Emma’s Enchanted Cakes (Gosnells, WA)

Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring some of our favourite local-made businesses.

Small businesses with high-quality goods are vital to every community, and we hope you’ll take some time to learn about what’s in your area.

Today we’re looking at a local-made business from Gosnells, Western Australia. Emma’s Enchanted Cakes is available to create delicious cakes and cupcakes for any occasion.

Let’s dive in and get to know Emma’s Enchanted Cakes:

What do you sell?

I make and decorate custom made cupcakes and cakes for all occasions, including weddings and birthdays.

How did you get started?

I went to a baking convention in 2010 and saw people decorating cakes and thought ‘that looks like so much fun, I can do that.’ And I did.

I just looked at other cakes online and changed things around to make them my own. For a couple of years, I made cakes for friends and family as a hobby.

Five years later, I went to TAFE to study patisserie and decided to start my business.

Tell us about your local area and anything that makes it unique:

My local area is the City of Gosnells. There aren’t as many cake decorators in this area as there are north of the river.

If you’re visiting Gosnells, make sure you put on your walking shoes and check out the Ellis Brook Valley Reserve.

What has the support been like in the community?

Community support has been a little slow lately but I 100% think that COVID has a lot to do with it. We’ve had restrictions on party numbers and people have lost their jobs.

So, it’s understandable that they’re unable to purchase custom made cakes. I definitely think things will pick up in the coming year.

What’s your advice for someone starting a business? 

Do your research and don’t sell yourself short, know your worth. It’s hard pricing things starting out, especially when you’re new at this and still learning.

But make sure you pay yourself and charge appropriately for your abilities and time. That’s one thing I struggle with.

What’s your biggest challenge?

Learning how to say no. It’s okay to say no to people if they are trying to take advantage of you.

Also, learning patience. I started my business at a very hard time for the world and I need to realise that my business may take longer than before COVID to get my name out there.

What is your bestselling product?

My number one product right now is cupcakes. I love how cute and compact they are but I can make them look like dreams. It’s so much fun.

My best selling cupcake is my Beauty and the Beast inspired colours.

Tell us about three other local businesses that you support:

We’d like to thank Emma for taking the time to share her business with us. If you’d like to support Emma’s Enchanted Cakes you can visit the business on Facebook.

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