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I am about 14 hours out from starting the FatBlaster 2 day Coconut Detox and I thought I would start with where I’m at going in to help me gauge my reactions at the end.

Today has been spent mentally preparing myself to start this detox tomorrow morning because I have done a bit of half-baked detoxing previously and it’s gotten me nowhere. I think this is largely because I haven’t actually committed myself to doing it properly, I didn’t cut coffee and I did cheat quite a bit. That is not going to happen this time; I am determined that I am going to follow this detox plan completely so that I can properly gauge the effects.

So today I have been thinking ahead to how this is all going to play out. I have opted to do the detox during the week, because if I’m at home that’s when I’m most likely to snack. On the whole it’s not the lack of snacks that has me concerned, it isn’t even the fact that I won’t eat for 2 days.

What is really concerning me about this 2 day Detox Plan is the 48 hours without coffee, that’s going to be the hard part. I am struggling with even the idea of 2 whole days without coffee so it will certainly test my willpower.

Coconut Detox

Day One

I woke up extra hungry for some reason and was a little concerned this was going to be beyond me. 20 min Free Step on the Wii and it was time to make up my first serve.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about the flavour but it was a totally unfounded concern. I really enjoyed the taste of the coconut detox.

Drinking it slowly and spaced over hours took conscious thought but worked quite well if I made sure to drink lots of water in between.

Resisting food was easier than I thought it would be, as long as my water bottle was always within reach and I managed about 12 glasses of water throughout the day which is quite good for me. I did find that my energy didn’t last as long, meaning I required an earlier night than usual but that could also be a result of the very late nights leading up to the detox and the lack of late evening snacks to keep me awake.

Day Two

Again I woke up quite hungry but 2 glasses of water to start the day before I even headed out of the house helped that. I managed to beat my water consumption and drank 14 glasses of water. Energy levels were up during the day but still didn’t last me through to a late night – again quite possibly due to the lack of snacks.

Over the course of my two day detox I drank close to my normal weekly water intake which is fabulous and will hopefully help me to bring up my average consumption.

The flavour and consistency was a very pleasant surprise. Alongside the coconut flavour is pineapple creating almost a virgin pina colada which, though a little different for breakfast, is certainly pleasing to the palate. The consistency from the bottle is quite thick and almost syrupy so once you add water it is still quite a thick liquid almost like the syrup in tinned fruit.

2 day detox and 2 kgs lost made me a very happy detoxer and I would definitely use this again.

Now for some information about the FatBlaster Coconut Detox 2 Day Plan because there’s more to it all than just my personal experience.

Coconut is an extremely beneficial product to the body with its benefits only now being fully discovered. Coconut is considered a superfood. Coconut water is taken from the young coconut and is virtually fat free and loaded with electrolytes to cleanse the body. Mature coconuts are the source of MCT’s (fatty acids) to help you feel fuller and kick start the metabolism.

Other important ingredients are Acai Berry which are high in antioxidants and good for clearing toxins from the body, and Goji Berry which are also high in antioxidants that help reduce free radical damage.

Then there’s the apple and pineapple concentrates that add to the pleasant flavour which make the detox easy to drink.

Strenuous exercise is advised against, which would be because of the extremely low level of calories you are putting in your body through the detox but 30 mins light exercise daily is recommended.

The website also offers some light recipes for those who feel they need to eat something throughout the detox.

The FatBlaster Coconut Detox is available in supermarkets and pharmacies nationally with an RRP of $39.99.

For more information visit

Below you will find genuine reviews from our panel of testers.

72 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: FatBlaster Coconut Detox

  1. I would love to have applied for this, but I just know that I wouldnt have the willpower to stick with it. I thought it was much kinder to give someone else a go that would really benefit from it.
    I cant wait to hear other reviews about it, Michelle you were very good with your detox. Well done.

    1. Thanks Jenniqua.
      I must say I surprised even myself. And I did worry that I would just go crazy the next day and undo all the good work but I have stayed pretty good I must say.

  2. Congrats Michelle on completing the detox. I also will not apply for this as I really need my energy levels to be very high running around after the kids. Good luck to everyone who gives it a go, hope they all also have success with the trial.

    1. Thanks Jenny,
      I too need my energy to keep up with the kids and I think I would have had enough energy if I had tried some earlier night.

  3. 2 Day Coconut Detox (Fat Blaster)

    Day 1 – 11/12/12
    Upon reading the instructions for the 2 day cleanse, I am excited, and also extremely nervous. The plan suggests replacing breakfast/lunch/dinner for 2 days with the cleanse solution, and 8 glasses of water per day. This does not sound like a lot to me!
    It also suggests 30 mins of pilates/yoga on these 2 days. So I reschedule plans with friends to fit in 2 bikram yoga classes over the 2 days, and

    So I pack my bag for work, yoga gear included. I cant NOT eat at all so I look at the coconut detox website for what I CAN eat. And I pack a lemon to have with hot water, green tea, tuna in springwater, steamed veggies, and chia seeds. I also pinch a couple of pieces of fresh fruit from the fruit basket at work. Its currently 9am. Lets see how I go!

    10am – and I have had a green tea and just started sipping on my first serve of the coconut syrup – very tasty!
    10:50am – hanging for a coffee!!!!!!!! I usually would have had 2 or 3 by now!
    11am – having a nectarine to tide me over
    11:30am – having another green tea. So tired.
    Midday – Yay – time for lunch! Pouring my next “shake”
    2pm – went for a walk at lunchtime and distracted myself for a good hour. Having tuna in springwater with steamed veggies and chia seeds to curb hunger pains and get me through the afternoon. Toughest part still is going without coffee. I usually have one straight after my lunch break.
    3pm – so tired. Having a green tea.
    330pm – caved in and had a “go natural – fruit nut bar”
    430pm – caved and ate a handful of rice crackers
    530pm – tried to have my third serve of the coconut detox syrup but was full. Now off to yoga!
    8pm – so tired after yoga, couldn’t stomach dinner. Was so tired I went to bed super early at 9pm

    Day 2 – 12/12/12

    9am – fail. Had to have coffee. Don’t think ill b able to concentrate at work without it! Had it with soy milk & no sugar though to try and be as clean as possible.
    10am – first coconut concoction of the day. Not hungry which is good. Oh and I weighed myself. I lost 1kg already!

    Rest of the day is planned as follows:
    – Steamed veggies and tuna in springwater for lunch again as well as a walk
    – Nectarine as a snack if I need it
    – Lots of water/green tea
    – Bikram yoga again tonight
    – And I am going to a salad bar for dinner with a friend (as opposed to yum cha & booze)

    Very much looking forward to drinking excessive amount of coffee, drinking on fri/sat night at xmas parties and not being so strict.
    BUT that said. I do feel “lighter” and healthier. I will implement more fresh fruit & veg and drink more water going forwards.

  4. A really simple and delicious detox which only takes 48 hours – not too long and you don’t have to worry about meals. Just drink heaps of water along with this and you’ll be right.

    I found the taste of this was like a combination of coconut and pineapple but I don’t think it has any pineapple in it at all. It’s a beaut summer taste. It does have superfoods Acai and Goji along with the special coconut water. It’s quite a creamy concoction to taste! Yummo! I loved it. It’s healthy because the quality coconut water that is used is very good for you. I am not one to ever starve myself (I love my food!) but I do love looking after my health and I think this detox did me a whole lot of good. I really do feel like I have more energy at the end of the two days – I do feel lighter and all my bloated tummy has gone. I am actually motivated now with my extra energy to go for some really nice long beach walks.

    This is nice and quick – just 48 hours but nevertheless I did find myself eating a healthy lunch and my healthy dinners with my family. I don’t feel the need to lose weight (I’m 51kg and 167cm) so this was purely a good detox for me.

    I did notice I felt giddy if I didn’t eat lunch – so I hopped to it and ate a nice Pastrami sandwich – still taking the required doses of this product. I usually snack all day (on mainly healthy foods) and eat three good meals a day too. With this product I swapped it for some of my ‘snacks’ – like morning tea, afternoon tea and even my beloved breakky!! This Detox would be excellent to do after the big Christmas Day of food. It would lighten the load, so to speak.

    I can see myself doing this again when I’m feeling heavy or bloated. I didn’t lose weight because I ate some meals but that’s just me – if you wanted to lose weight on this I expect you easily could. Though I know by the scales I haven’t lost weight I still feel lighter and more energetic! Quite interesting since I have actually skipped some meals while having this two-day detox.

    I love feeling energetic and healthy and so this product fits into my lifestyle if I feel like clearing out my system again in the future. It was like a purifying fast for me. I did skip my normal tea/coffee and had no junk food while on this.

