USER REVIEWS: Reducta Hunger Reduction Chewing Gum

Help achieve your weight loss goals!

Reducta Hunger Reduction Chewing Gum is the convenient appetite suppressant that helps you control your appetite – anywhere, anytime! Reducta Chewing Gum is specially formulated with *Satiereal® a special form of saffron, clinically researched to help decrease snacking by 55%. If you eat and snack less, you have a higher chance of reaching your weight loss goals.

No more diet-disaster snacking!

The secret weapon in your pocket, purse or desk drawer, Reducta Chewing Gum helps reduce your urge to snack, so you’re less likely to give in to morning and afternoon cravings. Reducta Chewing Gum is a helpful addition to any weight management strategy that includes healthy eating & exercise.

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To reduce meal portion size & appetite: If you find it difficult to manage your appetite, chew 2 pieces of gum 30 minutes before 2 main meals.

To reduce snacking: Chew 1-2 pieces of gum during your ‘danger’ time, such as pre-morning tea, post-afternoon tea, late night snacking or when you need that “sweet fix”.

To reduce post exercise hunger: Exercise can make you hungry. If you have been working out, don’t undo all the good you’ve done with post exercise snacks and a sugar fix.

Chew 1 to 2 pieces of gum to help control that craving.

To use in conjunction with Reducta Tablets: If you are using Reducta Hunger Reduction Tablets morning and night, you can chew 1-2 gums as required during the day to avoid those in between snacks.

50 of our members have been trialling the Reducta Chewing Gum, find out what they thought below or add your own review.

167 thoughts on “USER REVIEWS: Reducta Hunger Reduction Chewing Gum

  1. I am happy to report that I received my Reducta chewing gums today.
    They come in a box of thirty gums packed in a blister Pack similar to ones you get for tablets.
    I tried two pieces today just before my dinner. As it is a specialised gum I was expecting the flavour to be different and was totally expecting it to taste quite medicine like . I was totally surprised that these gums have the traditional minty gum flavour and they taste no different to traditional mint gums sold in market. So that’s a huge plus that I enjoy the flavour they also make my mouth fresh too.
    Watch out bit more feedback on the performance of these gums.
    I weighed myself before I started this and I weigh 75 kg I’m planning to combine regular exercise and healthy eating and eating these gums to reduce my appetite hopefully I see some weight loss.

    1. I would like to order 6 packets of reducta chewing gum can you please post it to unit 3 92 / 94 bird street montello burnie tas 7320 my mobile number is 0487679702 my home phone number is 0364311253

  2. I received the Reducta Chewing Gum this morning and I wanted to post my initial impressions after using it today.

    Basically, so far, I feel IT WORKS.

    I chewed two pieces around the time would normally have had morning team and found that I wasn’t bothered by hunger pangs. Same thing in the afternoon and now in the post dinner period.

    I am looking forward to seeing how this goes for me as snacking is a big issue. I will report next Thursday!

  3. Hi there.

    I received my Reducta Weightloss Chewing Gum on Friday and because of my birthday on Saturday, began my trial on Sunday. This came at a perfect time for me as I have just had two babies in 18 months so I finally decided now was the time to lose the baby weight. I’m two days in using the gum and I’ve noticed it cuts down a snacking session I would normally have in between meals. This is great and I’ll be back Sunday to do a proper review of my first week.

  4. Tried it this morning and chewed 2 pieces before the time I knew I would start getting hungry and it didn’t do a thing. Nice tasting gum but I am not a gum chewer anyway. Still got hungry at the same time I always do. Waste of money.

  5. After a week of using the Reducta Chewing Gum I have lost……2 kg.

    The gum is pleasant tasting and as others have mentioned is not unlike normal chewing gum (although it is a pale yellow). Its not intrusive to quickly grab and chew and tastes good.

    I have found that it has helped my between meal snacking and I am finding it much easier to say no to work place morning teas and eat more sensible meals. All in all I am very happy with week one and look forward to the coming week.

  6. My first impressions of the gum were all positive. I had thought the taste might of been a herbal, unusual taste because of the ingredients mentioned. But it is a pleasant mint flavour, and they turn from white to bright yellow after chewing. They come in easy to use blister packs.
    I have been using this gum for a week now and I haven’t really noticed any decrease in appetite when eating main meals. A slight decrease in snacking and therefore feeling less bloated. No decrease in weight as yet, but I am determined to stick to it and keep going!

  7. Hello,

    I was picked as one of the users to trial this new chewing gum and received on Friday last week.

    I will have to say that I am a ridiculous consumer of new products – a marketers dream some might say, however this desire to try is equally measured with my skepticism of well… let’s just say a lot of things 🙂

    This is where I also admit that I am a bit naughty time to time and due to 2 birthday parties on the weekend (one my 2 year old’s) that I did not start until Monday. My rationale was why waste a potentially good thing.

    Day 3 and I will have to say – I think it might work… I have been taking in that pre lunch and apres lunch pre dinner period where I am hungry / or trained sadly by my naughty self to go foraging for something tasty. I am not sure if it is the placebo effect or the gum right now but I am so far happy.

    I dont think I have lost 2 kgs like Deborah – that is nuts and I am jealous. But I am pretty sure I have not had secret snacks when I normally would have – so that can only be a good thing.

    Will check in again next week for an update

  8. I got my products at the beginning of the week and was surprised at the size of each piece of gum – it is about the size of a mentos. I was expecting it to be much smaller especially when the instructions tell you to have 2 pieces if necessary.
    I was feeling peckish when I went grocery shopping so I decided to try my first piece of Reducta (we all know how dangerous it can be to go shopping on an empty stomach!), I expected it to not have much flavour. I was wrong! It had a good peppermint flavour! I expected it to dry out and be hard in about 5 minutes. I was wrong! The gum lasted for ages and stayed really moist and flavoursome! And most importantly – it reduced the hungry feeling! I didn’t need to buy chocolate or biscuits to eat on the way home 😉 I have been surprised at how well the gum has been working for me so far, and am feeling very positive about this trial!!

  9. I have just finished my first week of Reducta. I was a little bit skeptical at first however I have found it works quite well. Depending on the craving and degree of hunger I feel I chew between 1-2 pieces at a time. I don’t normally have trouble controlling my urges and are quite strong but they do help keep me from going for the snacks throughout the day. They are minty fresh and taste like an ordinary piece of gum.

    1. Week 2 and this week I have continued to chew the gum as soon as a snack craving hits. The last 2 weeks I have noticed more of a difference in my snack cravings than the first week. Not sure if it’s because I am in the habit of chewing the gum now or not.

      I have found though that when I do need to eat something, the gum has stopped me from wanting a savoury or more unhealthier snack. I think the last two weeks have shown a slight decrease in weight.

      Hoping over the next week I will continue to battle the urges by chewing the gum and report another tiny weight loss.

  10. Wow, wow, WOW!!! I am so excited after weighing myself this morning! It’s been exactly 7 days since I began using the Reducta Gum and I’m down 3.7kgs already!

    I’d put on heaps of weight due to medication a few years ago, also after having my third child 20mths ago and all combined with an unhealthy lifestyle. My overall healthy weight goal is to eventually lose around 35kgs altogether, so I’m really impressed to get off to such a good start!

    I have been eating healthier foods, drinking more water and exercising more than usual but the biggest difference is my snacking has decreased dramatically all thanks to the gum! I was grazing on chocolate, biscuits and muesli bars, etc. throughout the day and eating chocolate, lollies, chips and ice-cream at night once the kids went to bed. But over the last 7 days all the junk food I’ve had is one Milky Way bar!

    I chew the gum in my snacking ‘danger-zones’. One piece mid-morning, one or two after lunch (depending on how strong my snack cravings are that day) and then 2 pieces after dinner. I’ve been walking 30 minutes on my treadmill every second night and have one piece of gum after that too, because I always get hungry afterwards. (I had to clean a very thick layer of dust off it first, it’s been that long since using it!) Also I’ve also been taking my kids out to the playground and for walks more often.

    The gum itself has an awesome peppermint flavour that is really quite pleasant and the flavour lasts for ages too! There’s been no side effects or negative aspects to taking it whatsoever. It really does make my sugar cravings and desire to snack disappear almost completely. I’ve found that I feel a lot less bloated and have heaps more energy now that I’m not consuming so much sugar and junk food, I have also been able to stop drinking energy drinks which I was pretty reliant on too. I sleep better and feel more refreshed in the morning and have heaps more motivation. (Which is extremely helpful as I have three kids 5yrs and under to keep up with!)

    Overall so far I am absolutely rapt and truly amazed at how well Reducta Gum has worked for me, especially as I was pretty skeptical at first. I’m really looking forward to continuing with this trial and can’t wait to see what results next week will bring! 🙂

    1. Sorry for the excessively long comment… I think I got a bit too over-excited after weighing myself this morning! 😀

  11. I received my Reducta Chewing Gum last week and finding the gum really pleasing.
    The gum has a fresh minty taste that lasts and doesn’t get hard the longer you chew. The gum is white and as you chew it turns yellow from the saffron ingredient.
    I have been walking every day and trying to eat a healthy diet. I take 2 tablets before lunch and dinner. I don’t snack so much during the day but I tend to nibble a lot at night. When I feel the cravings begin I chew 1 tablet. This seems to stop the cravings.
    I weighed myself and happy to report I lost 1kg in 1 week.
    Let’s hope it continues!

