McDonalds Monopoly

McDonalds have brought the family favourite board game, Monopoly into stores with millions of prizes up for grabs. By purchasing food and drink which features a game ticket, you can peel and potentially win a variety of prizes.

One in five customers will be a winner, ffrom an instant win item off the McDonalds menu, to higher value prizes such as a Playstation or family holiday, by collecting matching properties.

McDonalds have had fun with the promotion by creating a video of “Monopoly McDonalds News News”, and it’s refreshing to see they have a sense of humour:

There are 269,256 Grand Angus Burgers included in the prize pool, which the brand’s faux television presenter says is enough to make a Mount Everest, sitting on top of a Mount Everest…that’s a lot of burgers!

The promotion finishes on the 12th March 2013, and tickets are available when you purchase a medium or large soft drink, a tall McCafe, medium or large fries, garden salad, hash brown or McFlurry.


For more information visit your local McDonalds store, or visit:

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Have you won anything from the Monopoly promotion at McDonalds?

4 thoughts on “McDonalds Monopoly

    1. I’have matched up two+ Peices but never redeemed as afraid with the dark navy blue sets some time ago, like with u

    2. swell!.I noticed applicable to selfs also?badluck,wonder if hitted at end where final count let getting the 2/3 of totals made over would win still if,

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