  5. I’m sorry to say my review isn’t a good one, not because the drink itself is bad or the product doesn’t work but because my willpower is horrible. This is how I went.

    Day / night before – I had myself all ready … Thought yes I’m going to do this and it’ll be a piece of cake.

    Day 1 – today

    7am Woke up dead tired and craving a coffee like mad…but held out and had my coconut shake

    8am Continued sipping my coconut shake still craving a coffee

    9am – 12pm Continued sipping my next coconut shake and drinking plenty of water. By 12 I was so hungry and tired, my energy was at zero and my 2 toddlers were driving me crazy. After giving them their lunch and drooling all over it I still continued.

    1pm – Headache set in and irritability was a an all time high. I felt so dizzy and sick too.

    2pm – Caved and had a coffee (no sugar). Felt extremely guilty and thought no I’ll get back on track

    3pm – Caved again and ate some of the toddlers crackers (afternoon tea is my weakness)

    5pm – This is where I crumbled…..I ate all my dinner and gave up 🙁

    I feel very disappointed with myself.

    I hope others have more willpower than me, sorry Beauty and Lace I really thought I could do it but a detox isn’t for me.

    Thank you for the trial xx

    1. Alison don’t be too hard on yourself. No food is tough, especially when you are feeding the family.
      But don’t give up, stick with the detox because it will still help to cleanse your system just try to make careful decisions on what you do eat.
      Head to the website:
      and check out the healthy meal and snack suggestions, they do have a list there in case you need to eat.

      I totally understand, I craved coffee sooo bad. Maybe try and switch it for a herbal tea or something.

      1. Thank Michelle 🙂 I’m trying again today. So far I have caved and had a coffee – my little guy decided 6am was when he wanted to get up but I haven’t had anything to eat yet and am pretty confident today will be better. If I do start starving Lol I’ll have something from the list.

  6. WOW!
    I loved doing the detox!
    The taste was fantastic.
    I am not usually really good with willpower but this I managed with ease! i was so proud of myself.

    whenever i started to feel hungry i drank more water and it put the food craving at ease. I did have a small salad both days however and i also went for a half hour walk each day.

    My skin feels so much softer. And its like i feel ready to be healthier.
    The only downside was i did get extremly tired day 2. I wish i had waited till my partner finished work fr the year to do it as i really struggled to stay away to do the things i had to do. But i got thro. And feel Great now. iu havnt had a coke or v since doing it either =D yay for me.

    I also lost 3 kgs. and rid the extra fluid i was holding in my legs since having bub 7 weeks ago.

    I am now following up my kick start with fat blasters reducta & fat blaster max. So i will be really interested in seeing the results over the nex few weeks.

    Thanks so much for giving me the oppertunty to review this product. I certainly would recommend it thats for sure.

    1. Sorry i forgot to mention i did get a terrible headache as well. i am assuming this was because my body was riding the sugars and caffiene in my system =D

      1. Hi Rebecca

        Not sure if you are but if you are breast feeding there are warnings about fat metabolisers while breastfeeding.

        If you are wanting weight loss etc it would be a good idea to check out facebook page “healthy mummys” as they have a breastfeeding approved weight loss plan and lots of mums are having success with it including breastfeeding approved weight loss smoothies.its a great website! Good Luck! x

  7. Wow – where to start.

    I was very excited to try this product… and all the while feeling pretty skeptical about the initial reviewer which got me wanting to trial the product. I also had concerns about practically starving over the course of two days. Knowing that I get relatively grumpy when I’ve not eaten, I look at all additional snacking options – and have them at hand for back up.

    Day 1 – Here I go…. After reading the instructions, my fears of hunger were well pronounced. I had my first coconut shake before setting out for work. In case of extreme hunger emergencies, I carried some (healthy) additional supplies with me to the office. I thought the shake itself was delicious, however, by the end of the first afternoon I had a headache and was feeling pretty hungry. I ate an apple and some nuts late afternoon – which picked up my mood considerably.

    Day 2 – The headache was gone, but I woke up feeling hungry. Made an extra effort today to drink the 8 glasses of water in-between the shakes. By the end of the day I was feeling better and not so hungry. Although was still craving something delicious to eat (clearly the hunger was in my head not my stomach). I had a little tin of tuna for dinner and was feeling pretty proud of myself for completing the detox, without relenting and eating a cheeseburger.

    Hopped on the scales the next day – had lost about 1kg. Not enough for me to rave about the product, but at least was glad I tried it once. Felt better for it, but was surely glad to get back to munching real food. This product is probably more geared towards detoxing than weight loss. Thanks for the opportunity to test it out!

  8. Thank you so much beauty and lace and coconut detox for including me in this trial!
    I’m very excited to be doing this as my belly has been bloated up for months and I’m looking forward to a flatter stomach.

    DAY 1-

    Its 9am. I’ve just mixed 125ml of cold water with 125ml of detox. I used a kitchen measurer so I knew I was getting the correct amount. Remember to put detox bottle back into the fridge when finished mixing! This is a drink that’s meant to be drunk over a few hours, so I’ve added a straw to stir with and an ice cube to keep the drink cold. I’m not hungry at all at the moment and I feel just fine so I’m prepared to begin the detox. The drink itself does have quite a strong coconut flavour and it’s also slightly creamy. It really does remind me of a cocktail. It’s not bad tasting and kind of sweet. I’m actually enjoying it at the moment. This drink will have to last me 2 hours so ill sip it slow. Ill create a new drink at around 12 for glass number two. So I’m happy so far and off to a good start.

    11am. I had a green tea to satisfy my need to have something in my stomach.
    It’s now 12.30pm. I’ve made my second detox drink the same as before. I’ll admit it, I am getting hungry but I don’t want to eat. My determination to complete this detox correctly is pushing me through. To complete this detox correctly I believe you need to want to do that. If your just doing it without having the determination I think you may slip up and eat foods that you shouldn’t be eating throughout the detox process. Also, the more people who know that you’re doing it the better as this makes you more committed and strive to succeed.
    The drink tastes as nice as before and I’m still enjoying it. Still strong, still happy.

    Its 2 pm and just finished doing some light exercise for 15 minutes. I’m feeling a bit low at the moment, and I’m a bit cranky. A side effect no doubt. So I’ve got another glass of green tea to hopefully give me a boost.
    After about an hour I came good and feel like I have more energy. I’ve noticed my body is like being on a rollercoaster….up and down….happy and cranky….hungry then not.

    Ok, now 6.30 and beginning glass number 3. It is quiet hard and you really need to be committed to this, especially if you’re like me and doing it without eating at all. My hunger pains have gone and my mood has picked up. Because I’ve been drinking this all day I’m finding it more difficult to put down, sipping over a few hours will make it easier. Plus a rest overnight and I’ll be fresh to begin day 2. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for sticking to the “for best results” guide. Day 2 will be easier than 1, right?

    Day 2

    Its 9am. Did not have a good night sleep and didn’t get out of bed until 8.30. I found I was just exhausted and didn’t have the energy to get up. When I did rise I was that shaky and weak that I struggled to have a shower and open my skin care products. I believe it all stems from not eating all of day 1. I gave in and had 2 oranges for breakfast and a herbal tea. I have two children at home and I need energy to take care of them, if I felt that way all day I fear I would have passed out. It’s been 15 minutes since my oranges and I feel a lot better. Once I’ve finished my tea I’ll start glass two.
    Now 1pm and on my 2nd last glass of detox. It’s becoming more difficult to consume and the taste keeps repeating on me. Being lunch time my body really wants food and I’m struggling a bit. I’m becoming a bit moody again also. I feel ok just wish I had more energy. I just want to sleep.

    Its 6pm and starting my very last glass of detox. I’m starving and quiet cranky. Just want to sleep so I can wake tomorrow and be able to eat. What’s pulling me through is the desire to have a fantastic weight loss result tomorrow morning.

    DAY 3-

    The detox is now over. I woke this morning this not feeling hungry at all. I have my energy back and I’m not tired. I feel really good about completing the detox and feel a lot nicer and not so weighed down.

    To conclude-
    I did experience loss of weight throughout this trial. Day 2 I woke to a 900 gram loss and on day 3 I woke to a 400 gram loss totalling 1.3 kg loss in weight, which I’m happy about losing. My body really does look different, the bloating has completely gone and my stomach area looks more flat. I no longer look 3-4 months pregnant. Due to the weight loss I now have nicer curves too!! I will change my eating habits now and add daily exercise to my routines to try and keep my detox results.
    I’ll admit that this detox was hard, especially when you have to keep cooking for your family. But now that I’ve finished I’m really happy that I did it, and love my more tighter stomach area. This is an excellent way to kick start a weight loss diet or even to give your system a clean out before you change your diet to a more healthier one.
    So if you need a change of life and for the better, I recommend you try this detox.