  12. Got my packs last Friday but started the reducta on Monday. They taste nice, like normal gum. I firstly used them in between breakfast and lunch cause that’s when I get really hungry. I actually found that they made no difference and was starving by the time I had lunch. This happened every time I got my mid morning hunger. I think I would be better off eating some fruit instead, like I would usually. I also found they leave my tongue with a pale yellow stain. I’ve tried so hard to remember to take them 1/2 hour before my dinner but have yet to do this. Am not used to having to remember to chew gum before my dinner. Always remember as I’m nearly ready to dish up as that is a hectic time at our place. Will continue to persist with the reducta and hopefully see some results.

  13. Since my initial first comment above I have been still enjoying consuming the gum. For starters the gum tastes amazing strong minty flavour just like a normal gum and stays moist and soft the whole time. It comes in ovely hygenic blister packs that look proffessional meaning they look like medication blister pack. that is a really good idea to pack them like medicene so as to keep away children from eating them . my kids always raid my handbag looking for lollies so when they saw this in my bag they didnt touch them cause they knew it was mummy’s medicene.
    This gum has drastically reduced my hunger pangs usually mid mornign I start craving sweet things and hit the kitchen at work which is usally well stocked with cakes and bickies. After receiving this gums everytime hunger strikes I have been grabbing the gums . So its good they are making me avoid binge eating but also the fact that I have gum in my mouth I dont feel like eating any other thing otherwise I would have to throw my gum.

    Also before my main meals I have been chewing two gums and i think they are working because I have been eating less. I weighed myself this morning and was surprised to see that i have lost 1kg so thats a good sign.
    Looking forward to a second week of using reducta.

  14. Just finished my first week of trying out Reducta. I wasn’t quite sure how it would taste, but must say I was pleasantly surprised by the slightly minty taste that it has. The flavour doesn’t last and last, but it’s good enough for a decent period of time if you chew 1-2 pieces as the instructions state. I’ve been chewing 1-2 pieces of gum (depending on how hungry I feel) during snack times mostly, not so much after meals. I’ve been trying to not eat as much sugar for a few weeks before starting Reducta already, so I do notice when I feel like something sweet I just eat a piece of the gum and don’t really have the craving after awhile, which is great.

    I do like the blister packs that the gum comes in – really easy to just throw in your bag and take with you on the go. It’s great to have the gum with you in case you’re out and about and notice that you feel like you might want to grab a bite to eat – which has happened to me because I chewed 2 pieces of gum and then didn’t end up having anything til I got home and it was lunchtime or dinnertime!

    As others have said it does turn from white to yellow, due to the fact it is a special form of saffron in the gum meant to help reduce cravings – I only actually noticed that about halfway through the week! I have noticed that I do eat a bit less or don’t even have cravings to actually snack once I chew the gum, whether it’s because my mind is off of it or because it actually is the active ingredient I’m not sure. So I’m interested to continue with the upcoming weeks.

    I have lost a little bit of weight, but not as drastic as some others say they’ve lost. I’ve always been a regular exerciser though and have just continued with my regular routine, so just doing the same thing, but possibly eating patterns changing a bit with the use of the gum.

    Will report back next week 🙂

  15. I’ve been using Reducta for a week now and I find it works really well! My danger times are after morning tea and late at night. Reducta has helped me to stop eating at the wrong times and I’ve lost 0.5kg 🙂 I’m already recommending them to friends!

  16. Oh no, actually make that probably 1kg. I just weighed myself and the scale shows 1kg, but I usually weigh myself in the morning and it’s nighttime now (and it’s usually always higher at nighttime). So we’ll go with week 1 being -1kg 🙂

  17. I received my Reducta gum on Friday the 20th, and decided to start it straight away!
    I had two pieces a half hour before breakfast and I was surprised at how good it tasted and how well it actually worked, my appetite for breakfast was extremely low, and so I only had a cup of greek yogurt, and then went straight into kickboxing after it. When lunch time came around, I had a salad, and before dinner I had another 2 pieces of the gum and a nice balanced dinner of vegetables and lean turkey.
    I also managed to drink more water than usual throughout the day.

    A week has now officially gone by, and I am down 1.5kg through a daily routine of either kickboxing or 30DS, healthy meals, and Reducta gum!
    I’m so excited about this product, and I am hoping that it continues to work for me, as I am wanting to lose as much weight as possible before my birthday!

  18. I received my Reducta Chewing Gum last week and have been chewing them before lunch, dinner and my dreaded snack times. I have found it has helped reduce my meals and snacking.. I haven’t had my 10pm snack all week. It didn’t feel like I was depriving myself either.

    I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.. they taste wonderful and minty!

    I have been using them for 5 days and have lost half a kilo.. without exercising!! I am starting my exercise on Monday.

    I really am excited about this product and can’t wait to document my progress here.

  19. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the Reducta trial!
    I began using the gum on 20 Sept and weighed 66.5kg.
    After a week of use, on 28 Sept I weighed 66kg.

    During the week I chewed a gum whenever I got a snack-craving, and I also performed 4 sessions of exercise during this time.

    I believe the gum is very effective in helping with weight loss!
    The gum is very chewy and minty and fresh and actually does satisfy the sweet cravings. Whereas before I would grab a snack of chocolate or cookies in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon, now I chew a piece of gum instead and my sugar fix is dealt with.
    I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks 🙂

  20. Hi I’m thinking of taking reducta chews, I’ve put a bit of weight on after giving up smoking, I thought I was going ok, I was watching what I was eating having given up smoking some years before I knew what to expect, but no I’ve put weight on again. Has anybody tried the shake replacements meals?

  21. Ive been chewing Reducta for a week now, long lasting minty taste, and Ive lost a few cms,
    I chew it around mid morning and mid afternoon and after dinner.
    looking forward to week 2

  22. I have been chewing the gum since Tuesday. My initial thoughts are:
    • it tastes good!!
    • I was surprised how much it tastes and felt like ‘regular’ chewing gum. I had concerns that it would be tacking or gritty, but it’s just gum!
    • I like that it is discrete. The blister packs gives the illusion of store bought gum, so as not to broadcast that fact that I am using it.
    • the mid morning / mid afternoon snack cravings have noticeably diminished
    • I haven’t seen any changes with respect to meal portion sizes
    • it doesn’t make me thirsty or dehydrated, which I like.
    • no noticable weight loss yet

    So far, so good! I’m eager to see what happens next week!!

    1. Week 2 and I am noticing a change in behaviour. Instead of automatically going for sweets or a snack, I reach for my gum and the sugar craving goes away. Even when I am stressed or having a horrible day, the gum is working wonders.

      With regards to portion sizes, I am not sure if it the gum or more of a personal change, but I am actually taking note of how much I am putting on my plate. I think it is more that I am taking responsibility in association with the gum.

      I’m pretty happy with how it is all going!

      1. Week 3 and I am hooked! So far, I have lost 15 kg, with the help of the gum, exercise and better eating.

        As yet, the gum hasn’t helped with my post exercise hunger. I still want to stuff my face after the gym. I’m not sure if it is because I am chewing the gum as soon as I work out, or if it just doesn’t work for me. Maybe if I chew before my workout ends? I’m not sure. If anyone has advice on that, I would love to hear it.

        Still going gangbusters with snacking. Not so well on the weekend. I still find myself wanting to eat crappy foods on the weekend, and I occasionally forget to take the gum out with me, so that is an issue. Going to the cinemas is also problematic. I can chew and chew and chew but I still want popcorn when confronted by the smell! Instead, I am bring snacks with me – healthy stuff – and using what is left of my willpower not to go buy junk.

        I still don’t find the gum helps me around meal time. I suspect I would still eat the same amount, with or without the gum. But snacking is great. Considering that is one of my biggest issues, I am really glad that the gum has come around. It has helped me immensely.

      2. My biggest problem is sugar. I drink two cans of soft drink a day and have 2 sugars in my coffee. I need to lose 10kgs in 10 weeks because I have a school reunion. I would like to know does it really stop the craving for sugar? I am not a snacker or large eater. My biggest problem is sugar

  23. I’ve started trying out Reducta for a week. Admittedly, it’s been difficult for me to be disciplined by chewing the gum instead of wanting to eat. It was also a bad exercise week. I can’t really say they reduce my appetite after chewing, as I still want to eat afterwards!

    Let’s see how week 2 goes!

  24. I received my gum last Saturday morning, so decided to start fresh from the Monday, I adjusted my diet to clean eating, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, no sweets or unhealthy carbs. I also started doing 30minutes of walking each morning.
    the gum tastes great, just like normal minty chewing gum you would purchase, I also like how it doesn’t go hard after chewing for a long time. I have got into a structure of having breakfast and then around 10:30 when I’m feeling peckish I will have a gum, than another around 12pm just before I eat lunch.
    I have another around 3pm and then another at 5pm before we eat dinner. I have definitely found that it helps get rid of the cravings and has assisted in helping me avoid raiding the pantry for a snack.
    I keep a blister pack in my handbag for when I am out and about and get a little hungry.
    So far with the Reducta, a good diet and a little exercise I have lost 2.5kg in the past 7 days, so far so good.
    Looking forward to seeing how next Mondays weigh in goes after another week of doing the same thing.

  25. Week one: Hmmm the first few days, I really didn’t think that this gum was working, I still felt hungry. But it kicked in towards the end of the week, and now I don’t have the urge to eat all the time. I was having it mainly mornings between breakfast and lunch were I seem to be hungry de to working out in the mornings. I feel less bloated too, perhaps from not snacking now.
    The taste is actually quite nice, I was surprised as I wasn’t sure what to expect.

