Recipe: Vodka Infused with Lemon, Cucumber, and Mint

Restrictions have seen us spending more time in our backyard, and more time in the kitchen. While I have been experimenting with food, hubby has been infusing alcohol. If you are looking for a refreshing, low calorie, alcoholic drink idea for summer, you need to try this recipe!

It is vodka infused with lemon, cucumber, and mint, and there are no unnatural additives. Before we get to the recipe, we recommend growing your own mint. This grows like a weed, so put it in a pot if you are short on space (this photo is our garden).



  • 1 x lemon sliced
  • 1 x cucumber sliced
  • 1 x cup of fresh mint
  • 1L of vodka

You will also need a sterilised, airtight glass jar. We like the large Moccono jars as they are pretty indestructible, but you can find other options at your local cheap store. Just be wary when sterilising with hot water, as some jars (eg. from Big W) may not be able to handle the heat and crack. Yes, this happened.

Fill the jar with the sliced lemon, cucumber, and fresh mint. Add your favourite vodka before sealing the jar. Side note, Absolut Vodka is my personal choice.

You will need to store this out of direct sunlight and give it a brief tip twice a day to keep the flavours consistent. After 3-7 days it is ready for the next step.

Carafes or glass bottles are a fancy way to store these concoctions and make pouring quick and easy. To transfer between the jar and your bottle you will need to use a fine sieve lined with cheesecloth (OK, so admittedly we used a clean CHUX cloth as we couldn’t wait). If the opening is narrow, a funnel will also come in handy.

Once your vodka mix has been transferred it is ready to serve! Pair with soda water, a slice of lemon and fresh mint for a light, refreshing, summer drink. Infusing your vodka means you don’t have to use a sugary mixer, and your body will thank you for it.

You can use this as a base for cocktails to add another flavour layer. Or, if you prefer a little bit of sweetness, serve with homemade lemonade!

Thank you to the Whitings for the infusion obsession.

Please drink responsibly

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