  9. After a week of over indulging I felt fat, bloated and lethargic so I decided to use the weekend at home to do the detox. Once I tasted this yummy concoction it was easy to get behind it 100%. By the end of the first day I already noticed a big improvement, my foggy brain had past I was passing a lot of fluid that had been stored up then on the 2nd day I found myself running off to the toilet quite easily whereas normally I feel a bit constipated and wished I had of had some prune juice the day before. By Monday morning I woke up feeling fantastic my stomach looked so flat I squeezed myself into a tight skirt I haven’t been able to wear for a while then the first thing that I did was race out and buy a bottle of the Coconut Detox to hide away as my little secret so that after I’ve indulged over christmas I’m already prepared to claim my body back. I’m totally hooked on this product and wondering why I didn’t know about this sooner.

  10. Thank you Beauty and Lace. The Coconut Detox was a godsend! I have never taken on a detox of any kind before so I did not have a clue what to expect.

    Day 1

    First taste of the liquid wasn’t pleasant but I soldiered on. It was tedious having only a few sips as you have to space the entire 250mls of the “meal” between 2-3 hours. I opted for 3 hours because it kept my blood sugar levels more stable. By 2PM I was complaining of “starving”. Kept pushing through. Day 1 was hard because I realised how bored I was with not having any plans and that made me think of food even more. By the evening I had developed a mild headache despite me drinking 2 litres of water in addition to the meals. I would normally take Panadol for this but it kind of defeats the purpose of a detox. So I retired to bed early and thankfully the headache wore off by the morning. Also by the end of the day I really grew to dislike the taste of the detox.

    Day 2

    Gosh I am so glad this is the last day! I feel lighter already but that’s what happens when you only ingest 213 calories per day. Today is much the same as yesterday.

    Overall I lost 2.3kg which is impressive and I am going to work my butt off to keep it off. Since day 1 of the detox I began excersing for 30 mintues a day, just a walk outside. I am going to continue this along with a healthy diet and limited processed foods. I am so grateful to have had the chance to try this because I would have never glanced at this in a shop at $40 a bottle. Whilst the detox is definitely a test of endurance I am proud to say I did not eat any food for 2 days and stuck to it! Also, my skin is much more radiant which always puts a smile on my face!

    Whilst I pretty much loathed not eating any food I am glad this product helped me to kick start a new lifestyle change and that is worth it in the end for me!

  11. Started this on tuesday, hard to miss the habit of coffee and toast in the morning! I have to confess that I drank the drink quite quickly rather than over a few hours as it didn’t really suit my job to do otherwise, sounds like that may have affected my results.

    The drink tasted good and I drank lots of water so all good, though because i couldn’t have food I found I was seeing it everywhere and craving it more than normal! By midday (after the 2nd drink) I was starting to get a headache which may not have been related to the detox and not eating (though looking at other people’s reviews I’m starting to think it was related). I went for a walk at lunchtime and ate a banana early afternoon as a snack. The headache got worse and worse until I actually had to go home early from work.

    In the evening I had a cup of tea and a piece of toast as my husband was worried about me (what a sweetie!) and some pain killers, however that was possibly the worse headache I’ve ever had! I didn’t have the 3rd drink of the day but have kept the detox juice in the fridge and will try again soon, maybe with some more fruit throughout the day.

    As said, I’m not sure the headache was related so will be interested to see if it recurs next time. I don’t drink enough coffee for it to be caffeine withdrawal! Unfortunately it also meant I didn’t do it long enough to see any benefits.

  12. I don’t drink coffee or tea so thankfully was not too hard to start off the detox for me. The taste of the shake was not bad, kind of like a not very sour pinacolada. Having it ice cold also soothed down my hunger cravings! I felt very weak and lethargic but no headaches. However was very irritable and cranky!
    The hardest part was dinner as had to watch the rest of the family eat!
    Did snack on carrots and cucumbers on both days and lost 1kg in total.
    Thought the second day would be harder but it was actually easier knowing that it would be over the next day. Really liked the short duration of the detox. Feel much lighter and cleaner too.
    I think it will be perfect to try again after the Christmas and new Year season.

  13. well for me the detox was VERY hard to complete, as everyone here says they “loved” the taste I did at first but towards my third drink of the day (dinner) I was gagging and couldn’t finish my cup! my day started off at 7.30am with a cup of water and a headache. I had my coconut detox drink with ice and I was so hungry so I drank it within 1h and1/2.I did feel quite full until it was 11.30-12pm I was having stomach cramps from hunger, so I had cup no.2 and feeling very tired and my headache getting worse, I had planned to eat something before dinner to the end of the day I was flat out tired,with running after 2 kids all day and cooking ,cleaning and bathing the kids it was alot to handle on low energy. Day 2 was pretty much the same but I didn’t finish the cup everytime, I could only drink about half before I felt like gagging so sorry to say my experience wasn’t great. I lost a few hundred grams on the positive side, if I drank the full cup and not at all eaten I think I would have lost some more,I do feel lighter but it was a struggle to get through them 2 days.I would recommend this for those who have willpower and high energy level(depending on having kids or not), for me though I would try this again when I am stronger and on non busy days.:) thank you beauty and lace for the opportunity and sorry for my lack of positive feedback.

  14. I expected this to be a HUGE challenge – I am overweight (quite), but am working hard to lose it, so I thought that this might give me a bit more of a kick.
    Day 1
    After the initial concern about how it would taste, my next concern was sipping it over 2-3 hours. How on earth would I manage that and not be hungry!!??!!! The first sip was quite pleasant and I was about to go to work and have a sip and some more water and it got me through the morning quite fine! By the time I got to dinner I really thought I was going to NEED to eat something, but I was still doing ok, so I didn’t have anything, just my next “meal” from the bottle. Late afternoon did see a slight headache kick in, but it wasn’t enough to bother me. Although I didn’t desperately need to eat I did have a small handful of nuts in the late evening. I managed to consume about 1.5L of water.
    Day 2
    I enjoy eating – the chewing, the taste and texture of food (which is obviously how I got to be overweight lol), so knowing I had another day of not eating was a bit of a downer (although it was only 1 day!!!), had a small dull headache again, earlier this time, but still got through the day, however my big downfall was that I got quite busy and didn’t drink near as much water on Day 2, so by mid afternoon I was very hungry. I did have a salad and a small piece of chicken for dinner that night.
    I work at a Doctor’s surgery and told some of the staff there about the trial and they were very keen to hear my results and look for the product themselves. I got weighed today at work and have lost a smidge under 2kg from the detox which is wonderful (putting me at about 12kg lost so far!!!) I would definitely recommend this to others and would be keen to try it again, helpful now to have tried it, know what to expect and what to do more of (klike drinking water on day 2 lol) next time!

  15. Detox
    2 kids. kinder party. really??\

    Taste- i loved the taste. I have a sweet tooth so really was able to stomach it.

    I tried to keep myself as busy as i could. Christmas planning ( left off the food bit though!) had another snack,
    getting tired but had a peppermint tea and a berccoa that helped
    did some stretching and pilates went to bed early as i was starting to be short tempered.

    second day

    Felt lighter in the morning. was okay without my coffee and survived the rest of the day the same.

    best tips are

    have it cold
    drink a green or peppermint tea to help
    try to keep busy
    pre-prepare carrots/celeryey to help you with the munchies.

    this is a good detox.. will be doing it often just to refresh myself

  16. Day 1: Sadly I had been up until just after midnight with a dear friend. We chatted via phone about the bad situation that she was dealing with and all night i kept waking and worrying about her so that by 6 in the morning I had to get up and felt exhausted and extreemly hungry which isnt normal for me. So I had a very had start.
    I weighed myself and Mixed my first lot of the drink which tasted better then I had expected although I found it impossible and couldnt understand the concept of sipping the drink so slowly that it would last several hours. I could only make it last an hour at the max.
    By midmorning I had an orange and then at lunch time mixed my 2nd drink. I wasnt really hungy as such but found I kept thinking about food a lot. That afternoon I had another orange and felt myself going down hill bigtime. I ended up with a headache and feeling totally exhausted so i laydown on the bed and drifted off to sleep for 90mins. My daughters went off to get a cooked chicken for their dinner and i made a garden salad and decided to have a plate of that for dinner and then had my 3rd drink in the early evening. I usually stay up until 11pm but i was totally done in at 8 and found that i ended up feeling ill and thought i was going to be sick so i was in bed by 9 at night and I was wondering why on earth I was doing this to myself.
    Its suggested that you do 30mins of light exercise a da but forget it. I was having enough trouble just exsisting so there was no way I was about to exercise.