    Also on Wednesday night for dessert, I couldn’t finish it, wow!!! that’s a change

    Now to start a new week today (Monday)

  26. I have been trialling the reducta for a week so far.
    My problem is snacking during the day, I eat pretty healthy main meals and stock the house accordingly, so I will end up eating half-a piece of bread and butter when I’m feeling peckish.
    Grabbing this gum instead of empty carbs is great, the minty ness is nice and doesn’t taste sweet like sum gums can.
    With summer fast approaching I’m keen to loose around 5 kgs.
    Last week it was good to grab some gum and I definitely forgot about eating after chewing it.
    I feel it has also helped me in the evenings as I’d eat my dinner and look for a little bit more. Now I’m satisfied with my original portion.
    I’m looking forward to this week now that I’m in the routine of it.

  27. Have been trialling the Redcuta for a whole week now and so far am imprssed at how much it has cut down my snacking for sure. Having it handy in a tablet blister pack means I can carry it with me wherever I go in the car, in my handbag on my desk.

    It does not seem to have cut down my portion size much but there is a sure difference.

    I like the taste of the gum is pleasant pepperminty in flavour, tastes like any regular chewing gum. I was surprised at the taste as was wondering if it would taste different from normal chewing gum.

    Prett satisfied with the weight loss so far looking forward to seeing the long term difference.

  28. I have Ben chewing my Reducta gum samples for a week today. Like many of the others who have posted so far I was pleasantly surprised by the taste (I love peppermint) and although I was initially surprised at the pale yellow colour of the gum once chewed it really isn’t an issue.

    I’ve been chewing the gum at the times when I tend to snack – mid morning, mid afternoon and after dinner. I’ve been alternating between two of these options each day to see which works best.

    After one week of chewing the Reducta gum, exercising most days and watching what I’m eating I have lost 0.6kg. I’m looking forward to what will happen in future weeks.

  29. After trialling this gum for a week, I am quite pleased with it. I found it tasted like normal gum which was a bonus as I didn’t expect this. Chewing before my lunch and dinner had me reducing portion sizes and chewing during my “danger periods” of morning tea time and late afternoon reduced my urge to eat sweet, unhealthy snacks. As I enjoy the flavour of this gum, I think it will be easy to keep using them. Thank you…

  30. I’ve been trialling the Reducta gum for a week now. I haven’t lost any weight, but have noticed that I haven’t been snacking as much while I’ve been chewing the gum. I’ve been having it for morning and afternoon tea. I usually get hungry for morning tea and bored for afternoon tea and eat at both times. In this last week when I felt hungry or started thinking about food I would have 1-2 pieces of gum depending on how hungry I was. I really like the taste and was surprised about how long the taste lasted. Best of all was the fact that I didn’t feel like eating after having the gum! I hope I can lose some weight in the next week!

  31. Hi guys. 🙂
    I’d like to introduce myself to you. I am a 25 year old, married mother of two. I live a very stressful life, between complex medical conditions that my husband, son and daughter have, working part-time, caring full-time, my own daily struggles with depression and anxiety and the multiple medical appointments that come along with it.

    Over the last few years, I have been on an emotional and medication roller-coaster that has left me overweight and miserable. This last week (my first week on Reducta Gum) has been no exception. Between moving house, my son’s 5th Birthday and some more bad news from Drs, it was bound to add a few kilos to my frame.

    I am pleased to report that this has not been the case! I started the week at 83.5kgs and despite Birthday cake and take-away during the move, I have managed to lose 500grams. Not much, I know, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Being a stress eater, I found that popping one of these (suprisingly lovely tasting) gums when I would normally eat, I’ve managed to more-or-less stick to my 3 main meals a day.

    Looking forward to the coming weeks.

    Regards, Krista.

  32. I’m one week down on my Reducta Weight loss challenge and its going great. It’s been so handy to have for those times I’m too busy to satisfy my hunger pangs. And trust me that’s often with two baby’s under two! I generally have a piece mid morning, especially if I haven’t had breakfast. And then before dinner, generally while I’m actually cooking. The nagging feeling that I’m hungry completely leaves my mind! So it’s a great psychological aid, as well as physically helping you keep hunger pangs at bay. I’m down a few kilos as well as I have been combining Reducta with diet and exercise. I’ve had a great first week, bring on week two!

  33. I have done my 1st week on the Reducta gum. I was a bit dubious about how chewing gum could change my habits when we have normal gum out there. My other problem to start with was remembering to take the gum about a half hour before meals. I didn’t do this very well the first few times, but am getting better. The taste of the gum is pretty similar to any other gum and takes the edge off the cravings, so is really good for snacking times – I find it works well mid afternoon especially. My clothes feel a bit less tight and I’m interested to see how it goes in the next few weeks.

  34. Greetings Gum Gang and those who are following our journey.
    It has been a week today since I started on my Reducta Hunger Reduction Chewing Gum sample and I have to report, I have lost no weight. Having said that though, I have put not put on any weight. I know – big deal you might say – but as a school teacher currently on holidays, normally when I’m not at work I pile on a bit of weight with all the coffee and cake catch ups, lunches and lying on the couch snacking sessions so I am pretty sure the gum has prevented me from piling on more kilos. I am keen to see how it goes once I am back at work and a little more active too.
    Like everyone else, I agree that the taste is lovely. It lasts, has no horrid after taste and no one can tell you are chewing anything different. As a regular gum chewer however, I am finding that one piece is enough. Two pieces just seems too much for my jaw to chew.I am not sure f this will affect my progress. I also love the convenience of gum. It is subtle and fits into any lifestyle not like silly shakes and bars or even popping a pill – so no one has to be any the wiser about what you are doing.

  35. It’s been a week since I received and started using Reducta gum, and here is my review. Initially, I was quite unsure of what to expect. I thought it might taste weird or not work, but I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised! I love the mint flavour, it tastes just like any other gum. It has a bright yellow colour once chewed. Firstly, I love that its not a meal replacement, which many weightloss products are. I feel this is a product that is sustainable and will assist in weightloss and keeping it off. I have not been able to get to the gym the past week as my partner was away. I’ve been doing yoga and weights at home though. I find the gum helps me best my late night snack urges (chocolate!!) and my insatiable appetite after exercise. I really do feel like its working and I’d recommend this to anyone. Weight lost= 1kg. Also, I like to keep track of my measurements too so: 1cm lost from my waist, 1.5cm from hips, oddly my thighs are up by 1cm :(, but my arms are down 1cm too. Looking forward to my next review.

  36. Well the end of week 2 and I have lost 600g (a total of 2.6kg) and I am very happy with Reducta Chewing gum and my results so far! The Gum tastes great and is definitely making snacking a thing of the past! I am finding it easier and easier to avoid snacks and I am focussing on eating healthy main meals. I haven’t been able to exercise much this week as I have been caught up with work but I will resume exercise next week.

    Reducta Chewing Gum is a great way to redirect your hunger to main meals and break those bad snacking habits!

  37. At the end of week two I am finding similar results to the first week. It helps reduce snacking, doesn’t really affect main meal sizes. I do feel a lot less bloated probably from not snacking as much, but I haven’t lost any kilos yet. I find my jaw gets saw if I chew the recommended two pieces of gum before main meals so I’m only chewing one. Hopefully this isn’t greatly affecting my results. Fingers crossed for bigger results in the next couple of weeks.

  38. So, it’s been a week now since I received my Reducta Chewing gum and I love the fact that I no longer suffer from the mid-morning (or afternoon) hunger pangs any more! The minty taste is long lasting and the gum doesn’t go hard, unlike the confectionery kind, so I’m happy to keep on chewing!! I don’t feel as bloated as I used to and have even reduced my meal portions, as I’m finding I’m not as hungry as I was before I started this trial. I haven’t yet weighed myself, but feel like I have lost weight (and the fact that I have been walking home most days after work, so all in all, an excellent product that I hope that I can continue in the next phase of the program. I’m looking forward to being able to let you all know that I have lost weight and how much.

  39. So I have been using the reducta chewing gum for over a week now and I was very sceptical, but I love it and it really helps control my cravings and I highly recommend

  40. I received my Reducta packets last Thursday (26th Sept). Admittedly, this has not been the best week for me to be trialling the gum. The week prior, I had been to the gym every day and only eating carbs for breakfast – it was a perfect week! But a hens night on the long weekend and Grand Final day party blew everything out the window.
    So, I am ashamed to admit that I have not been using the gum to its full potential.
    Generally my snack craving times are late afternoon and late evening. I have a FIFO partner and when he is away I tend to comfort snack a lot more at home (I wouldn’t do it in front of him!) I was hoping the Reducta would help with this type of psychological snacking – but I found that my urge to snack was GREATER than my will to try to use Reducta to not snack – how bad is that????
    On the few occasions that I have used Reducta in the past week, I have to be honest and say I did not notice a reduction in my appetite. The only benefit I found was that because there was gum in my mouth, I was less inclined to put other foods in there at the same time!
    As for the gum itself, I was really impressed with the flavour and quality – it is a really fresh chewy mint and the chewy stays chewy for many hours (not like other brands which can “disintegrate” in your mouth, urgh!). I was expecting to be able to taste the saffron, but it is all fresh zesty mint.
    I have lost weight since the start of the trial, about 1kg, but I exercise regularly and eat really well (outside of social occasions!). I can’t say that the weight loss was directly attributable to Reducta and reduced snacking.

