How to Create a Haven of Relaxation in the Bedroom

We live in a busy, interconnected world that seems to never stop. From long work hours to hectic schedules, we are always on the move and it can take a toll on our bodies and emotions.

That’s why creating a haven of relaxation in the bedroom is vital to keeping a healthy mind and body. After all those hours of running around, you need a place to rest and feel at ease away from stress and noise.

Let’s dive into how to make your bedroom the most relaxing room in your home.

Make the bed inviting

There’s nothing like slipping into bed after a long, exhausting day. It’s all the better when you can lie on a wonderfully comfortable mattress, soft luxury pillows, a plush blanket and feel every muscle in your body relax.

When it comes to creating a haven of relaxation, the bed is the #1 factor. It’s worth the investment to get high-quality, threaded sheets and comfortable blankets. Have you ever lied down on a beautifully-made hotel bed and just enjoyed the feeling of that heavenly hotel duvet? That’s what you should aim to set-up in your own bedroom.

Add a comfortable duck feather featherbed and you have created a cocoon of warmth, comfort and relaxation.

Keep soft lights

Bright lights are too intense for relaxation, so opt for soft lighting in your bedroom. Dimmers are great for this purpose since they provide different gradients so you can adjust the lighting to your needs.

If a dimmer is not an option, then keep a small lamp in the room that produces enough light to keep the room feeling inviting, without being bright. Once you’re ready for relaxation, turn off the main light and turn on the small lamp.

Forget about electronics

Let’s face it – we have all developed the terrible habit of using electronics in bed. Whether we’re working on our laptops or staring at our cell phone screens, we’re disrupting our body and mind from rest.

Electronics are stimulating and disturbing rather than relaxing. They add to our stress through constant notifications, thoughts about tomorrow’s responsibilities or simply by placing a glaringly bright screen in front of our tired eyes.

That’s why you need to remove all electronics from your bedroom, creating an electronics-free zone. Instead, relax with your own thoughts and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Pick the right colours

Soft colours, particularly greens and blues found in nature, are the most relaxing. Keep bright, harsh or clashing colours out of the bedroom. They can cause feelings of stress and anxiety. Instead, opt for serene colours such as tones that are muted, warm and soft shades.

Use your curtains to add a touch of personality, whether it is sunflower curtains or blackout blinds there will be something to match your style.

Keep it tidy

It’s difficult to relax in a cluttered, messy or dirty bedroom. Instead of relaxing, you may just be thinking about having to clear up space. Your bedroom needs to be empty of mess to allow for relaxation and mental clarity.

Anything that doesn’t contribute to creating a tranquil environment needs to go. Clean up, use storage boxes, and your closet or cabinets to hide items that contribute to the mess such as clothes, games, or anything that doesn’t need to be on display.

Think minimally: only place necessary furniture in your bedroom so you can have a clear space.

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