Nike Air Max 90 (JD Sports)

Running shoes are not typically classified as hot, but when I laid my eyes on the Nike Air Max Nike shoes from JD Sports I was instantly in lust. The design that has my heart is the Black / Anthracite version as pictured below.

To begin with, obviously you can tell they are sneakers but they are cute enough to wear every day whether you are the sporty girl, fashionista or running your mummy errands.

Cushioned, well fitted and “oh so comfortable” these running shoes are made with your feet in mind – ventilated with leather overlays and a rubber outer sole to support those work out miles.

nike air max

There is the black on top which is versatile to mix and match with a variety of outfits, and the white speckled cookies and cream pattern below. Finished with a hint of popping pinky/orange and three diamond-esque embellishments on the side. Now that is what I call a pair of sneakers for the shoe lovers out there.

There are a range of other colours available in the Nike Air Max 90 range, so there really is a pair to suit any style. Looking good is one thing, but the comfort and support that these running shoes offer really do get them across the (finish) line.

The Black / Anthracite option is only available at JD Sports and will set you back £95 – the website offers convenient, international delivery when you shop.

The trusted JD Sports brand has been retailing in the UK for over 30 years and has an extensive range of products available.



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