    Look forward to continuing the trial and hopefully next week I will have more self control to have Reducta instead of snacking! Although next week is my birthday so probably not haha!

    1. Week Two review

      I have to say that I have not noticed Reducta affect my appetite or reduce snacking at all in the last week 🙁
      In fact, there was one point where I was chewing two pieces of gum and actually took them out of my mouth when I was offered a snack by a colleague! Fail.
      I have continued to exercise and eat fairly well (outside of social occasions such as weddings and birthdays), but if anything in the last week my appetite has only increased and my snacking has worsened.
      I will continue to try using Reducta to control this, but I have to say I have not noticed any definite results so far.
      But as a chewing gum, it is great!

      1. Week Three Review

        I don’t have much to add to my last review; I have not noticed that Reducta has reduced my appetite at all.
        This has become an increasingly busy and stressful time at work and while I have not been snacking (I haven’t had time!) I have also been eating on the run a lot – not large meals but probably more carb heavy than usual. As a result, I have not experienced any weight loss.
        Next week I am working in the Kimberleys and will literally be relying on “pub grub” for my meals – I may be better off saving my last packet til I get back home and can be in better control of my diet!

        Thanks so much to B&L for including me in this trial, it’s been very encouraging to see such positive results for other people. Perhaps at a different time for me it would have been more effective.

  41. One week on from getting my Reducta gum and all seems to be going well. The gum presented in a blister pack is easy to use, throw in the handbag and take with you where ever you go. The gum is great to chew, tastes minty when you start it and maintains a flavour for quite some time. I’ve found however that if I keep chewing, longer perhaps than required, my mouth becomes a bit dry and dehydrated. The secret is to stop before this happens. Also, the pack sizes for the gum are good, they last a reasonable time frame making the cost vs benefit and usage easy to justify.
    As to the functionality, reducing portion sizes is a two step process. The gum definitely reduces the hunger and the appetite but you also have to serve smaller portions – something to be learned. The best thing I have found is that my grazing, especially in the afternoon, is curbed and prevented by the Reducta gum! I have used the gum as instructed, when the munchies strike and find I no longer have those munchie thoughts. I’ve also used after afternoon tea – when I just find myself continuing the eating behaviour – and this stops me from raiding the cupboard and fridge for more snacks.
    Although my weight has remained the same, I have not really added too much extra exercise to my regime. I plan to try that as of next week.
    I look forward to updating next week!

  42. It’s been two weeks exactly since beginning the Reducta Gum trial and am thrilled to report that I’ve lost another 2.7kgs in the second week, bringing my total to an awesome 6.4kgs!!!

    I must admit I’m really proud of my effort so far and thankful for the opportunity to try Reducta Gum… I don’t think I’ve ever gone without junk food, or eaten this healthily, for this long in my entire life! The gum is totally working wonders for me, reducing my snacking to basically none – except for the odd piece of fresh fruit between meals.

    I didn’t exercise as much as I did last week. Had a busy week, plus had to do online study at night, so was too tired to jump on the treadmill by the end of the day. Also the wet weather stopped me from going out on walks with the kids. Looking forward to hopefully getting back on track with the exercise over the next week.

    Though happily I survived two birthday parties this week without eating a single piece of cake, thanks to Reducta! (I’d usually be the one going back for seconds and thirds!) Also ‘Aunt Flo’ came to visit and I always rely heavily on chocolate to get me through emotionally… But not a single piece, yay! I just pop in a piece of gum when the cravings hit and in my usual snacking times (or just before the birthday cake is cut!) and only occasionally have to throw in a bit of strong willpower but most of the time the cravings disappear really quickly with just the gum.

    Overall I think Reducta Gum is amazing! I still can’t believe how well it’s working for me and would definitely recommend it to people without a moment’s hesitation. Looking forward to my weigh-in next Friday morning… Here’s to hoping that number keeps dropping lower! 🙂

  43. I first tried the product today, pairing it up with healthy eating and some exercise. After lunch time I begun to get hungry, and was very tempted to grab hold of the pack of salt and vinegar chips to my left. I thought I’d try one piece of gum to start with, the flavour of it was very similar to a normal peppermint gum and lasted about 15 minutes prior to loosing the taste. I was amazed to pretty much instantly loose my thoughts of hunger, and did not have the compulsive feeling to eat at that time. The gum has allowed me to stop and think prior to eating snacks during my toughest snacking times after dinner and exercise.

    Over the first week I found the gum helpful, especially on those busy days at work when I needed to be concentrating 100% on the job. The packaging looks exactly like its gum, it’s easy to grab out of your bag without others knowing what it is.

    I would highly recommend this product to all I know who are struggling with weight loss and having continuous feelings of hunger that creep up on them during the day, this product assists you to reduce those snacks and get your eating patterns in order.

    I will continue to provide updates about my experience of Reducta Gum during the following weeks!

  44. This is my 2nd week of using Reducta Chewing Gum and I have lost another kilo.
    I am exercising every day, either Pilates or walking.
    I am trying to eat a healthy diet. I am finding the night time sweet snacking has greatly decreased but finding myself wanting something savoury after I am finished chewing the gum. I fight the urge as long as I can and end up having some rice crackers.
    I have been also taking a fat reducing – increase metabolism tablets daily.
    Overall I happy with my progress.

  45. Firstly i would like to say it tastes amazing! I initially thought that it would be horrible but was pleasantly surprised when it tasted good 🙂 I have lost 2.5kgs since starting it a few weeks ago which I am extremely happy about and I am positive that it is really working! I would recommend this to anyone struggling to lose weight and can honestly say I have already recommended it to at least 7 people, 3 of which have gone out and bought it since!! I will post another update or 2 over the remaining weeks 🙂

  46. I just finished my second week of the Reducta gum.
    And I can say I’m officially down 3kg! I don’t know if its because of the Reducta gum, or if it is because I’ve been working out more than usual, and eating healthier.
    Either way, it is still fighting my appetite, some days I don’t feel hungry at all, and will opt to eat a small can of tuna and feel satisfied 🙂 I’m still drinking 2-3L of water a day.
    I’ve also found that being a smoker, it has helped fight my cravings for tobacco. So my fingers are crossed that at the end of the trial I may of quit smoking all together!

    With most products I have tried, I get sick of the taste after a week, but this gum still tastes so good!

    Thanks again Beauty And Lace! I can’t wait to see what happens at the end of week 3!

  47. I have had a bit of a delay in the start of my trial, because I got sick for a week on the next day after my pack arrived. I did try some gum (1 piece) the night of it arriving and found the taste to be very minty (quite strong) but pleasant. Normally late night is my danger time for snacking on bad foods, but I found that after the gum, I wasn’t hungry at all, and went to bed without my usual snacking! So I was very impressed with that. Unfortunately, the next day I got quite sick with gastro or something similar, and for the next 5-6 days I could barely eat and could not keep any food down, so I ended up losing 5 kilos (but not the way I wanted to!).
    I have only just been able to start the trial properly recently due to this sickness, and the gum still seems to be working, and reducing my hunger pangs, and I still enjoy the taste. Sorry in the delay for my first feedback. I’m looking forward to experiencing more great results from Reducta as I continue the trial.

  48. WEEK 2 REVIEW:

    I began using the gum on 20 Sept and weighed 66.5kg.
    After 1 week of use, on 28 Sept I weighed 66kg.
    After 2 weeks of use, on 5 Oct I weighed 65kg.

    During the week I chewed a gum whenever I got a snack-craving. Due to school holidays and being busy with the kids, I’ve broken my exercise routine, and was only able to exercise 1 time this week.

    I am still loving the gum and believe it is very effective in helping with weight loss!
    The gum is very chewy and minty and fresh and actually does satisfy the sweet cravings. Whereas before I would grab a snack of chocolate or cookies in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon, now I chew a piece of gum instead and my sugar fix is dealt with.
    I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks 🙂

  49. This is my second week of using the gum. At my last weigh in I’ve lost another 0.5 kg, even though I haven’t been able to exercise as I normally do due to a severe back injury. So I’d say it was good timing to test out this gum! I haven’t been eating sugar as much in the couple weeks before starting the gum, although am on holiday at the moment in starting week 3 of the review and am a bit more loose with my eating habits for the week.

    It really is helping in being able to avoid snacking during certain times and after meals if I’m wanting something sweet I’ll just have a piece of gum instead. It’s helping to avoid the cravings, but also helping to break out of those habits. So far, so good! Will report back for week 3 🙂

  50. I have just completed my 2nd week using the Reducta gum, continued on my healthy eating and doing 30minutes of exercise 6 days a week.
    I lost another 1.4kg, so a total of 3.9kg so far, very happy with the way it is working, I keep them on the bench at home as well as in my bag so whenever I feel the urge to snack in between meals I chew a gum or two and it takes the feeling away!

  51. WEEK 2
    I am so excited as I am starting to see results. I am going for a half an hour jog every night and making my meals smaller. Without any dieting just chewing gum before meals and when I’m craving snacks between meals I have lost 2 cms off my hips. Might not sound like alot but to me it is I have not been able to lose anything off them for years. My love handles are so stubborn and just keep getting bigger. I have lost 1/2 a cm off my thighs another stubborn spot. I am feeling very hopefully and excited to start a new week. I find that I’m not really craving sugar any more just feel like the gum between meals.