    Day 2: I woke feeling fantastic. Weighed myself and was 500g lighter. I had my first drink of the day and prepared for a busy day as i had to head to the supermarket and a few other things i had to see to. I did really well arrived home around 11.30 in the morning and had an orange and then my 2nd drink of the day followed by an orange again in the afternoon. I cooked dinner for the family and agin had a garden salad and my final drink. began to feel exhausted and feel into bed by 10 which stunned my family.

    This morning I woked and weighed myself and was 1.1kg down in total. I felt great but was pleased to get into normal eating again and i find my energy has returned thank goodness.

    I have done a detox only once before and that one was for 3 days and I found it so much easier then this one. The previous one had differnat juices and soups where as this one was very much the same flavour and although i lost 1.1kg im aware that it will go straight back on and im sure i would have lost the same amount if i had done the same diet but with orange juice instead of the detox liquid. Im not convinced that it really has anything to do with the actually product and im certain that this is not a detox that i would be willing to put myself through again.
    Great if you want to lose weight fast but its not for me and its not easy at all.

  17. The day my Fat Blaster 2 day Coconut detox arrived in the mail I decided to make this the day to prepare myself for starting the detox the next day. My ‘preparation’ entailed me scoffing all sorts of food down as my thoughts were if I have to deprive myself from food for 2 days, I’ll make the most of it now while I can. Probably not the best idea, as it suggested that one should ease into a fast.

    Day 1– I was worried about what this coconut stuff would taste like, but, for my first ‘meal’ of the day I was pleasantly surprised, as to me it tasted more like pineapple juice with hints of coconut. I didn’t like trying to make it last over a few hours, as I didn’t want to be going to the fridge several times to go get a sip. And it definitely should be taken cold, as I left it out on my desk while I was working, and thought I’ll sip every now and again, but learnt it did not taste so great room temperature! After that lesson being learnt, I had my lunch time ‘meal’ all in one go, and then just focused on having plenty of water between lunch and dinner. By dinner time, I was fairly hungry, and nothing could distract me from thinking about and wanting food so I decided to go to bed early so I could switch these thoughts off. I should add that I followed this detox religiously (apart from allowing it to last several hours) and I had no snacks whatsoever, although it comforted me greatly to know if the hunger got too bad I could go and snack on some carrot sticks.

    Day 2- Woke up feeling positive and believing “Yes I can finish this”! Stomach felt sunken in so I knew I must have lost some weight. Got on the scales and had lost a kilo overnight. That was better than what I thought I’d lose, and definitely motivated me to stick with it for one more day.
    I have to say the coconut water did not fill me up in the slightest, so I ended up chewing on a lot of gum throughout the day. This is probably cheating? But it was the only thing helping me not want to stuff my face. I seemed to pick the worst days to fast as well, because it was a family member’s birthday and my parents had cooked a delicious looking feast that I had to sit and stare at but go without. And then the cake! Oh how it tempted me! But I’m proud to say I stuck with it, and surprised myself. Where did this new found willpower come from? Beats me. Anyway, I didn’t end up having the drink for dinner, as by the end of the day, the thought of drinking what to me tasted like pineapple juice on what felt like a very empty stomach was not appetising in the least, and I preferred to just sip on water. By late afternoon, I was experiencing detox symptoms, but not the typical headache. I had joint pain, and it got worse as the night went on.

    Day 3- And today is the day I may or may not break my fast. The joint pain has spread to other joints, and I have been reading up on why this happens and to me It sounds like I may need to detox for a bit longer. If I continue on, I’ll be switching to juice or just water. I noticed that the official website of the coconut detox didn’t mention joint pain as a symptom. I 100% believe this is the result of my detoxing, and I would be interested to see if anyone else experienced this or if I was the odd one that did.

    Overall though, I have lost 1.8kg in two days. Not bad considering I don’t have much to lose, being 6ft tall, with a starting weight of 65kg. But, I would strongly suggest, that if you want to try something like this for weight-loss purposes, a protein shake diet where you replace your 3 main meals with shakes, would give you the same fast weight-loss results and would be more sustainable for you to carry on longer than 2 days. This is a detox though and meant for ridding your body of toxins. Weight loss is just a benefit. I’m happy that this gave me the kick start I needed to get back to eating healthier foods again. But to be honest, if I detox again, I’ll go on 2 day water fast instead-get the same results, and save myself $40. I did thoroughly enjoy this experience and learnt a few things about myself. And I am thankful of this opportunity. I Have loved reading everyone else’s reviews so far =)

    *I also should add even though it was recommended, I did no exercise as felt weak and tired with a stomach full of water, that I didn’t want to be sloshed around whilst doing yoga exercises.

  18. I didn’t over think it I just followed the directions I kept myself busy getting sorted for Christmas and found it surprisingly easy I did feel hungry but I stuck to it. I’m ready to head into the silly season refreshed and ready for my New Years resolution to be healthy! I would say give it a go it great to feel flushed out and clean ready for a fresh start. Thanks fat blaster and beauty and lace

  19. I’ve just finished the 2 day detox. This is the first time I have done a detox before so I was really nervous about how I was going to make it through.
    I found the taste of the product to be fantastic! I was like drinking fruit juice for two days and even has a pleasant after taste. 2 Days and 2 kilos later I feel so much better.
    The only real problem I had was that my body is so used to snacking and the actual physical act of chewing food that I had to keep reminding myself that I can not eat anything yet. I wasn’t actually hungry.
    I will most definately be using this again. I couldn’t reccomend it any higher. It is fantastic!

  20. I thought overall Fatblaster 2day Coconut Water Detox worked really well. Although I hated the taste. I was just like drinking Reef Oil Sunscreen. So thick &sunscreeny, it was pretty yuk to me. I also suffered a headache for about 8hrs on day 1, but that was the worst of it. When I woke I day 2 I felt really good, I weighed myself & I had already lost an amazing 2kgs! I didn’t eat at all during the detox, I never felt hungry nor did I crave coffee or chocolate as I had feared. I think this detox would be a great headstart if starting out on a weight loss regime. I lost a total of 4kgs. My stomach isnt bloated & I really do feel I’ve been energized.Thumbs up from me & thankyou for the opportunity to review Fatblaster 2day Detox, I enjoyed it very much. Question; How often can you do this detox?

  21. FatBlaster 2 day Coconut Detox

    Day 1:
    I drank the coconut detox and followed the directions . This was tough because it was the day that I volunteered for the gift wrapping. I felt hungry but I have to discipline myself and tried not to be tempedt with the foods in the foodcourt, home and tv advertisements.

    Day 2:
    Husband complaint that I was putting him on diet 🙂 Reassured him that I still do the cooking for the family.

    I was pleased when I weighed myself that morning were I lost 1 kilo. But I have to say, I missed my usual food. I checked in the for what I can eat and drink because I was getting dizzy. Followed the plan in their website. Ate fruits in the morning and vegies at night time/ and drank more water. I didn’t like having to go to the toilet often 🙁

    Day 3 :
    I weighed myself and I lost 2 Kilos . I don’t feel bloated at all.

    Overall: I was skeptical first but I’m glad that I have taken the steps to try detoxing for the first time. Loved the coconut flavoured. Probably, I wouldn’t try it again though not because the coconut detox doesn’t work but it’s not for me.

    I thank you for the oppportunity to trial this product.

    xox Josette

  22. 2 Day Coconut Detox 🙂

    I am a person that eats extremely well on a daily basis but i found that I was clogging up my system with a lot of drinks over the weekends! (the life of a uni student :() So io thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to get myself back on track!

    DAY1: I really did miss my coffee this morning I Must say ! But I love coconut water and I believe that the detix tastes a lot like it, suprisingly i had the same amount of energy to start my day so that gets the first tick for me 🙂

    Im not a big water drinker also but i found myself drinking a fair amount throughout the day so that was fab! IBy about 3pm I started to get a small headache but I solder on sipping on my detox. I also had aother 2 glasses of water and felt like that satisfied me for the timebeing.

    Normally I would be heading to the gym after work but feeling very low on energy I sipped on some more detox and turned in at about 9pm! Thats a record for me!All up I think i went to the toilet 10 times today great signs of flushing all the bad stuff out of my system!

