WOW Naturals Sugar Free Lollies

I will admit that chocolate is my weakness but I also love a good lolly. Mints can be a great breath freshener and sometimes you just need a little pick me up.

We all know that lollies can be a hidden weakness, or a guilty secret, especially when you are trying to watch your weight. Not to mention the fact that many kids love lollies, mine can’t seem to say No; or understand moderation.

Today I have spent some quality time trialling a new range of lollies on supermarket shelves that are headed for trial by child this afternoon.

The supermarket confectionery aisle has spread and now you find sweets in every aisle and that can make it very difficult to choose. We want to make better choices, even when it comes to confectionery, so a range that is naturally better for you has got to be a winner – as long as it still meets the taste test.

WOW Naturals is the only Australian owned and made sugar free confectionery company. Their range boasts no artificial colours or flavours and offers delicious taste and natural ingredients. The range is naturally sweetened with Stevia.


WOW Naturals delivers full-on flavour without the sugar or other hidden nasties.

The Sugar Free confectionery range includes:

  • Mint Chews
  • Fruit Chews
  • Lemon & Lime Candy
  • Fruit Candy
  • Ice Mints
  • Buttered Candy with Choc Centre
  • Snakes
  • Buttered Candy

Of the varieties I have sampled I can vouch for their flavour, and I am confident they will pass the child test. I found the flavour in the four packs I am sampling to be what you would expect from any lolly of their flavour, they are certainly not bland or flavourless. Quite often sugar free options have a funky aftertaste that sits in the mouth, that too is missing from these lollies.

The Ice Mints are refreshing, Fruit Chews are fruity, the Fruit Candy and Lemon & Lime Candy are both flavoursome and satisfying. I would definitely be interested in checking out the other offerings and I am looking forward to the additions coming soon to the range.

WOW Naturals Sugar Free range is available from Coles, Woolworths and online.
RRP $2.89 for a 90g pack

WOW Naturals have also launched a new website including an online store and created a fun app called ‘Lollies on the Loose’.

For more information on WOW Naturals confectionery or to purchase online, please visit

7 thoughts on “WOW Naturals Sugar Free Lollies

  1. These sound ideal for the child in ME 😛 I am a lover of milk chocolate but every now and then I do like a lolly. Lemon and Lime sounds delicious as does the Buttered Candy. Hubby loves snakes so maybe I might buy them for him.

  2. I have been advised that Coles WA will no longer be stocking the WOW Fruit Candy – at Mosman Park WA – they are only interested in quantity sales not customer wants.
    Could you please advise me if you provide this product to stores in Perth WA area other than Coles or Woolworths.

  3. Hi.
    I have noticed that WOW
    Chewy Mints have been taken off the shelves at both Woolworths and Coles. Can you please tell me why and more to the point – where can I buy this product?
    T. Blair

  4. I Have been having Mint chews after taking some awful medicine that I have to take at night I got them from coles now they are not stocking them where can i get them from.

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