  52. 2nd Week

    Starting to rely a lot on Reducta gum between meals to keep me from snacking! Have certainly started reducing my portion size too this week so very happy. No sudden weight loss more a gradual loss but im happy with that as I feel it will last longer that way and make it easier for me to maintain the weight i am now.
    I can already see that Ive lost weight in my cheeks so very happy with that. This is certainly the best weight loss product ive tried so far.

  53. Hi guys

    Week Two on my Reducta weightloss challenge has been another huge success. I’m down another two kilos which has brought me down into a new number bracket. So excited!

    I can’t get over how convenient Reducta is. It doesn’t need to be taken with water. Or mixed in a blender. You simply snap of one or two pieces and pop it in your mouth. Because your chewing gum, you forget it’s medicinal and go about your regular day. All the while slowly losing those nagging hunger pains.

    Loving how big the pieces of gum are too. The size makes it seem just that little bit more special than your average piece of gum.

    Reducta has been a huge part of the start of my weight loss journey. I have been combining healthy eating and exercise and can really feel the results. The numbers are just ticking down. I think this is the best way to maximise results. If you don’t make a change in all areas of your health, I don’t think the results will be so significant.

  54. OK, week 2, I have lost some weight, wonderful. The chews are starting to work, I think I really needed to let them take it’s course. I’m still enjoying the flavor, just wish there were more flavours though.

    I’ve lost half a kilo just by not snacking, great!!!! (Note that i’m also eating a balanced diet and exercising 7 days a week). Just by this I feel fantastic, already this morning I went for a run and did a personal best. Makes a difference the lighter you become.

    Yay for mem ya for reducta, can’t wait now until next week!!

  55. 2 week review…

    I have now been using Reducta for 2 weeks, and I have combined exercise for the last week as well.
    I have to say I love this product to bits!
    It has helped me cut down my food intake so much and I have lost 2 kilos in 2 weeks.. wow!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to turn my life around for the better!

  56. I’ve just completed my second week using Reducta. I still don’t think that I’ve lost any weight according to the scales, but having said that, I do feel that my clothes are fitting me a bit better – they do say to not always look at / rely on the scales for weight loss! I’ve still been enjoying eating the gum and remembering to use it when I feel that craving for snack food. My children have been on school holidays in this last week and it’s always easier and more tempting when they are around to snack because they are constantly eating. This week I really didn’t eat as much and I was really proud of myself.

    I like the flavour of the gum and I like that that taste remains in my mouth for a while after I’ve finished the gum, so I still can’t have anything to eat without it tasting awful (like eating after you’ve brushed your teeth) and by the time the taste goes away, I’ve forgotten all about eating anyway or it’s close enough to a meal time that I can wait.

    I have noticed that if I have 2 pieces of gum at the same time, that my jaw gets sore from all the chewing (pathetic, I know, but I’ve never really been a gum chewer), so I’ve cut down to one piece each time and I still get the same benefits.

    I would like to see some difference on the scales, but as I’ve already mentioned my clothes are fitting better and I do feel healthier within myself. I can’t wait to see what this next week brings!

  57. week 2, nothing has really changed since week 1, forgot about them a few times but did lose some more cms

  58. Another stressful week it has been in my household. That time of the month for me and Hubby’s mate stayed AND decided to spent $60 on junk food for the house. Uh oh! I haven’t lost any weight this week but I’m certain it could have been a lot worse. Back on track next week!

  59. Week two review. In using reducta in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise, I have found that I am snacking and eating less. Only half a kilo down this week. I currently go for a run every morning for half an hour or more, also doing circuit training, weights, and yoga at home. Looking forward to seeing more results.

  60. Week 2 Review.
    I am still chewing this gums whenever I get hunger pangs or crave for sugary treats at work. I must say these gums are helping with that because instead of munching on candies or chocolates i am chewing gum. However at times it becomes too much my jaws are getting tired of chewing gum always . I find that chewing two pieces of gum before meal times is a lot my mouth can take. The gum pieces are huge so therefore I at times only eat one piece of gum.
    I have been noticing that I feel full faster therefore I am eating less than what i was eating before the scales tell me that I have lost 750g this week .
    The best thing abput this gum is it is preventing me from eating unhealthy snacks at those odd hours at work so it definately helps with unnecessary eating and less calorie intake.

  61. Week 2
    I’m really enjoying the reducta gum.
    As a chronic grazer, I like getting a piece of gum as its easy and convenient to grab and chew on.
    It definitely reduces the feeling of being hungry, I feel that I needed the first week to adjust to the change in habit.
    Week 2 and I feel healthier and my pants are a little on the loose side.
    It’s great way to aid in weight loss as you don’t feel like you are dieting.
    Especially when you are hungry out and about, you can pop a piece mid grocery shop, so you don’t shop hungry and get tempted by unhealthy food or snacks.

  62. Week 3 and more success! I have been on holidays and I have lost another kilo! The fabulous Reducta Gum has been great – I have been chewing the gum mid morning and afternoon and NOT SNACKING and the enjoying great meals at lunch and in the evening!

    This has been a really great and I am enjoying myself without being crazy.I find holidays can be a bit of a diet disaster zone for me so I am loving this.

    Loving Reducta!

  63. Week 3 update. I’m finding my clothes are fitting a little less tightly which is great! I have reduced main meal size a little and snacking has gone down to just a cup of tea or piece of fruit. I’m still enjoying the minty flavour but would love something different (fruity perhaps?) would be amazing to break it up! So much more positive results this week, so I’m very excited for the upcoming week!

  64. This is my review for week 2. It’s a bit late cause I had a fall so haven’t had a chance to do anything but complain about how sore I am

  65. This is my review for week 2. It’s a bit late cause I had a fall so haven’t had a chance to do anything but complain about how sore I am. I really get the worst hunger cravings about mid morning. Last week I would only chew one gum but because I was starving by lunchtime doing this I’ve started chewing two at this time. I have to say by lunchtime, I am ravenous. I think I eat more now at lunchtime than before the gum. So, I’m going back to having a small snack at this mid morning period so as not to gorge at lunchtime. I put on 1kg this week and I think it’s because I’m not having my small snack.

    On the occasions that I do remember to chew 2 pcs before dinner it doesn’t seem to make me eat less. I will continue to chew the gum before dinner. I also found that 2pcs are very big to chew. I get bored of chewing gum for too long so only chew for about 10 mins. Will continue to test the gum but may have trouble this week as I busted a couple of teeth when I fell so hard to chew anything right now.

  66. So sorry for not posting every week but to be honest the gum wasn’t really working for me! It’s lovely to hear a lot of other ladies have had success with the gum but unfortunately I have no idea why it isn’t working for me.

    I received the packs two weeks ago and started using it straight away, chewing the gum during the times I would snack the most – midday, after lunch, after dinner, and after exercise. And yes, I was doing regular exercise on the treadmill and eating healthier. Maybe it’s going to take a while for my body to get used to the gum? I’ll keep using the reminder of the gum and will check in with you all in another week’s time.

    Taste wise, I find it to be quite pleasant but I was surprised at the size, it’s quite big compared to normal gum. So good value and hopefully it starts to work soon!

  67. Two weeks in now. Progress is still good. Chewing the gum has just become part of my routine now. Rather than heading for food when I get up I chew my pieces of Reducta gum and start planning the meal for the day. I’ve started cooking less food now, and serving smaller portions, to coincide with the reduced need I have become to experience. As I am eating less my partner also is eating less and that is a great thing for both of us, being of the cuddlier persuasion.
    At work I have taken the same quantity of food, as a shift worker if I get hungry later there is no where to buy more food, but often bring part of my food home to eat later. No one has passed any comments about my being on a “diet” as they just look at it as if I was just chewing on a piece of gum. Its great as I’m already self conscious of my size compared to others at my work.
    I stepped back on the scales again today, results are in… I was 90 kg when I started the gum 2 weeks ago and this is now slowly migrating. Now 88.5 kg! While this may seem a very mild achievement for some I have always had trouble shedding those kgs and am so happy.
    The biggest test for the Reducta gum this week was after I get home on my last shift. Tired and not occupied I tend to rampage through the kitchen eating my way through the sweet, savoury and easy to eat. My biggest enemy, grazing. I have not removed these things from my pantry but instead of reaching for the marshmallows I reached for my Reducta gum. Success, the rampage did not go any further. Feeling better in myself for such an achievement.
    Looking forward to the 3 week report!!

  68. Week 3 done and I’ve lost another 2.5kgs, a total of 8.9kgs since I began the Reducta Gum trial! 🙂

    I’m eating heaps healthier in general and have been exercising (not as much as I should be) but the biggest difference is my snacking at night and in-between meals has pretty much stopped altogether, except for the odd piece of fresh fruit. I just chew the gum instead. Plus I’m working on reducing my portion sizes with the help of chewing the gum before dinner-time now too.

    I don’t think there’s any way I would’ve had the willpower to keep up this new ‘healthy lifestyle’ without Reducta! I’m an emotional eater and used to snack on junk food whenever feeling bored or restless too. Now I just pop in a piece or two of gum instead of devouring an entire block of chocolate or bag of chips, lol.

