10 Tips to Keep Christmas Healthy and Simple with Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Zoe Bingley- Pullin is a celebrity chef and nutritionist who has just launched her self published cookbook – Falling in Love with Food: A Cookbook and a Love Story. The book features chapters and recipes from different phases of her life. There are fun things she ate in childhood right through to food she made while training as a chef and becoming a mother.

The book is about promoting a loving and healthy relationship with food. The recipes include all the wisdom and food love she has learned throughout her upbringing with her own nutritional and modern spin on it.

We were fortunate to have her share her 10 top tips for a healthy and simple Christmas.

10 Tips to Keep Christmas Healthy & Simple

Christmas: that day each year that lights us up! It’s a time for family and friends, balmy weather, delicious festive feasts and the smell of stone fruit. To avoid your Christmas feast leaving you feeling drained like the bottom of the punch bowl, I have prepared some tips to ensure you are set for your healthy Christmas feast and don’t miss out on the festivities:

  1.    Bake a whole salmon or some fillets the day before, flake and combine with cool cooked potato. Toss together with a yoghurt and pesto dressing for a light lunch! Left-over salmon has your Boxing Day lunch sorted, use in rice paper rolls or wraps.
  2.    Write a to do list and stick it to the fridge for easy reference
  3.    Jot down a timetable for when each task needs to be started
  4.    When putting food away, organise the pantry and fridge in a way that will allow for easy access and avoid the need to search high and low!
  5.    Consider doing your food shopping online
  6.    Bake a crumbly slice a few days before, crumble over fresh fruit salad and serve with a dollop of thick Greek yoghurt; not only a crowd pleaser but also makes a sneaky snack to keep energy levels up.
  7.    Delegate tasks on the day to share the load
  8.    If not buying fresh, think about when food needs to be taken out of the freezer to allow for defrosting
  9.    Avoid a last minute scramble by having an idea about which serving dishes will be used in advance
  10.    Fruit salad is not only healthy and brightens up any table, it makes a perfect left over to have on hand; blitz with yoghurt, milk and chia seeds in the morning for a simple Boxing Day breakfast or even a satisfying snack between family gatherings.


Falling in Love with Food: A Cookbook and a Love Story is available from Dymocks and Zoe’s online store.

RRP: $34.95

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