Sprout Watches – Eco Friendly

I have recently become a watch wearer, one of those organised people who doesn’t have to rummage through her bag for her phone to check the time. My days are now running like clockwork – excuse the pun I’m just winding you up.

But, Sprout is not your usual watch brand. Not only are the watches stylish and in a range of different designs, they are eco friendly and do not contain any plastic, lead or phthalate.


This unique company are conscious of the environment and use sustainable products in the construction of their watches such as:

  • Corn resin
  • Bamboo
  • Organic Cotton
  • Mother of Pearl (US fisheries approved and certified)
  • Conflict free diamonds and Swarovski’s Advanced Lead Free Crystals


Sprout say,

“One of the unique features of the Sprout Corn Resin Watches is that they are 99 per cent biodegradable to carbon dioxide and water within 365 days in a compost environment.”

Right now you are probably thinking, can something earth friendly actually be wearable? The answer is YES. There is nothing basic about these designs, there are different colours and styles to choose from and they are well made.


I have been wearing my Sprout watch every day and it is a comfortable fit (I did need to get the band adjusted which was a drama free process). The white design goes with any outfit and it is a cute fashion accessory. By looking at it you wouldn’t know it is biodegradable, these are watches that have a unique look in a positive way.

Most of the watches have a butterfly closure and the batteries are mercury free.

The packaging is recycled and recyclable.

Please visit www.sproutwatches.com.au where you can read more about how the watches are made, view the range and purchase one of your own.

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