    Overall, I’m still in disbelief at how amazingly well Reducta Gum is working for me! No negative/unwanted side effects at all and I’d totally recommending trying this product. It’s been the ‘kick in the butt’ motivation and helping hand I’ve needed for such a long time! 🙂

  69. This is my 3rd week of using Reducta Chewing Gum and I have lost another kilo. Totalling 3 kgs.
    I am still exercising every day and eating healthily along with my fat reducing – increase metabolism tablets daily.
    At night by chewing the gum I find it stops my sweet cravings and the sweet taste lasts a long time even after finishing chewing but it has not helped me with my savoury cravings…. Maybe another flavour other than mint would help curb that craving?
    On the whole I am happy with the results that I am slowly achieving.

  70. Week 2 of the trial is now complete. I’ve found a new use for the gum, which has worked out really well. You know when you go to do the food shopping on an empty stomach and end up buying tonnes of chocolate coated goodies.. Well reducta gum has allowed me to walk into the shops and avoid the nasty junk foods that I so often will go for first. My shopping basket was very healthy, will use the gum for this reason again!

    I am yet to loose any weight from using the gum, but I am taking control of my eating patterns which I believe will lead to weight loss in the coming weeks.

    Will keep on updating any changes

  71. I finished my first packet. At first I was a little sceptical but after the first couple of days I found that it has stopped my urges to snack especially at night when it usually get a bit out of hand. I am looking forward to continuing my trial and hopefully see some real results weight wise in the coming weeks.

  72. I have just completed week 3 of my Reducta trial, still maintaining my healthy eating and regular exercise of a 30 minute walk 6 days a week.
    I lost another kilo this week, so a total of 4.9kg over the past 3 weeks, really happy with the way the gum is working. As soon as I feel the need to snack on something between meals I chew a gum and it helps me forget that I am hungry!
    Really looking forward to continuing with the trial and see what the results bring at the end of week 4

  73. WEEK 3
    I have now lost 3 cms off my target area my hips. Had a bit of a slip up this week and gave in to my sugar cravings at “that time of the month” but now I’m back on track and more determined than ever. Onto my last pack of gum. I hoping to continue my trail as I am finding it very rewarding and the reducta gum makes it so easy

  74. Week 3: Seriously, I think this Reducta thing is starting to kick in naturally. I’m thinking less of snacking. Reaching for the gum is becoming second nature too as I’m more motivated just because I can see results. Went for a run this morning, did a personal best in running the furtherest I have in a very long time. I feel lighter and less bloated (probably now from not eating as much junk as I have been in the past). Yay!!!

  75. Sorry I’m a couple of days late with my review, for some reason the website wasnt loading on my laptop.
    I have finished my 3rd week of Reducta, and have lost another 0.5kg, with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    I am feeling much better about myself, and feeling as though this product has really been helping with my goals. I’m looking forward to the last week of the trial, and seeing how much weight I have lost in total. I feel so much better!

  76. I’m still chewing Reducta gum at the times that have always been my “dangerous” snacking times, morning tea and late afternoon and have considerably cut-back on my snacking on sweet treats. The urge to look for something sweet after dinner also disappears when I chew on Reducta. Thanks again for the opportunity to trial this as I don’t think I would have considered it previously.

  77. Another week down on Reducta, and another week down on the scales.

    I’ve had nothing but success using Reducta. I also can’t believe how well it works. Even if it is just mental. Which I don’t think it is!

    I’m snacking less. Instead of eating several snacks between meals, I’m going for my Reducta. Usually I would have snacks that were actually meal sized but now they have been cut out where they aren’t necessary.

    Reducta is keeping me on a routine. I find I’m eating at the right times but consciously making an effort to eat Reducta at specific snacking times. All other meal times naturally fall into place.

    The knowledge that I’m using such a successful weight loss tool keeps me motivated. Which is what keeps me on track.

    Loving this trial, thank you so much for the opportunity!

  78. Week 3 review. Loving the reducta gum, and I’ve been using it daily during my danger zones (which are generally after exercise and late at night). I’ve noticed a big difference in my snacking behaviour. As for weightloss, happy to say that this week I’m down 1.5kg ( so I think that’s 3kg lost since using reducta). I’ve also upped the ante on my fitness routine, which now includes a morning run every weekday (have started running up a massive lot of stairs), and then exercise at home which includes yoga some mornings, circuit training, weights, and burpees. Prior to reducta, I’d lost 15kg but was left stuck in a rut, and unable to lose anymore. So reducta has definitely helped get me out of that rut and back on the weightloss track.

  79. At the end of week four I have found my jaw getting a little tired from chewing a couple of times a day so I’ve had to reduce it to once a day. I’ve found this week to be my worst week in clothes fitting tighter but it is also the week when I feel most bloated anyway. Still enjoying the minty flavour and pop-out packets. Wish I had more noticeable results on the scales but all in all I feel like it’s a good weight loss product for those whose biggest weakness is snacking in between meals. Very happy to be a part of the trial, thank you very much!

  80. Another week down and another weight loss of 1kg! I am finding it easier and easier to NOT snack between meals using the Reducta Gum and I am happy with the results! I dont feel like I am missing out on anyyjing and I am enjoying my meals more (probably because I havent been snacking). That said I am also not overeating at meal times! I have really enjoyed the experience of using Reducta Chewing gum and I will be buying it in the future! A great product.

  81. Week 3, down 2kg total and going well. While the wait loss is not major it is still working great for me. My biggest problem has always been grazing and using the Reducta Gum is definitely making changes to my habits. I have almost completely ceased my through the day munching. Main meal sizes have also been reduced and that feeling afterwards that I have not had enough to eat is much greater reduced. This process of changes is still in the early stages and I feel that the “helping hand” that Reducta Gum gives me is going to be a staple throughout this change.
    As to the gum itself, the flavour is still great, chewing although a laboured process it is not that big a problem. Having it with me is a little more challenging with the card format of the gum, just means cutting it up, and taking off the sharp corners, to put it into my pocket. Few people know what is going on, they just think I’m chewing gum and so it is discrete. A big winner of a helping hand

  82. Sorry for the late response. Every week I’m finding it easier to stop snacking in between meals. This means I have been saving money along with feeling much better in myself in general. I’m not sure about weight loss because my scales are flat at the moment but my clothes are fitting better. It’s always nice to go into summer feeling that I don’t have to hide inside because I don’t like the way I look!

  83. Four weeks of the trial today and in the last week I’ve lost another 1.2kgs, taking my total over the 4 weeks to 10.1kgs!!! 🙂

    I’m absolutely thrilled and pleasantly surprised with the results and am ever thankful to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to trial Reducta Gum. It’s worked a million time better than I ever thought possible!

    I was overeating at every meal and my snacking was way out of hand… Now I’m the complete opposite! Plus the meals I am eating are so much healthier and smaller portions, yet I’m not feeling hungry all the time which is making all the difference compared to other weight-loss methods I’d tried in the past. I just pop in a piece of gum and the desire to start scoffing chocolate, sweets and savoury snacks basically disappears altogether.

    I’ve begun exercising regularly too. In the past I always ruined all the hard work I put in to getting active because I felt hungry afterwards and convinced myself I deserved a treat for my efforts. Instead chewing Reducta after exercise has prevented me from the dreaded post-exercise snacking.

    I was also keeping some Reducta in my handbag so while out and about with the kids I could just pop in a gum when I felt like stopping in at a cafe or take-away store. Now I can get the odd treat for my kids while we’re at the shops without indulging myself at the same time.

    Overall I would definitely recommend Reducta Gum without a moment’s hesitation. Now my father-in-law and my brother-in-law’s fiancee are starting on Reducta Gum too, they were so rapt with the results I got. (Plus I couldn’t stop talking about it, lol!)

    Thank-you Beauty and Lace and Reducta! 🙂

  84. This is my 4th week of using Reducta Chewing Gum and I have lost another kilo. Totalling 4 kgs.
    Trialling this new weight loss product was a great way to start looking at the way I eat and how much I snack throughout the day and night.
    It has helped me reduce my meal portions and appetite.
    By following the basic directions and helpful ideas written on the package it is a good way to jumpstart a healthy way of living and losing weight is the extra benefit.
    Thank you letting me trial this product with an positive result.

  85. A few weeks in now and it appears that reducing my snacking and chewing reducta has helped me to lose almost 3kg. I had lost quite a bit of weight prior to this trial but had stalled totally, so while 3kg may only seem like a small amount compared to some others reviewing, I am happy with that result!
    I have definitely found that my snacking has been reduced and I have been able to reduce my portion sizes a bit more.
    I have realy enjoyed this trial – it has been a great benefit and I will absolutely be recommending it!!

  86. Week 3

    Ive lost a few more cms, and about 1kgs

    Things have been really hectic in my household, to the point where I dont have time to think about food except the main meals.. Im walking everyday and feeling ealthuer

  87. I’ve been using Reducta for a few weeks now. I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised by the gum – it tastes good and is a great distraction from snacking. That said, it is taking all of my will-power not to sneak a chocolate biscuit everytime I got into the kitchen at the office.

    So far I’ve lost 2.6 kgs. Pretty good considering I haven’t changed much else about my general lifestyle (in terms of the type of foods I eat). I feel like the gum has cut down the feeling of being hungry for the most part and I have made a concerted effort to reduce portion sizes.

    I’m loving being part of the trial and have so far been super happy with the results.

  88. WEEK 3 REVIEW:

    I began using the gum on 20 Sept and weighed 66.5kg.
    After 1 week of use, on 28 Sept I weighed 66kg.
    After 2 weeks of use, on 5 Oct I weighed 65kg.
    After 3 weeks of use, on 12 Oct I weighed 65kg.

