is a safety inspection report which proves a vehicle has passed the required roadworthiness standards”.

Fuel Types

“It is vital that you know what fuel your car takes. With so many alternative fuels today, you can get a little mixed up between what petrol is and what diesel is. There is also ethanol; biodiesel; gas and propane…the list goes on. Just make sure you put the right fuel in every time to avoid damage to your car’s engine”.

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