Tips to Feng Shui Your Love Life

Whether you’re in a relationship rut or having trouble attracting a partner some quick and simple Feng Shui tips may be the answer you’re looking for.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of purposefully arranging your home around you to gain positive results in your life. Feng Shui works on the principle of Chi, the flow of positive energy through your space. When your Chi is blocked, the energy stagnates and can create blockages in your life.

So let’s unblock your love!

Start with your doorway

The area in your house said to represent relationships is located at the far right-hand corner of your home as you enter your front door. This is known as the “Relationships Gua” in Feng Shui. Keep this area clutter-free, inviting and intimate.

You may want to decorate it with things that represent love to you – photos of you and your partner, love hearts, candles, or anything that symbolises love. Make it into a love shine!

Work on your bedroom

You also need to consider your bedroom. This is the love centre of our home. Firstly clean up your bedroom, get rid of unnecessary clutter and give it a good spring clean. Clutter and messiness are sure signs that Chi is stuck.

Get it flowing again by getting rid of any unnecessary items. Do you have distractions in your room, like a TV, work-related items, exercise equipment or piles of laundry that you need to do? These can be a love life killer, distracting us from each other. Those types of distractions need to be removed immediately.

Say goodbye to your ex

Next, get rid of any ex-relationship energy. Throw out those old love letters, photos of you with your ex, the gifts you were given by ex-partners anything that reminds you of love gone bad.

If you don’t want to throw this stuff out at least put them in another room kept well away from your bedroom.

Choose positive images

Say goodbye to negative images, anything that represents cool weather like the picture on the wall of penguins in the ataractic. Pictures of cold weather can make the relationship cool too. If you have a mini fridge in your room remove it now.

Any photos or pictures that represent solitude, loneliness or aggressiveness should go too. The images we surround ourselves with can have a major impact on our chi. Surround yourself with happy, romantic and inspiring pictures.

Make room for love

If you’re single or would like your partner to move in with you make room for love. Have a look at your room do you have space for a partner to move in?

Free up some space in your cupboards, dresser and home in general. Get rid of anything that is not in pairs, if you only have one bedside table get another one, one lamp, the same thing – get another.

The photos of yourself alone or the painting of women on their own need to go too. These attract a single girl vibe and attitude. Instead, surround yourself with happy photos of you with friends or family and get new pictures of happy women having fun together.

Embrace your adulthood

Is your room (or home) dominated by overly girly decorations? Lots of lace, beauty products and flowery things. Tone it down a little and make the decor complimentary to both genders. If you have anything childish in there like stuffed animals, children’s board games, dolls or a doona cover with Winnie the Pooh on it remove these from your bedroom.

These items don’t attract a mature relationship and board games can attract games in your relationship (However adult board games are OK in this instance because they are about love, romance and communication)

Get curvy

Sharp corners or prickly things need to be removed from our rooms also. Cacti’s are a big no no. Instead, replace sharp items with rounded or curved forms.

These represent the body and are lovely to have in the relationship centre.

Move your bed

As our bedroom is the love life centre of our home the bed is the heart of this centre. If your bed is pushed against the wall the person sleeping closest to the wall may feel trapped or confined by the relationship. Ideally, there should be equal space around the bed.

The perfect position of the bed will be on the opposite side of the room from the door but not in line with it. If this isn’t possible and you can still see the entry hang a mirror above the door to reflect this.

Make your bed as comftable as possible, make sure it always has fresh sheets and linen on it. The perfect colours to attract love in Feng Shui are pink and red so try to find linens in those colours. Painting a feature wall of red or adding red and pink decor is also said to attract love.

Fill your room with sensual items, candles, massage oils, chocolate, lovely lingerie, adult games and anything else you and your lover (or future lover) find romantic and sensual.

Feng Shui can unblock your chi and thus unblock our relationship energy.

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