    School holidays are over and I’ve returned back to my usual exercise routine. I was able to exercise 4 times this week.

    I am still loving the gum but there has been no further weight loss this week. I feel like I’ve reached a plateau, but will keep on going.

    The gum is very chewy and minty and fresh and actually does satisfy the sweet cravings. Whereas before I would grab a snack of chocolate or cookies in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon, now I chew a piece of gum instead and my sugar fix is dealt with.
    I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks 🙂

  89. This week is my 4th week. I can safely say that I have noticed a slightly better result since my last review which was for both the 2nd and 3rd week where I didn’t notice too much change between those 2 weeks.

    I am not sure whether it is due to the Reducta or not but it seems that having used it for 4 weeks straight now I have seen a decrease in my hunger pangs and cravings. I think that after 4 weeks of use, this final week has made the difference because in the first 3 weeks my body was adjusting.

    After being able to control the urges with Reducta, my body has therefore adjusted because those urges and pangs have not been fulfilled by eating so quite possibly, my body no longer shouts out for those snacks.

  90. My forth week of the trial is over, and I have lost a total of 4.5kg in that time. I’ve lost 4inches from my waist as well!
    I’m finding that my dresses are looking nicer, and with continuing this product I have found that I am actually keeping on track towards my target weightloss goal. I’ve stopped snacking all together, although if I do get the nibbles I will opt to eat a piece of fruit over the junk that I used to grab from the cupboard.
    I’ve also been working out 5 days a week, and burning between 500-900 calories each workout session.

    Overall I rate this product highly, I haven’t gotten sick of the taste, nor do I think I ever will. I’d recommend this product to anyone who is having trouble with a big appetite.

    Also in one of my previous posts, I mentioned how the gum had helped with my cigarette cravings, well.. I am down to only one smoke a day! 🙂

    Thank you B&L for allowing me to be part of this trial, and I hope all you lovely ladies have had good results as well!

  91. Reducta trial.

    I must say I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reducta.
    I have lost a few cms, and have got back in to some shorts that I was struggling to button up.
    For me the reducta has worked quite well as despite doing some excessive and eating healthy overall, I do get peckish during the day and will have some crackers or toast or I get so hungry I eat a big dinner.
    Thanks to the reducta I’ve managed to kick the snacking, I also chew a piece whilst preparing dinner when I feel hungry and have noticed my portion sizes reduced.
    Overall I’ve been really happy with the reducta and will probably keep with it to a point, maybe not as much as whilst on the trial bet definitely a piece or 2 a day.

  92. Week 3 Review.

    I am loving this product!

    I am not snacking at all! Annnd I have even stopped buying them. My downfall used to be coke and twisties.. I haven’t bought any for 3 weeks now, I drink orange juice and water.
    I have Reducta to thank for this, I’m changing my lifestyle for the better. I’m also not being able to finish my dinner. I chew 2 reducta’s about 30 minutes before and I’m only eating half of my dinner.. and feel very satisfied.

    I have lost 2 and a half kilos in 3 weeks 🙂

  93. I am going through these packs quite slowly. It’s been about week 3 for me. I definitely think these help in weight loss as a slimming aid, but I think I do love food too much and I don’t feel disciplined enough. I will keep going!

  94. I’m at around the end of week 3, just beginning week 4. I’m happy to say that I’ve lost another 1 kg! I had been on holiday so was eating more sugary foods and different foods than I had typically been eating while I was at home, but was still doing a lot of walking. I brought the gum with me and I think it did help me to keep the amount of food I ate under control! I was a bit worried to step on the scale when I got home, but was surprised to see that the number actually went DOWN 🙂

    I must say that before starting the trial I was making a concerted effort to not eat as much sugar, but the gum helps to not snack as much in general (doesn’t matter if it’s sugary snacks or not). As I previously mentioned I haven’t been able to do my normal exercise due to a severe back injury in the past 2 weeks or so, so I’m glad to have something that helps to control my appetite. I think if I were able to keep up my normal exercise routine of kickboxing, interval training, etc. I might have even better results, but I’m already happy with what I’m seeing.

    I did actually go to look for this at a chemist to buy for a friend because she wanted to try it out; however, I could only find the pills at the chemist I went to. So I will try to find it at another chemist. So I will report back next week for my last week on how I go with trying to buy it as others might be interested in that aspect.

  95. I have completed my second packet of Reducta and I am slowly getting into a pattern. I find that it has curbed my cravings at night which is the time I struggle the most and my clothes feel looser which is great.

  96. I have just completed week 4 on the Reducta gum and I am very happy with the result, still doing at least 30 minutes of exercise 6 days a week and avoiding all bad foods.
    Even though the weight loss this week was a little less, I have lost a total of 5.4kg in the 4 weeks since starting the Reducta.
    I have found that it has really helped me get into a pattern of using the gum instead of snacking, I make sure I carry around some in my bag for when I am out of the house too.
    I still have some remaining gum so will continue to use it and eat well and exercise to see how well it works over a couple of months.
    My nextg goal is 8 week weigh in and then Christmas time to see what I can get to, and hopefully remain at through the silly season!

    Thankyou so much for allowing me to be a part of this 4 week trial, it really helped to get me motivated!

  97. Week 4, ok so I had a binge on the weekend, at least I know now that I can get back on track with Reducta, I know know that it really works, I feel so energetic because I’m shedding weight and feeling lighter. It really keeps me motivated especially when I have days like I did on the weekend

  98. Week Four on the Reducta Trial and I’ve had such an amazing month.
    I’m so grateful for the chance to do this trial, as I have had nothing but positive results.

    I’ve lost weight, in fact I’m in a whole new number category.

    I’ve developed new eating routines. My meal and snack times are now structured. I’m not grazing all day. I’m eating correctly and using the gum to fill in the time in between meals.

    I’m exercising more. I walk daily. In fact I walk to do the groceries and carry them all home. Which feels like a huge work out to me.

    My appetite feels like it has decreased. I’ve cut portions down significantly.

    And most importantly… I feel great. I’m more positive, more enthusiastic and I’m happy.

    So thank you Reducta and Beauty and Lace!

  99. WEEK 4 REVIEW:

    I began using the gum on 20 Sept and weighed 66.5kg.
    After 4 weeks of use, on 20 Oct I weighed 65kg.

    I am still loving the gum but there has been no further weight loss this last week. I feel like I’ve reached a plateau, but will keep on going. My total weight loss occurred in the first fortnight of the trial.

    The gum is now a ‘must-have’ product for my handbag. Whenever I am hungry or thirsty for a snack, I have a gum instead and it satisfies my cravings completely, due to the fresh taste.

  100. This is my week 4 using reducta gums.
    I really love the fact that these gums help me to satisfy my sugary food cravings. everytime I feel like having a piece of cake or choclate or sweet lollies I think about the weight i am going to put back in and instead pop one of the gums in my mouth. The gum tastes sweet and minty in the begning when you start to chew it therefore it definately satisfies my sweet cravings. the good thing is instead of eating calorie loaded food i am instead chewing reducta which does not add any calories to my body.
    I am happy to report that have l;ost atleast 2 kg in 4 weeks.
    These gums really helped to set a pattern in my diet and gave me self control to avoid sugary loaded food. I also feel less bloated now as I have formed a habit to not binge eat.
    lookign forward to the second phase of the trial.

  101. Well I have been really sick with a virus for almost two weeks so have not had much of an appetite anyway. On the weekend however, I went to the movies for a bit of an outing. I popped in some gum while waiting to purchase a ticket and completely avoided the candy bar on my way to the cinema. Was happy enough with the gum so I did not need popcorn and/or a choc top. I also find it handy to chew gum while preparing meals. Not are you supposed to chew pre meal, it also stops me “picking” while cooking.

  102. I am pleasantly surprised by the nice taste of the Reducta chewing gum, I was expecting it to have a horrible taste. It is great to have just before meals or at times when I would usually snack, it curbs the appetite. I keep them in the cupboard, in the car and in my car, so they are on hand for when I need them.

  103. Had taken the Reducta with me on holiday for the last 2 weeks and totally happy with how Ive managed to maintain my weight loss over the holidays. A time when I normally put on weight due to the temptation of variety and eating out. The pack of Reducta in my hand bag has help me stay on track. Had the first family celebration after my return and got loads of compliments on how slim and fresh I look after my holiday. I know it was Reducta! So very impressed with the weight loss and the absense of any adverse side effects.

  104. Hi guys! I unfortunately missed posting last week and have unfortunately become very ill so my experience with the Reducta has come to a standstill. With severe vomiting for 24 hours and the inability to eat anything solid for the last week, I have lost weight for sure but unfortunately my reviewing has come to an end.

    I thoroughly enjoyed trialing the product. It is a very tasty and convenient product that really helps kick those binge episodes to the curb. I was seeing positive results with very little effort and was very impressed with the whole experience. I would definitely recommend the product for anybody who has an issue with overeating and snacking like myself and I will be keen to get back on track with it once I have recovered from my illness.

    Regards, Krista =)

  105. Update – still going with my Reducta gum, and love feeling I have an option when I want to snack. I haven’t weighed, but feel my clothes are easier to put on. I feel the gum works best to stop snacking as the gum is easier to get to than grabbing a snack, and then I don’t want anything else to eat – perfect.

