Kiss Goodbye to MS

kiss goodbye to ms

“Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common chronic neurological condition in young Australian adults.
There is no known cause or cure.

Over 21,000 people in Australia have MS and most people are diagnosed in their 20s and 30s. MS affects three times as many women as men.”

These are the first things I read on the Kiss Goodbye to MS website’s What is MS page and I thought that was an important opener.

MS is a condition that touches many of us in some way, I know I had my brush as a teenager so this is a cause I really believe in.

As a much younger person I always took part in the MS-Read-a-thon and I think that this is another fabulous fundraising idea for raising MS Awareness.

May is MS Awareness Month here in Australia and closes with World MS Day on May 30th. To celebrate the beginning of MS Awareness Month there will be a media launch on Tuesday the 1st in Sydney. To keep abreast of updates check them out on Facebook at

Throughout the month there will be people wearing red lipstick to help raise funds and awareness for MS.  There will also be a host of other events, fundraising ideas and merchandise so that everyone can find a way to get involved and help raise funds for this worthy cause.

Many people will get involved via the ‘Wear, Dare and Share’ campaign.

Wear: Get sponsored to wear red lipstick (or anything red) during the campaign.

Dare: Challenge others who don’t normally wear red lipstick (even guys!) and have the dare sponsored via the Kiss Goodbye to MS website.

Share: Hold a Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraising event and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

That might even be enough to get me wearing Red Lipstick…

If you want to get more information or get involved head over to see them at

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