    Day 2:

    Today I wake up feeling on top of the world, I had a really good sleep and my stomach looked amazingly flat! My skin also looks a little brighter.

    I grab my detox to sip in the car on the way to work. Today i feel really hungry and my stomach is grumbling. I grab a packet of sugarfree chewys and devor them over the next few hours.
    I gave in at luchtime ( I know! :() and had a black tea and an apple)
    I felt like this helped me alot.

    Again I fell asleep extremely early amd woke up to weigh mysef on the scales!

    My stomach is not blaoted anymore, I lost 1.5kg! and I feel amazing! Although rather tired and drained I am thankful for the opportunity to try the detox out.

    I fell that this is a great way for people to start cleansing their body and kick start clean eating!I would definatly recommend this product for a kick start to weight loss but only if you are 100% commited to give it a full go.Now that I did it im happy i tried it! and I feel a lot better in my skin and it has given me motivation to stick to a healthy regime.

    Thanks Beauty and Lace!

  23. Ok Girls… 2 days I can do this… I said… but in the middle was my Birthday… hehe.. so I started late,
    Day 1. Made up Brew.. and drank it straight away, very surprised by taste, not bad …
    Went for a walk to shop which takes about 20minutes, upon arrival felt good, but what happens I smell Coffee!! But do not cave in, order Green Tea instead.

    For Lunch Brew again.. and an Apple
    lots of water during the day
    Tea Coconut Brew again.
    Green Tea for Supper and a wafer
    Tired and went to bed.

    Day 2.

    Went to get out of bed – little light headed..

    Drank Coconut Brew for breakfast with an apple
    Went for walk on treadmill, as learnt for yesterday, leaving house, not good idea (need toilet more than I thought)

    Feeling not as bright today..
    Taking it easy today at home

    Have Green Tea for Morning Tea and some dry crackers

    Lunch Coconut Brew

    Plenty of water in between

    Apple and banana as was hungry during the day sometime

    Dinner last of the Coconut Brew

    Now I have completed it… it is doable.. but the amount of times you go to the toilet is the worst side effect … and having had colostomy before I am not going to go down this part again.

    Would prefer to do a more natural way of loosing weight. But in saying that I am not as bloated, have lost nearly 2kg, which I am happy about , not would prefer not to lose it that way.

    The product works and I thank Coconut Detox and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trail this product. 🙂

    The product itself

  24. I’ve heard a lot about this product, so was very excited to be included in this trial. First of all, the directions couldn’t be simpler or easier to follow. It was so easy to mix up this thick syrup with cold water, stir and sip away.
    The taste was fantastic, very coconutty and tropical, like I was on an island in summer! I had absolutely no problems with the delicious taste. I only wish I did better on the willpower front.
    I started off really well, upping my water intake and loving the first two shakes. However, I then developed a massive headache that made me feel like I was going to throw up. And it was at this time that I had to pick up my son from school, and so I had to make him food to eat. I caved and ate some salada biscuits because I was so starving and thought it might ease my headache.
    I really want to give this another go (properly this time!) so I can see the full effects.

  25. Wow, l was so excited when my pack arrived for the coconut detox. Firstly, l love coconut and secondly, l knew my body needed to have a good cleansing (detox).

    As soon as it arrived and read the instructions, well l pushed myself to do this. The taste was was great not to strong. I began to elimainate all the foods that was making me feel bloated etc. I did drink lots of water and l must admit after this trial l lost 2kg. It felt great to do this trial as l know if you stick to it and follow the instructions and push yourself to change the way you eat, you will be rewarded in how you feel and your body will thank you for it.

    Thank you Beauty & Lace and Coconut detox for this opportunity in trialing this as my body needed a good detox.

  26. I was so happy to be chosen for this review. I’ve often thought about doing a detox before, but I’ve never got around to it. I’d seen the ads for the coconut detox and this one particularly appealed to me because I’m a big fan of coconut oil and use it in all my cooking and for many other things at home. I must admit that I felt I really had to plan when I was going to do the detox and I ended up choosing to do it during the week-one day a work day and one day a home day. Although I know it’s not good, I am happy to skip meals, so I decided not to eat anything while I was detoxing. The taste was really nice and something I could have more of and I found it easy to drink. I didn’t get hungry, but I did find it difficult not eating at lunch and tea times because its just habit to eat then. I also had to get my husband to cook tea for the kids because I felt it would be to much of a temptation for me to cook and I was also starting to get a bit miserable by then. I managed to drink the 2L of water easily. What was not easy was finding the time to go to the toilet because I can have the smallest sip of water and next thing I know I’m busting to go to the toilet with a full bladder. My work day was difficult because I felt like I was busting to go to the toilet all day, fortunately I have a great colleague who was very understanding. On the second day, I felt trapped at home because of needing to go to the toilet all the time, so apart from school pick up/drop off I stayed home. I did notice that I was tired and irritable on the second day, but I did manage to hold myself together. By tea on the second night I was desperate to eat, but not really because I was hungry, but I held out. I did lose some weight over those two days and that has inspired me to be more aware of my food intake, especially over Christmas. Overall, I feel cleansed and a lot better for it, it was hard work for me and although I would do it again when I felt it was needed, it’s not something I would consider doing lightly and it would have to be planned for. Thank you Beauty and Lace for letting me be a part of this review >:o)

  27. I did the 2 day detox midweek, and as I was at work it wasn’t too hard.
    The taste was pleasant although it was hard to make 250 mls last more than about 30 mins so i was sipping water quite a lot in between. I also drank constantly during the day, which was not out of the ordinary for me, I usually have a bottle of water on my desk anyway. I was slightly peckish by lunchtime but resisted the urge to eat anything and had the second dose of detox. By the time I got home I was very lightheaded and needed to eat something, so had a small garden salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion with a drizzle of dressing) for dinner which seemed to curb the headache and the cravings. By the end of the first day I was feeling okay.
    Day 2 I jumped on the scales and was surprised to see I had lost 1 kilo although I suspected that was mainly fluid, as with most diets. The detox was okay, still tasting pleasantly “tropical” like coconut juice with a touch of pineapple, so not at all unpleasant. By lunch time I was hungry and had another small salad for lunch to stave off the lightheadedness. Another small salad for dinner and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn’t hungry at all. Maybe it was more to do with blood sugar levels that was causing the “headaches” and not hunger.
    After 2 full days I had lost 2.1 kg and was very pleased.
    I am not sure if my measurements were wrong but found that after taking the 6 doses I still had one more dose of 125mls left so figured I would start day 3 with another dose.
    During day 3 I realised that my hunger levels had dropped quite a bit in the last couple of days and that by lunch time I was not as hungry as normal so just picked at a small salad.
    By now I was feeling almost “lighter, and cleaner’ if that is possible.
    My computer died on the Thursday night so I was unable to do my review, so have waited until now, Sunday night, and I must report that, while I have not weighed myself since Friday I still feel lighter and cleaner and have had more energy for the weekend.
    I believe that the coconut detox has definately been of benefit to me, it has cleansed my system and had a visible effect on my wellbeing, as well as having a visible effect on my body shape. I feel and look lighter and cleaner. I don’t have that bloated belly that i did before I did the detox and all over my body is a little bit more streamlined.
    I will certainly be looking to detox again on a regular basis, and will continue eating a healthy diet and doing moderate exercise.

    I would like to thank Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to try this product , and look forward to many more opportunities and also many interesting and informative reviews and articles.

  28. 2 day Fat Blaster Coconut Detox Review

    I completed the 2 day detox and have a few comments.

    I’m not a big fan of coconut flavours but the taste of the Coconut Detox was surprisingly pleasant. A little too good for a detox. I have tried a couple of other drink detox programs and have found the taste to be unpleasant.

    Weight Loss
    I weighted myself the morning I started the detox, and then again on the morning after completing the detox. I lost 2 kilograms.

    Normally if I go without food for any longer than 4 hours I would be grumpy and hungry, however I found that on the detox I wasn’t hungry.

    I did lack energy throughout the detox, and found that I was going to bed earlier than normal. Having said that, I found that when I woke up in the morning, I still wasn’t hungry and felt like I had a solid night’s sleep.

    I also had a couple of light headaches on the second day of the detox. I assume this was my body complaining about the lack of caffeine.

    Thanks to Beauty & Lace and FatBlaster for the chance to trial this product. I would happily try it again when I am in need for another detox (probably after Christmas!).

