How to Make Vodka and Jelly Shots

Recently we held a party and for something a bit different we decided to make vodka and jelly shots. They were a hit with the guests so we decided to share. Here is a simple guide on how to successfully create these favours, no cooking skills required!

Not recommended if there are children present as they do look quite tempting!

You Need:

Jelly – any flavour
Plastic Shot Glasses


Prepare your shot glasses by lightly spraying with cooking oil, this will help the jelly shots slide out easily.

jelly shots

Carefully add boiling water to jelly as per packet instructions into a mixing bowl, and stir until dissolved. When it is time to add the cold water, simply replace 3/4 of the required amount with vodka and stir into the jelly mix. It is important to still add a quarter of cold water, otherwise your jelly won’t set.

Pour the jelly into your cups and allow to set in the fridge for at least four hours.

jelly shots

Serve cold!

Vodka can be substituted for other spirits, but try and choose something that will compliment the jelly. The most popular flavour we served was rasperry flavoured jelly with vodka.

26 thoughts on “How to Make Vodka and Jelly Shots

    1. Hi Elena,
      I always use oil now, makes life so much easier and I haven’t noticed an after taste. The cup can be a little greasy but no taste.

  1. I don’t use any cold water at all, and it has no problems setting at all. Makes them a little bit stornger, that’s all.

  2. Is there any other ingredient I can use as a substitute to the jelly crystals? I can’t find the jelly here in Italy.

    1. if you use gelatine and a flavour, you will get the same result, or gelatine with a flavoured liqueur! 🙂

  3. Love this! I will be preparing some for my partners birthday celebration. How many days can i prepare prior or should they be made on the day?


  4. it sets within a matter of 2/3 hours. My sister and I were doing vodka shots and then I decided to use the rest of the bottle and make it jelly shots! They were really nice. Will definitely use them as a party favour next time 🙂

    1. I don’t think it would make a difference, it would just be a little more difficult to get a very light coating I would think.
      Hope this helps.

  5. I used a couple of Dilmah brand rose and vanilla tea bags, and a packet of raspberry jelly crystals and added the vodka – turned out **UNREAL**
    Today I’m trying a blend of a japanese jelly – (3 short black coffees with sugar and gelatine) mixed with kahlua.. woot!

  6. Recipe as per above (raspberry), then some whipped cream on top with a slice of glazed cherry in the cream.

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