Review: Traeger Pro Series 22

In light of the upcoming Smoke on the Water Festival, I thought I’d pay tribute to all the Pittmasters out there with a review of a Traeger smoker.

Admittedly, I have the entry-level Pro Series 22 which I bought for around $1,100 a few years ago. Even though it doesn’t have the WIFI connectivity of its more expensive brothers — it still does the job just fine.

How does it work I hear you ask? Unlike charcoal grills, the Traeger has its own pellet dispenser which allows for grilling and smoking. It relies on electricity and pellets to create a consistent, smoky flavour.

So what do I cook? My wife loves to make up her own BBQ rubs. But, that said, you can buy pre-made rubs suited to any occasion. Whether it’s chicken, pork, seafood or beef you can’t go wrong. Simply follow the recipes on the app, set and forget. I use a MEATER to monitor my internal temps and I have never over-cooked anything.

Some of my favourite recipes have been Texas BBQ Ribs, Reverse-seared Rib Fillet, Mediterranean Lamb Roast and vegetables, Moreton Bay Bugs, Surf and Turf Prawns, Jamaican Chicken Breast, and even hotdogs.

In all honesty, when you have tried a Traeger steak there is no going back. Your mates will be calling you a Pittboss after just one cook. While I’ll probably upgrade one day, the Pro 22 is a good starting point for small to medium families and those on a budget.

It’s also quick and easy to put together — no degree in engineering is required.

Shop the Trager Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill.

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