  29. I appreciate being given the opportunity to trial this product, however I was probably ambitious to take it on. I nominated yesterday and today as my 2 days, a Sunday and Monday. My concern was not being able to function properly at work on an empty stomach, hence my inclusion of a weekend day.
    I started off well yesterday, working like a Trojan all day washing windows and gardening. I felt that it was best to keep as distracted as possible and I was surprised to not feel hungry at all for most of the day. My energy levels seemed high until I finished my work, then there was a noticeable flagging of energy and the onset of a headache (I never get headaches if I go without tea). I relented and had a banana at 5 pm, then a filafel and small salad for dinner.
    As I had a meeting this morning I was not prepared to risk not having breakfast, so I did have a bit of cereal with soy. I then launched into the brew for the rest of the day, drank heaps of water, but felt absolutely starving by the time afternoon came. I caved in at 3.30 and had some nuts and grainy snacks (probably too many actually). This is the problem with getting too hungry – one tends to then eat way too much to fill the emptiness.
    The greatest benefit of my attempt for me was paying more attention to my body – being more mindful of the experience of desiring food, and distinguishing between hunger pangs, and wanting to eat because it’s time to eat or just because I’m bored. This is what I take away with me from the trial, and I am happy with that as it will help me manage my intake in the future.
    I would try the Coconut detox again, but perhaps just for a day rather than 2 days.

  30. This is a lovely product! Tastes great and helps clean the system! I felt so clear headed and, well, just fabulous after completing the detox.

    Day one was hard, I think food is often a habit, but the lovely fruity taste of the product were a treat and I managed to snack appropriately all day. By the evening I was feeling quite hungry so I had some steamed veggies and a piece of fruit. A slight head ache went I went to bed but I got a good nights sleep.

    Day 2 I felt a little lethargic but after getting up and having my detox it all came good. My day was fantastic, I felt totally in control and my cravings were all but gone. This is incredible for day 2 but I just felt great. Some sensible snacks and lots of water later I end the day on a real high!

    All in all I lost 1.8kg and really enjoyed the detox. I am a fan now and will be doing it again!

  31. Somehow I only just managed to get through this! haha. I am part italian and we love our food so it was a real mission! The flavour was fantastic but I found I was VERY hungry almost all the time! By half way through day 2 I was very ready to give up but soldiered on. My body did feel cleansed after and I would consider trying it again in the future. I will definately recommend this to my strong willed friends of course 🙂

  32. Well I waited until I had my two day off work to try this.
    Day 1 – Made up the drink, actually tastes very nice. Missing my first coffee for the day, Can I do this????? Had an apple for lunch, really missing my coffee actually have a headache now, caved in and had my coffee. Really sorry just couldn’t do it at this time I year. Will try again in the new year……… 2013 I can do this……..xx

  33. I was talk excited to be included in this detox trial. I received the bottle on wednesday and completed it over the weekend. Day 1 the beginning I was hesitant as other detoxes I have tried have been quite ordinary, but I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the coconut detox mix, it was very refreshing and tasty. I found day one ok but I had headaches by the end of the day so on day two I had a lot more water between the detox drink. I did some walking over the two days and noticed I felt a lot better and my skin looked a lot clearer on my face. Overall I would say the detox worked well and I would do it again. Thank you for letting me take part in this trial.

  34. Two days was easy to stick to. I made sure I didn’t have to go grocery shopping and that the kids had snacks made up for the next two days because preparing too much food would have not helped my willpower!

    The taste is good and the weather has been hot so it was easy to drink instead of eat. I did get a headache both days in the late afternoon, nothing too bad to handle though.

    Results: Tummy definitely felt good. I do get a bit of bloating and it helps with that. I lost a kilo on the detox, I think it was extra fluid as I don’t feel as ‘puffy’ in the heat. Not really any other results to talk about.

    Overall the Fatblaster Coconut Detox was good, made my gut feel healthy and clean and I would do this detox again.

  35. I really like the idea of the Fatblaster Coconut Detox diet, but I found it pretty difficult to execute.
    The instructions say to dilute half a cup of the liquid with water and sip slowly over 2-3 hours. I’d love to do this, but unfortunately, it means that I wouldn’t be able to do the detox during the week, or when I’m studying or… well, it makes it a little difficult to navigate time wise.
    The detox also asks that you supplement meals with the liquids, and if you have to eat then keep it small and keep it totally clean. I can eat cleanly (being vegetarian makes this infinitely easier!), but again, not eating – especially breakfast – is difficult when the day ahead is going to be hectic and unfortunately, the coconut liquid didn’t fill me up completely.
    It tastes lovely, that isn’t an issue. It does everything that it says it will and I fully intend on using this detox again, but just be warned – make sure you haven’t got a full schedule either day and keep some raw nuts on hand because if you’re like me, you’re going to need to snack!

  36. Woke feeling great to start the detox and see what I could achieve. I weighed myself first thing in the morning so I could gauge the weight loss (if any). First drink was ‘different’, I personally didn’t like the taste of the drink – I think it reminded me of an alcoholic drink I had a bad experience with haha. 12pm on the first day and headache was in full-effect (felt extremely dizzy too). Had a green tea and a handful of almonds with my second drink and could hardly stomach the drink. At this point I couldn’t even stomach the drink.
    After feeling extremely faint and light-headed I decided to stop the detox as I didn’t want to pass out at work.
    I am a very healthy person, eating 6 small meals a day, water, gym etc. Unfortunately I was disappointed with my efforts with this detox.

  37. started detox, taste was nice coconutty with a splash of pineapple was not hard to drink. I felt fine the 2 days went to the toilet lots as drank loads of water.
    felt hungry first evening as had nothing to occupy the mind,

    Whilst at work I had no problems and was glad i tried it dropped 2 kilos on the detox and it has kick started a new weight lose regime.

    the bloate tummy feeling is gone so all in all a good reult.

    may do another detox in a month or so.


  38. Unfortunately, I didn’t have great results from this detox. Like a lot of other people who have reviewed, I experienced a lot of the same problems.
    I woke up the first day feeling great and ready for it. I did not like the taste or consistency of the drink whatsoever (the bubbling effect really put me off) but I continued to slowly drink it – this was difficult as I did not really like it, and it made it hard to just keep drinking it all day long.
    By the afternoon I had a terrible headache and was feeling dizzy, and even the thought of taking another sip made me feel queasy. I had work that evening so I decided to call it a day and quit.

    I think it’s a great idea for those who do like the taste (just personal preference here) and who can handle this, but unfortunately for me this did not work.

  39. 1st taste yum reminded of a pina colada without the alchol, drank plenty of water during day afternoon came felt edgy & tired, found it a little hard being at work with others eating all kinds of different things around me but hadnt mentioned to them as Im really wanting to complete this detox then let them know how happy i felt with my self, by dinner time i was really starting to feel hungry & a little light headed, so gave in to a small can of tuna in spring water, bit annoyed with myself so showered etc & off to bed. 2nd day must be easier as I dont have to go to work & it was until lunch time came by this time I was a little sick of the taste however I got past this, afternoon had a nap it filled in time & stopped me thinking about food dinner time came & I had a headache so a handful of nuts seemed to ease my distress I had another early night. morning after I felt good & happy knowing i did my best, tummy bloat had gone & I did feel lighter, i will try this again at my own pace & maybe after xmas when ive put on xmas pud.

  40. Like alot of these other lovely ladies , I was nervous about starting the detox… very hard becasue ‘”Tis the season to be Merry”. I’m not a coffee drinker but a BIG tea drinker and not the biggest fan of green tea but it worked out. The flavour I enjoyed but I also suffered with headaches like alot of the other ladies. It started around 3pm until bed time, water and headache tablets didn’t move it.
    I also snacked on carrots and cucumber – felt I needed to chew on something as much as I love water and it made it a little more sociable when having dinner with the family.
    Day 2 – a little slower, a little less motivated but doale with an end and goal in sight.
    Day 3 – a total of 1.9kg lost – so well worth going without for 2 days. I’d love to try again after the New Year. Thanks Beauty and Lace for the opportunity

  41. Warning, dont try Xmas shopping and using this Detox at the same time.
    It is very fillIing and has a kind of sweet taste, it is quite easy to get used too.
    But If you have a sensitive stomach, be careful as I had a bit of pain. Not the fault of the product.
    Im not sure if I feel detoxed as I have eaten too many cakes in the mas shopping stress!
    But I would recommend it to people with stronger stomachs than my’n.
    Happy Xmas to Beauty and Lace and thankyou for letting me try this product.

  42. OK so this was my first ever detox.

    The taste was great. It tasted like a coconut/pineapple juice my dad used to love. I read up on all the instructions the night before and while it said you could eat (and gave you guidelines) it said that best results would be with no food. So I decided then that I would take nothing to work but my shake and a nectarine.

