USER REVIEW: Pintor Paint Markers

Unleash your creative genius with these amazing Pintor Paint Markers.  Available in heaps of bright colours, you can use them to create your own designs on any surface, including plastic, canvas, fabric, metal and glass. The fast-drying ink is alcohol free and contains no xylene or odour, so it’s suitable for all the family to use. Enjoy craft and design with the kids or indulge your creative streak to create your own customised designs. 

The opaque ink will make any design pop with colour on any type of material, from smooth to rough and even dark coloured surfaces.  It dries quickly to prevent smudging and it won’t bleed through paper for a picture perfect finish every time.

With a super-comfy hexagonal grip and smooth-flowing tip, choose from broad tip (RRP $5.95) or extra-fine, fine, or medium (RRP $4.95) or a combination, allowing you to paint, draw and write to create the design of your dreams! 

pintor paint pens

One of our Beauty and Lace Club Members, Stacey has been trialing the Pilot Pintor Paint Markers. She said...

Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of this review. They arrived at the perfect time. My husband and son had just sanded back his old skateboard for my son to use and they wanted to decorate it. We were over the moon that the pens we got to review were actually “paint pens”. It was meant to be. 

They were so easy to use that my husband did my sons name and my son was able to do his own illustrations as well. It turned out so well and we have kept them for future projects over the summer. The pens didn’t have that nasty paint smell that takes your breath away, so that’s why hubby has said he will definitely buy them again when we run out. 

The thing I loved most is that it brought father and son (almost 5) together to work on the project they’d been wanting to do. It really helped my sons self esteem also. We had had so many problems with Kinder and he was so down. This project was the start of getting our happy smiling boy back. 

Thank you so much Beauty and Lace and Pilot Australia for helping this happen. 

Thank you to Stacey for the review. For more information on this product range, please visit:

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