Sally Symonds – Passion is Everything Seminar

Sally Symonds is an inspiration as a woman who has successfully lost a massive 50kg + and kept the weight off long term.

Since her drastic transformation she has written multiple books on the subject (“50 Steps to Lose 50kg … And Keep it Off”, “50+ Recipes to Lose 50+kg … And Keep It Off” and “50 Ways to Weight Loss Motivation”) and believes in healthy eating and weight loss strategies that are easily implemented into your everyday lifestyle.

If you are looking to change your life just like Sally, she has two Passion is Everything seminars coming up in Sydney and Brisbane:

Sydney – Saturday 3rd August, Sheraton on the Park
Brisbane – Saturday 10th August, Stamford Plaza

To book your spot go to:

Everything you ever wanted to know about how to lose weight … and keep it off … but were too afraid to ask!

passion is everything

Passion is Everything Schedule

9 – 9.30 am Welcome & registration

9.30 – 10 am – All about you
– Identifying your wants, needs and must-haves for the day. What are your problems and priorities? What’s most important for you?

10 – 11 am – Mindset, mindset, mindset
– It’s not your fault: why traditional weight loss methods are designed for you to fail
– Psychology & Neuroscience – essential facts you need to know about how your mind and brain works and how to harness these in your journey towards a happier, healthier you

11 – 11.30am – Morning Tea

11.30 – 1 – Mindset and food
– Conquering those common dieting dilemmas: how to not feel hungry, how to not feel deprived, how to handle emotional eating, discover the truth behind food marketing and at last discover how to never have to “fall off the wagon” again and so much more

1 – 2pm – Lunch
Super-healthy samples from some of my favourite recipes plus plenty of time for informal questions and discussion

2 – 3pm – Mindset and exercise
– At last, a way to approach exercise for exercise-loathers by an exercise loather. How would you like to find a way to feel better every day, both physically and psychologically? You can do it!

3pm – 4pm – Planning to succeed
– Conquer your weight loss forever, mapping your steps to permanent weight loss success.

Sally shares some information about herself:

In 2002 I was a morbidly obese workaholic, totally devoted to my career. I had tried to lose weight numerous times before using all the established weight loss plans and programs that were around then (Jenny Craig, Gloria Marshall, gyms & pt etc) but each time I failed or I succeeded in losing a little bit of weight for a little while but I soon regained it all, and more. Moreover, each time I absolutely hated it. To me weight loss was all about feeling deprived and smashing your body with painful exercises – it just wasn’t fun.

Eventually I’d had enough of the yo=yo cycle and decided to do something about it. Initially I lost 45 kg in 33 weeks, kept that weight off for five years, and then lost another 8.5kg after that. People often describe me as “the complete weight loss package” because I’ve lost a lot, lost a little bit but, most importantly, I’ve kept it off.

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