    My biggest struggle was afternoon tea and dinner (after making and watching my husband eat!) I learnt that I got the best results but sipping the shake slowly inbetween mouthfuls of water. I craved food so bad that first afternoon/night. I eat chocolate pretty much everyday and had a house full of it. But I am proud to say that I made it throught Day 1 with just a snack on my nectarine in the afternoon.

    Day 2 I decided that if I could make it through Day 1 I would go the whole way and make it worth it. I only got really truly hungry (with pains) that second night because I let about 8 hours slip by between my lunch and dinner shake. As soon as I started sipping my dinner shake those pains went away.

    Not only did completing this detox give me a boost of pride at my self control (which before now did NOT exist). I lost 2 kilos. I noticed a flattening of my tummy a feeling of lightness and being refreshed when I woke up in the mornings instead of being tired and weighed down.

    This detox is simply easy and allows you to eat if needed (within parameters). It tastes great and only goes for 2 days which is entirely doable – If I can do this you surely can! I think that I will definitely do this again after christmas. And will a detox that I go to if I’m ever in need of a quick cleanse!

    Thanks Beauty and Lace!!

  43. With Christmas just around the corner, this came as a big help to me! With the over indulging that is about to occur, it felt good to use a product that aims to make me feel lighter and healthier! The taste was pretty good, a little bit sweet but I just watered it down a bit more! Had a few small snacks over the time, but managed to keep them minimal. Had a few occasions whe I felt light headed and dizzy, but that’s where the healthy snacks and more water helped me out. I think it would be good to use in the new year again, when we all tend to place weight related goals as resolutions!

  44. Thanks for the opportunity to try this product!

    I was really excited to try this product, I’ve been considering one of these detoxes for ages, but sadly, the Coconut Detox left a lot to be desired.

    I was doing fairly well for most of the first day. The mixture you make up to drink smells very tropical and fruity, more pineapple than anything else, you don’t get much of a hint of coconut until after drinking the mix. Initially the taste was tolerable, but I found that after the second cup I struggled to get through the cup, resorting to absolutely sculling it to get it down. By the end of the first day I would have had two full cups. For dinner I ended up steaming some broccoli to eat as I was feeling quite faint.

    Day 2, I switched over and kind of followed the maintenance program as there was no way I would physically make it through the day without additional sustenance. I managed to get two more cups in, but sadly had to give in and stop drinking the mix, by lunch I was very faint and weak and drinking the mix did not solve the problem. I am assuming from blood sugar changes (no I’m not diabetic). I couldn’t finish the last cup, I couldn’t stomach it.

    Despite not being able to follow the program fully, after the full two days had passed I was feeling lighter and was noticeable less bloated, but this may also be due to not consuming any dairy over the two day detox. I did not weigh myself as I don’t have accurate scales handy.

    This product is definitely not for everybody and I strongly recommend anybody tossing up whether or not to do the program have a very big think about it; going without food is a challenge, especially if you have family and friends around you; some people (like me) can have big blood sugar spikes and not be diabetic, this can make you feel awful and in some cases (like mine), lead to being faint; actually drinking the mix can be a challenge in itself. I think my ability to drink the made up solution could be part due to the fact I have had to drink bowel-prep solution in the past, and the texture of the mix was very similar.

  45. First off, love the taste – I’m a big fan of coconut (fresh or in meals) so found I both enjoyed the taste & didn’t really get sick of it.

    What I found very difficult, like the others was the willpower side, though I did find day one easier than day two.

    I managed to follow the detox pretty well exactly as described on day one, but found, like others, I was tired, headachy, & yes, rather irritable by the end of the day. I couldn’t quite give up coffee either, but did limit myself to just 2 cups all day & also had a green tea at work instead of coffee in the afternoon. Cooking for others was very hard for dinner that evening too, knowing I was on the restricted detox meal. I was starving! But I stuck it out on day one.

    Day two was harder – I had my detox drink in the morning, but by middle of the day caved in & had to have a light lunch & then had a normal dinner. Basically I stopped the detox program half way through day two.

    Bit disappointed with myself for not going 100% through the 2 days but at the same time, I feel I gave it a good shot & a day minus regular meals & detoxing was good for my health.

    Personally I think I’m better suited to doing this one day at a time, easier, and I can see health benefits from doing this say one day a month – both in terms of weightloss & cleansing the system. I did drop around a kilo from my day and a bit program, very happy with how well it works for weight loss assistance.

  46. I absolutely loved this detox product! I’ve done a longer detox in the past based on herbal tablets but this one was a lot easier as well as far more effective! I was a bit apprehensive about the taste as I’m not a big fan of coconut water, but it was surprisingly delicious and easy to drink. It was a bit hard to make it last the several hours for each serving, but I sipped water in between and managed to spin it out for at least an hour each time. I also snacked on fruit and vegetables in between to keep my energy up, though it was actually quite filling and I didn’t feel weak or tired at all.

    After the first day, my stomach was far less bloated, and it’s incredible how flat it ended up by the end of it! I lost around 2-3 kilos during the two day trial and while I regained most of it afterwards, my stomach has actually stayed a lot flatter since and the detox made me feel cleansed and energised. Definitely a fantastic experience! I highly recommend picking up a bottle of this coconut detox to kick off your new year’s resolutions!

  47. This is the first time I have tried a detox like this, have previously done the 15day ones, but at least you could still eat food. I really struggled through the 2 days with only being able to drink the detox and water.
    I was suffering quite bad from a headache about half way through day 1, had a cup of green tea to help a little.

    The actual taste of the detox was ok, pleasant enough, trying to span the glass out over a few hours was the hardest, would have rather just drunk it quickly and been over with it!

    I did feel a lot lighter by the end of the 2nd day, but was very happy to be able to eat some fruit!

  48. Ok so most definitely the wrong time of year to be doing a fat blaster 2 day plan coconut detox – or perhaps the right time of year? If you don’t eat anything for 2 days – YES you will loose weight…Fat Blaster 2 day coconut detox tastes delicious…almost as like a christmas cocktail I’m sure we’ve all sipped…but alas coconut syrup & water for 2 days left me feeling really bloated, had a horrible taste in my mouth & knowing I was fasting for 2 days really, really hungry…after 24hrs got a monster headache that no amount of water could get rid of…I was very thirsty & ended up drinking 3-4litres of water a day…Once the 48hrs was up I did find for the next few days I ate less than usual & felt full after small portions of meals…All in all I think starving yourself isn’t good, that & the lack of vitamin content clearly visible on the bottle can only lead me to question how healthy the 2 day coconut detox plan is…Happy I tried it, wouldn’t do it again or recommend it to a friend.

  49. It probably would have been useful to do this after the holiday season but I was keen to try it.

    I have to say I dont think I did the detox justice and I am not exactly in need of a fast burning detox diet at the moment. Actually I have been struggling with my appetite lately as I lost it for a while and I was worried I was loosing too much weight. I did want to detox and start off on a health kick to make sure Im eating the right foods and taking the right vitamins. That being said, I think I failed the 2 day plan as I did eat snacks as I felt drained and so tired, Also I ending up eating food as per normal half way through.
    I dont think my body was physically ready for a detox but the idea behind it is good enough, a little bit drastic but detox is always going to be something not so enjoyable.
    After christmas/ new years I think its a great way to cleanse your body and prepare a new dietary plan for the new year.

  50. I totally sucked at this detox. With a little one to take care of like a lot of the other mums i found this unattainable. The headache i got from not having my morning coffee was horrible. I also thought the drink tasted a lot like a pina colada which wasnt appealing for first thing in the morning.

    I felt like trying to drink something over 3 hours as per instructions on the bottle was really hard because if you are hungry you just want to scull it! i lasted until about 2pm then caved and ate food and had a coffee.

    Sorry beauty and lace, i just wasnt cut out for this one! I will try it again but maybe when my partner isnt at work as I have read that when detoxing it is a good idea to get a massage and lots of sleep to assist in healing process which i just cannot do on my own with bub! 🙂 thanks for letting me try the product though!

  51. I was nervous about my only food for 2 days to be one bottle of coconut juice. My first taste on Day 1 breakfast time was delicious, like a tropical cocktail. I managed to sip it over the next few hours and made it to lunchtime for serving number two. By not eating I or drinking coffee I was getting a lot more done that day, also trying to distract myself. It wasn’t until 3pm on the first day that I felt hungry and a little weak. As a mum, at this point I was thinking how I would be able to cook the family dinner feeling this way, so I had a small portion of a protein bar which kept me distracted until dinner.

