Morgan and Bear (Fraser Coast, QLD)

The next local-made business we want to share with you is Morgan and Bear. This business is based in South East Queensland and is all about personalised, rustic, and farmhouse signs.

If you’re got a sense of humour and looking for fun decor, Morgan and Bear will be your new favourite local brand.

We hope you’ll take a moment to browse the online store and consider supporting the small Aussie business.

Rob and Rylee are the faces behind Morgan and Bear. Let’s take a look at what Rylee has to say about their entrepreneurial adventure so far:

What do you sell? 

Handmade Timber Rustic and Farmhouse Signs with a twist!

How did you get started?

I was looking on Pinterest at Christmas Decor and found a sign I LOVED. It was $60 plus $220 postage! I almost died at the postage cost.

I asked Rob if he could make me the frame. He begrudgingly said “yes” and the next week I had booked us into two markets. It kind of just happened. It was at the peak of Covid too, so we have been very grateful. 

Tell us about your local area and anything that makes it unique:

We’ve recently just moved. We moved from the Gold Coast to the Fraser Coast. It’s beautiful. It’s very easy to live up here. 

Morgan and bear

What has the support been like in the community?

Our market community is mainly through Springfield Markets (If you’re looking for great markets to attend down in SEQ, then look them up, the best!)

Our customers at the markets love our product and are always walking away from our stall with a laugh, which we are incredibly grateful for. 

What advice do you have for someone starting their own business?

Oh gosh! I think I would say to:

1. Trust your gut! It will never steer you wrong. 

2. Find your niche product and do it super well.

3. If you do something that other businesses do or have businesses that copy you (it happens more often than not), make your business shine through your personality and customer service. No one can recreate you or replicate your personality, so use it to your advantage! 

What has been the biggest challenge?

Developing our website has been challenging for me. But I think the biggest hurdle was when the sales dipped low in the quieter months, because the doubt has started to creep in.

Being 14 months into our business though, I am getting more and more confident each day with the feedback we get, so again, trust your gut!

What is your number one product?

“Welcome to the Shitshow Hope you brought alcohol” is our absolute top seller, however, coming in a close second is “It really is the dog’s house, we just pay the bills”. 

Tell us about three other local businesses that you support:

  • Struck by Resin: this is a husband and wife team that we attend markets with. They make electrified resin boards.
  • Anandi Designs: based on the Sunshine Coast. Mandy designs the most gorgeous planners. 

Where can we purchase your products?

At any of our markets and our website: 


Instagram: @Morgan & Bear

We’d like to thank Rylee for taking the time to share her business with us. If you do decide to support Rob and Rylee’s business, let us know in the comments section below.

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