User Reviews: Edenvale Premium Reserve Range (Alcohol Removed Wine)

At almost 8 months pregnant I have been well and truly hanging out for a glass of wine. Of course, the sacrifice will be worth it, but as I sit and watch hubby drink a beer while I sip my tea it does make me miss that evening drink. Well, I have found the solution and it isn’t just for pregnant mamas but those who can’t drink alcohol for health reasons, and those who simply don’t like the effect that alcohol has on them.

It is an alcohol free range of wine from Edenvale and it is a Premium Reserve range. It comes from premium fruit sourced in South Australia and is expertly crafted to ensure it still has all the properties and tastes of wine, with the alcohol content being removed during the final stage.

Depending on your taste, there are a range of different alcohol removed wines to choose from including Sparkling Shiraz, Sparkling Blanc De Blanc, and Pinot Noir. When I tried the sparkling, I actually felt guilty even though I knew it had 0% alcohol in it…because it tasted the same as a good wine. There will be no hangover, and these have around half the calories of real wine so they are a good treat for anyone trying to lose a few kilos before the summer hits.

The Sparkling Shiraz is a little bit fruity and equally as wine-like as the Sparkling. They even come with a cork so you get the full experience, and these are ideal for those social occasions when you are the designated driver or a non drinker.

The Edenvale Alcohol Removed wines have an RRP of $14.99 for a 750ml bottle.

For more information or to find a stockist please visit:

A selection of our our Beauty and Lace Club members have been testing the wine from Edenvale. You can find out what they thought in the comments section below!


8 thoughts on “User Reviews: Edenvale Premium Reserve Range (Alcohol Removed Wine)

  1. Thankyou I was lucky to be able to try the Edenvale blanc de blanc and the sparkling shiraz,
    It was so nice to be able to enjoy a glass of wine again, these wines have the alcohol removed,
    These wines certainly don’t taste like non alcoholic wines,
    they are delicious and how good they actually have a cork in the bottle
    My favourite would have to be the sparkling shiraz had a nice fruity taste with a touch of spice was very nice
    Once again thanks these wines are going on the shopping list,
    These non alcoholic wines certainly taste like normal wines

  2. I was sneaky i served them up t o my sis in law when we had a weekend bbq and didn’t come “clean” until we had polished them off.

    She was gobsmacked that they had no alcohol and that they still tasted delish

    Possibly the best non alcohol wine I’ve ever had and I’ve tried a few.

    Not usually a Shiraz lover but this one had a spiceness to it that is very warming

    Will buy again, in fact may not buy any other

    Many thanks for the opportunity to try

  3. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try the Edenvale Premium Reserve Range (Alcohol Removed Wine) Shiraz and Blanc de Blanc.
    They were both delicious!
    I am pregnant, have diabetes, gestational diabetes and not a very big drinker anyway. I dont often feel the need for alcohol as it does not agree with my body, the smallest of amounts and leave me very sick so I really enjoyed the chance to try out some alcohol removed wine during this time.
    I enjoyed the boldness of the Shiraz, it had a lovely after taste and was not overpowering or bitter and had the real wine taste that I thought would be missing.
    The Blanc de Blanc was beautiful and fresh with a lovely softness and really left me feeling spoilt and relaxed.
    Definately would buy both of these wines and I have had a look on their website at the whole range and there is a lot the look forward to.

    1. Hi Matilda, how long do you have left of your pregnancy? I have less than a month to go! I am so glad you enjoyed these, I agree they definitely don’t lack that wine taste. Thanks for your feedback x

    2. hi did the non alcoholic wines affect your blood sugars? I am looking for a non alcoholic dry white or red wine!

  4. I was lucky enough to try these wines and oh my gosh they were ah-may-zing!! From the moment I saw them they had my attention. The packaging is classic, elegant and doesn’t scream “alcohol free!”. Although the Sparkling Blanc de Blanc was my favourite – the taste was divine – the Sparkling Shiraz was also fantastic and I’ll happily purchase these again and again. As a bonus, I’m a teetotaller and always get the old spiel “oh come on, one won’t hurt you, you just need to loosen up and have some fun” etc etc. With this wine I didn’t as nobody looked close enough to read the alcohol free part haha, so I was able to relax and have a fun dinner out. Thanks Edenvale Wines and Beauty & Lace Book Club for these wines to try – I’ve found a favourite!

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