Regifting is Rife, Think outside the box

Menulog recently conducted a survey about repurposing and regifting habits in the leadup to Christmas and the findings are in. Australia is a regifting nation with 52% of respondents in an independent survey admitting to passing a Christmas gift on to someone else.

1007 people were surveyed and across all age groups the present most likely to be regifted is grooming products. More than 1 in 3 Australians surveyed placed toiletries at the top of their No Thanks list.

Menulog has just kicked off the ‘Christmas in a Takeaway Box’ competition where customers can request their dream gift after placing an order via the Menulog app. The single rule is that the gift must fit in a takeaway box. The most imaginative customers will win their dream gift in the lead up to Christmas. Have you got a brilliant Takeaway box sized gift idea? If you do it is well worth checking out Menulog and ordering a meal with the possibility of a Christmas bonus.


Women are more likely to regift with 57% compared to 41% of men, but they all agree that grooming products are the least favorite gift to receive; especially when they don’t smell very nice.

The age group most likely to pass on a gift is the under-20s at 65% and though they aren’t fans of grooming products either it is the socks and underwear they are the least fond of.

This survey demonstrates that it can be extremely difficult to choose great gifts and that’s the great thing about this competition; it challenges customers to ‘think outside the box’ and come up with a gift that would excite them to receive.

You might expect clothes, technology and jewellery to be very popular but they were topped with gifts that offer experiences. Australia’s wish list was topped, with 67%, by plane tickets or hotel vouchers. Coming in second with 63% were more experiences like expensive dinners, high tea or day spa vouchers. Generic gift vouchers came in third with 60%.

Even vouchers need to be chosen carefully because 12% of vouchers are for products or experiences of no interest.

What would be your ultimate Christmas gift? And are you a regifter?

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