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FibreStart™ is fibre made easy, providing 1/3 of your daily fibre intake in each 250mL serve. Made with a blend of milk, almonds and plant fibres, FibreStart has a delicious nutty flavour and is packed with both insoluble and soluble fibre.

FibreStart is the perfect start to the day to help you feel great and can be added to cereal or used in smoothies, cakes and even ice-cream.


Sanitarium has three FibreStart Breakfast Hampers to give away, valued at $50 each, including a mix of FibreStart and other Sanitarium products. For your chance to win tell us in the comments section below what you would use FibreStart with.

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46 thoughts on “Win with FibreStart

  1. I would use Fibre Start on my muesli, along with fresh seasonal fruits and a nice cup of tea. Yummy and healthy too!

  2. I would use fibre start on my Weet Bix of a morning and also in my cup of tea / coffee sounds good

  3. I’d pour some over my porridge and add some blueberries or strawberries for a great start to the day!

  4. I would use Fibre Start on my Weetbix in the morning and also use it to make delicious smoothies.

  5. Yum!!! Fruit smoothies are the way to start my day, Fibrestart would be an additional taste and nutritional benefit. I can always rely on Sanitarium to have my health interests in mind.

  6. I would use Fibre Start in my morning smoothie which has a selection of fresh berries!

  7. I would use it with porridge with fresh strawberries picked from our garden, and add some honey and a banana too yum♥

  8. I would use Fibre Start each morning with my Weet-Bix Wildberry bites.
    Fibre Start would also be great to use when I make my delicious little spinach quiches. 🙂

  9. OK so I’m over 60 need the fibre to start the day & this is an ideal choice for breakfast ,in my coffee or that favourite recipe .Healthy without even trying.

  10. I’d make sweet potato and parsnip mash with roasted garlic and chives with my new milk! Yummy!

  11. I’d use Fibre Start with my cereal every morning and my cuppa twice a day and my lunch time smoothies – it would be my milk substitute….I really could use this too as I tend to suffer with constipation because of the strong pain killers I take daily – the have a habit of binding a person up!

  12. I would pour Fibre Start over my oatmeal and later have a banana smoothie made with Fibre Start!

  13. Wanting a lighter sauce without the calories of coconut milk, I’d use FirbreStart for that healthier alternative to those yummy creamy sauce curries, just the thing for the upcoming winter months; gorgeous in pancakes for the children – but I love to add sultanas to create that extra sweetness, a very healthy alternative. And there would be nothing nicer that making a delicious teacake for morning tea, sipping on a brewed coffee and having a chat with a few girlfriends.

  14. My homemade oat muesli with added slivered almonds, cranberries, pepitas, sunflower seeds, chia seeds. Fibre start would be a nice edition with the almond milk and a bonus of added fibre to help me get ‘moving’.

  15. I’d use FibreSmart in the kids’ milkshakes – I make them healthy and FibreSmart is healthy!

  16. I’d use it to make our coffee breakfast smoothies every morning
    They’re the perfect treat to stop us all yawning!

  17. Fibrestart would be a great addition to my morning Sustagen, it’d help keep me fuller for longer so my tummy doesn’t rumble before lunch!

  18. I would use FibreStart in my morning fruit smoothie, it would the perfect flavour addition and give me a boost with lots of added vitamins, minerals and goodness!

  19. This would be great for my fussy eater kids especially in their diet. They seldom eat their veges or fruits.

  20. I would use in my coffee, tea, and cereal also my husband would use with his protien mix he has every morning

  21. For breakfast, I would use it in my cereal. For a healthy snack, I would use it to make a smoothie, filled with berries and honey. For dinner, I would reduce it with butter and flour to make a creamy béchamel sauce. For dessert I would mix it with confectioners sugar to make delicious frosting!

  22. In blueberry and spinach smoothies for breakfast, cause doctor said they’re the best natural ingredients to fight the eye disease I’m battling.

  23. Cold FibreStart milk on my Sanitarium Weet-Bix in the warm months and warm FibreStart milk on my Sanitarium Weet-Bix in the cool months.

  24. I would use it to make my homemade porridge full of macadamias, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, manuka honey and oats that little bit better! Yum, yum, YUM!

  25. In the place of every day milk, FibreStart would go in my coffee, cereal and baking. Delicious and nutritious, goodbye boring milk hello regularity..

  26. I would add it to my Light ‘n’ Tasty cereal each morning and would give the kids a glass each afternoon when they have their after school snacks!

  27. As I get older I am soooo much more appreciative about the importance of staying healthy! Packing more fibre into my families diet can only be a good thing so I would use Fibrestart when cooking muffins, cakes and custards. It’s kinda like a hidden vegie!

  28. Would use some fibre start in my smoothies would make for a fabulous replacement for full cream milk that i have been using currently

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