How to Organise Coloured Pencils

When you’ve been in lockdown or semi-lockdown for what seems like forever, you start to go a little stir crazy.

Add three kids in remote learning, and your home can feel like you’re drowning in art supplies and half-finished projects.

When Miss 10 asked me to buy her new pencils because she couldn’t find the one colour she needed, I wondered where they’d all gone. Were all the red pencils having an invitation-only party with my son’s missing socks and our collection of Tupperware lids?

So, I went on a pencil hunt. I checked under beds, in cupboards, and in drawers. I found every colour of the rainbow. And then I sorted them. And then I sorted the paints and papers. I found wobbly eyes, stickers, glitter, and stamps.

I needed two trolleys but this is the end result. Surprisingly, it still looks like this a few weeks later:

The trolleys, baskets, and preserving jars were from Kmart. I had to take a chance and shop online because our local was closed at the time. 

Every other thing was in my house already. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below. What have you organised in your own home?

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