    Cooking the family dinner, I just couldn’t drink the coconut juice, so I did eat dinner, slightly smaller portion than usual. Day 2 (half a kilo lighter), I sipped the coconut juice for breakfast over a few hours as suggested. By lunchtime, I was craving food and succumbed, as too with dinner.

    It was quite depressing not having food, the whole experience felt like a starvation “diet” which it basically is. As for the detox, there was no rushing to the toilet, headaches or feeling jittery, just a gradual feeling of weakness.

    I think the coconut juice is totally delicious so I would definitely consider it as a snack between healthy meals (along the lines of the Detox Maintenance Plan), but as total meal replacements for 60 hours (from dinner Day 0 to breakfast Day3), it doesn’t work for me when I have a family to look after.

  52. I have been unable to do the Detox.I have had family staying with me since before Christmas and have been the one who does all the cooking etc.I didn’t even atempt to try while this has been going on as I am a cook that taste tests all my food before serving and I knew I would not be able do the Detox while this is going on.My relatives leave next week and I am hoping to do the Detox on my next days off from work.I am very dissappointed I have been unable to do it yet.

  53. It was with great excitement that I got to trial the FatBlaster Coconut Detox. Friends of mine had been doing detoxes recently and I was keen to get in on the act after hearing of their positive experiences.
    I trialled the detox over a weekday and weekend and found it much easier whilst at home simply because I could better distract myself from thinking about food by reading a book and going for a walk etc.
    I was extremely happy to find the taste of the product was really yummy with a good combination of coconut and pineapple flavour. It was quite syrupy but went down well once mixed with water. I just had to be sure I only had small sips as you are meant to make it last for 2-3 hours if possible and also found it was much nicer when kept in the fridge. I just left a spoon in my glass and would give a stir before each sip as it does tend to separate in the glass otherwise.
    I found I was quite tired at the end of the first day and had a small headache when I got up on the second day but after having my first few sips it disappeared. I didn’t get too hungry on the first day thankfully but on the second day, found my stomach was rumbling! I distracted myself by going for a walk, reading and if it got really bad, having a few extra sips of the drink. I felt really tired on the second night so went to bed quite early and woke on the third day actually feeling really refreshed.
    I found I lost 1.8kgs overall and that when I started eating again, I actually didn’t feel like eating my usual huge portion size which is awesome! I felt refreshed and my stomach was not bloated. I would recommend this detox to anyone. 2 days without eating was difficult but I managed and have found the results to be very worth the discomfort.
    I will definitely be doing this detox again in the future if I start to feel sluggish and bloated again.

  54. The absolute worst diet! If you’re skinny with a bit of bloating, yes do this diet. If you’re average or above and have a gut, you are going to be very disappointd after doing this detox.

    I stuck to my guns and only drank the mixture. I found it terribly sweet, almost a sweet medicine flavor. When it said on the pack that you. We’d to drink the mixture over 2 to 3 hours, j wondered how I could drag it out. This isn’t a worry at all. It’s that sweet, you’ll be sipping to eventually get through it.

    Im of average weight and height and I usually go to the gym every morning and exercise at night as well somails wider myself pretty fit however even i struggled to get through this diet,physically. I had a headache by middle of my first day, which only worsened by end of second day. It said nit to do any strenuous exercise so I just kept to my nightly walks and even then I could feel how weak I was. On top o that, you can’t lie down without feeling faint when you stand up.

    All this, just for two days and you’d think it would be worth it. Unfortunately I only lost a kilo and I don’t doubt that was all fluid. Other than that, there is no physical change.

    For something worth forty dollars, it’s not worth it ladies. 1 pro to so many cons, I’m completely against it. Do yourselves a favour, and dont waste money or time in this detox diet.

  55. I gave the detox a go and, while it did have a pretty good taste, I don’t think I would go out and buy this detox. I did a short detox on my own last year with my juicer, making fresh juice and drinking plenty of water, and that seemed to go better than the FatBlaster Coconut Detox. I must admit that I didn’t make it the whole time without eating and I think part of this is because the actual amount of fluid you drink with each coconut drink isn’t very much at all and you have to drink that over 2-3 hours. This made it difficult for me at work, but I think if I was working from home and doing this then I would sit there and think about eating a snack or something; whereas when I did my juice detox there was a larger volume of juice to drink at each ‘meal’ and it really filled me up. I didn’t notice any physical change and I don’t have a scale, so I don’t know if any weight was lost or not (note my mention earlier that I didn’t follow the detox completely).

    I will at least say that the FatBlaster Coconut Detox had a better taste than I expected. I thought it would taste bitter or like some kind of medicine, but it wasn’t too bad. I wouldn’t say that I would buy it again though because it didn’t make me feel rejuvenated/healthier/cleaner like I am used to with a detox. Thanks 🙂

  56. im using the coconut detox for the second time, i start tomorrow morning the first time used it it worked well lost 3kg, but after 1year ive regained the 3kg and ive decided to do it again, i remember the last time sucked i had no energy i was crabby and moody but it worked so ill start in the morning, cross my fingers.

  57. today is my first day on the detox ive slept most of the day and i have a headache and im so so crabby. im not hungry at all. i feel like killing someone, but hay ive come this fare im not giving in. so im up to my dinner detox my partner is crabby with me cause ive been so crabby. almost one day to go. should sleep good i have 0 energy hope my partner gives me cuddles cause im going to need lots of cuddles to keep going on the detox 🙂 flat as a pancake

  58. i just had the last of the coconut detox. yesterday i had the three detoxes and at tea i had lettuce and tuna. i was all good after i had eaten, then today i had the two detoxes and then i had a 150grams low fat yogurt and fruit then tonight with the last detox i had a salad and tuna, feeling lighter and the tiny bit of food ive eaten made the horrible headaches go away todays been better then yesterday. plus but eating a little bit of food today is going to make my body not store fat tomorrow. so ill weigh tomorrow and hope my weight is 56.9kg or less then i plan to do the same on saturday next week so my weight is 55kg. feel good ill be happy to do this detox again next weekend but this time with alittle food not no food. good luck everyone!!!!

  59. omg! i weigh 56.5kg. i went all weekend eating my normal diet foods. and im doing the doing another coconut detox. but with a diffence, i got up and i had fruit and detox then i had this japanese detox soup with miso paste and coconut detox. then yogurt and fruit then ill have soup with fish and prawns and the last of the detox. cause i did the same thing yesterday. last weekend when i did the detox the first day i didnt eat that much and i felt like killing someone, but today and yesterday was completely different. plus by eating i know i wont put this weight back on. feeling pretty happy with my self, hopefully i lose between 1kg-1.5kg then ill weigh 55kg again and wont have weighed that much in ages 🙂

  60. today i decided to do another detox so ill start tomorrow. ill try and do a heap of more at the gym tomorrow. ive still got 1.5kg to lose. hope it happens

  61. I lost 1.4kg after 1 day on detox. I wonder that I lost natural body water, food in stomach completely digested….so that is reason for weight loss.
    I do 2days straight now. Wait for tomorrow morning.

  62. I have just done this 2 day detox, but not through this site. These reviews came up when I googled it.
    I ate no food whatsoever, and only drank the detox mix and water.
    I liked the coconut taste but was surprised at how thick it was. But I REALLY wanted a coffee!!!
    By mid day on the First day, I had a terrible headache, so about 4pm I took 2 Panadol. Which helped. I was exhausted so went to bed at 8pm. I felt sick, and thought I was going to throw up, but I went to sleep ok, but woke at 2am needing to go to the loo.
    I managed to go back to sleep, and woke around 6am which was late for me, as I’m usually up by 5am.
    Day 2. I drank over 3 litres of water but again ate nothing. The headache wasn’t as bad, but I still took 2 Panadol around 3pm.
    I expected the detox to get my bowels moving, but nothing in that direction. However, I had to wee a lot so stayed at home near the toilet.
    I am yet to weigh myself but after day 1 I had lost half a kilo, so I am hoping I can loose the same amount at the end of day 2.
    I found this detox pretty easy to stick to, but I was totally exhausted, and grateful that I had the chance to just stay home.
    I would do it again.

  63. I have finished the 2 day detox and although I dont have much energy i feel xcellent. I am of the retiring age so I am able to pamper myself when i dont have energy. I am going to follow the ongoing meal plans as I am unable to accept that i did the 2 days and then go of track
    I expect i will continue to loose weight and if i follow the maintenance plan i should continue to loose each week. If not I will do my usual and either give up o find something else to give me the results I am working toward.
    I have found the coconut very refreshing and I used it as a tool to take away any desire to eat. heres praying i can come back in aweek or to and add to this blogg.

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