  106. Week 4 review. Still finding great results using Reducta. I don’t think I’ve lost much weight this week but I can say that I now fit into a pair of jeans that I have owned for years that I NEVER was able to fit in. Still exercising every day. I think this month I have lost a total of 3kg. Bringing me from 62kg down to 59kg. My natural weight before kids was 55kg so feeling very hopeful that I can achieve that 🙂

  107. Another week goes by (week 5) and I have lost another 500g….

    I have run out of Reducta Chewing Gum but I am about to get some BUT i have to say at time where, in the past I would have snack I no longer feel as hungry for food. It also seems easier to eat normal meals (that is, not go crazy!). Great product!

  108. Hey ladies! Hope you’re enjoying the products and losing weight 🙂 My progress hasn’t been as drastic as everyone else but so far I’ve lost 2kgs. I am disappointed as it doesn’t seem like much and even without the gum I’ve managed to lose that much in the past (for the same period of time).

    However, I’m determined to finish my last packet and will do a review for it soon. How is everyone else going? Can I ask what sort of regime you follow? I’m trying to do 30mins of exercise everyday but it’s so difficult when I’m at uni and working full time. My snack cravings have reduced though, so I’m glad to report that I’m eating less chocolate and sugary foods.

    Overall, this product does seem to work but it is taking a while for my body to get used to the gum. I think I’ll definitely purchase it in the future and perhaps use it on holidays (as some have done) and maybe it’ll work more effectively when I’m less stressed out.

    Good luck everyone and I look forward to reading more of your progress 🙂

  109. I lost my motivation for a bit, but I’ve started up again for the last week. Surprisingly the gum has started to change my snacking patterns, even when I wasn’t using it. I am usually a big chocolate / sugar eater but lately I haven’t been having the same urges to consume it. Instead I’ve started eating more fruit and healthier snacks. In the first week back on track my weight has lowered half a kg, and I’m hoping to keep on track again and continuing to the gum use with healthy eating and exercise. Will check back in next week with any changes in weight or my measurements.

  110. Week four of the trial. So far down a couple of kgs, have reduced portion sizes quite well and now have found we cook less too. Grazing and munching is down to a minimum but still require help with that, hence the Reducta gum is a big part of my daily routine.
    Like many of the others in the forum, I found that two pieces of gum became a bit laboured and so most cases only had one piece, excluding before main meals where I often tried the two pieces. Even four weeks down the track the gum is still pleasant to chew, I have not bored with the flavour. No one at work or socially has even noticed my change of pattern, chewing before meals rather than after. Some have noticed the smaller portions.
    Overall the only change I would like to see would be a package that is more pocket suitable so that you can throw it into a pocket or purse when going out, without having to cut down the cards. All else I am really happy and think I may even start some friends and family on the Reducta gum to help them on their weight loss and lifestyle change. I feel privileged to have had this opportunity.

  111. Week 5, I;ve now run out of Reducta, hmmm hopefully I can now maintain this on my own, I lost 0.5 kg this week, pretty proud of myself, The gum has changed me, I don’t always go looking for snacks when i’m bored. this really works

  112. Week 3- was unsuccessful as I couldn’t use the product due to injuring my mouth.
    Week-4 so I continued to chew the gum before my lunch and dinner, 2 pcs half an hour beforehand if I could remember. I really didn’t feel I was eating any less than usual. I did try to think it was working but I just felt it didn’t. To me it was just a glorified chewing gum. I’m really glad that so many women have benefited from the product. I chose to not receive the next supply of the product as I didn’t think it would be fair to continue to trial it. Good luck on your continued journey ladies.

  113. Week 4 and absolutely no loss 🙁
    I seen improvents in the first 3 weeks but the last week was all over the place for me.
    WIll definately keep using this product along with my 30 min a day exercise and see how I go

  114. So at the end of my trial I’d say my total weight loss is around 3kg 🙂 That was with another approx 0.5kg in the final week. Still maintaining not eating as much sugar which I started before the trial, but Reducta helps to reduce snack cravings and if I’m hungry I’ll have some gum and usually forget about the food I wanted. That’s when I was probably just wanting to emotionally eat!

    I wasn’t able to find the gum anywhere – only saw the Reducta pills at chemists. I know there is a list of available suppliers online for where you can get the gum, but it would be nice if it was more readily available/easier to find. I’ll continue to use Reducta though – it’s been a big help in changing habits and it is certainly a great product that I would recommend to others looking to lose a few kilos and to change their patterns with eating.

    To answer Elena’s question – in the first or second week of this trial had to change my exercise routine due to severe back problems (not related to my exercising). So now I do Pilates 3x/week for an hour and then also usually walk 2-3x/week for 40-50 minutes. I do the Pilates for my back rehab. The walking I do when I can – every bit helps so I squeeze in what I can when I can.

    Thanks Reducta and thanks Beauty and Lace 😀

  115. Still chewing my way through the trial and now at the end. It’s come in handy during stressful and less wilful moments, so that has been great. Once again, I just need to continue to be more disciplined!

  116. Finished my 3rd packet of Reducta and feeling pretty good. Lost 2kg around my stomach and my jeans feel loose around my legs. I have tried my hardest to maintain a very healthy diet to ensure this weight stays down.

  117. I’ve continued on my healthy eating habits and have been surprised to find my taste buds craving more savoury than sweet still. Which has been a big difference for me. I have been away from home for a few days now, and have taken a box of the gum with me. I have found myself having to use it less regularly now to get the same ideal results. Can’t wait to see if eventually I change my eating patterns for good, while gradually reducing the use of the gum!

  118. Week 6 and I am still having losses! with help from Reducta Chewing Gum! I have lost 400g this week and I am feeling great. My snacking is way way reduced (thanks to Reducta) and I can really feel the difference in my clothes (5.1kg total so far!). Looking forward to continuing on my journey.

  119. Pack 5
    I have been waiting a few weeks for my Reducta to be delivered and finally I received it today!
    I received 3 packets so I will be only reviewing for 3 weeks.
    The last time I used Reducta I lost a kilo a week.
    Hopefully this will continue again.

  120. I’ve just completed week 5 of the reducta trial. Still on track with my eating habits. I did have a rough couple of days in the week between week 4 and 5, one week without reducta was not ideal. I tended to find snacking occurring again, however main meals remained smaller than prior to the trial. This week we worked a bit harder and made good use of the gum. I guess it takes a bit longer than a month to break a life long habit.

    Still enjoying the flavour, have started to cut the pieces apart in the packet so that they are more pocket convenient and easily taken everywhere. That is the only thing I find a little akward, the cards are just a bit big for taking everywhere.

  121. I received my next 4 week batch in the post today. Will be providing my weekly review every week on a Thursday. Just thought I’d do a quick update of how I’ve gone without Reducta. I haven’t lost any weight but I haven’t gained any either. I was out of action with my exercise routine whilst a had a nasty cold for almost 2 weeks. But back to it, going for my morning run. I look forward to trialling my next 4 weeks of Reducta and hopefully seeing more weightloss.

  122. I have just finished week 6 with Reducta and I have lost .1kg which seems a bit sad! Reducta is still helping me control my eating habits so I am happy with any loss (although I would have loved a bigger one!). Its a fresh week so looking forward to posting next Sunday.

  123. I have just completed week 8 on the Reducta gum, received another 4 weeks worth, thankyou so much!
    I have just weighed in and have lost a total of 9.6kg in 8 weeks, more than happy right now, especially knowing that I am so close to that 10kg loss!
    Still exercising daily, have increased it slightly to a 45min-1hr walk 6 days a week, still eating really well and using the gum when I feel the need to snack or to reduce the amount I eat at dinner and lunch times.
    Loving that I am well on my way to my summer figure!!

  124. So I have reduced my use of the gum in the last week, I haven’t really needed it during my usual snacking times. I guess my taste buds have lost the need for maximum sugar all the time! My weight has been maintained from my initial starting date, which is good considering I’ve been slack on the exercise side of the diet lately.

    Still enjoying the product and will continue to use it.

  125. I started week 5 on the 13th of November,
    My results have slowed down a bit as I have been sick, but I have lost another 0.4kg, I’m hoping week 6 will help me lose more as my birthday is coming up!
    I’m feeling confident about this product still though, and I will be continuing it! 🙂

  126. Week 5 review. Still finding Reducta reduces my cravings which is great. I have been sick this past week yet again (the joys of having kids…. They spread spreading all around). So exercise has been minimal unfortunately. No weight lost but not weight gained either. Still fighting off my cold so hopefully next week bears more results as I’m usually very active.

  127. Pack 5 continued
    This week I started using Reducta again having missed out a few weeks waiting for the delivery.
    I am chewing the gum before my meals and late at night when I get my cravings. I am still enjoying the pleasant taste which is fresh and minty.
    With the weather this week being so awful, I didn’t get the chance to go out for my daily walk and so my exercise routine has been slack. I have only lost ½ kg which is a little disappointing.
    Hopefully next week I get my exercise going again and my scales will show me something to smile about.

  128. Week 5. After. A break from Reducta (where I did have a bit of a hinge) I’m back on track after recieivng the delivery. Oh boy did I miss it. At least now I can tell the difference of having and not having Reducta. Less cravings!!!!! Hopefully will be back to losing more weight just in time for Christmas. I’m also hoping thhis will help me not over indulge for this Christmas events.

  129. Week 6 down, a couple of days ago. Although it has been a stressful week with work and home the Reducta gum has helped stop my usual head for food relief behaviour. I’ve been hopping on my bike a few times a week to add to the efforts and feel by my need for a belt with my pants that I must have lost weight, just not reflected in the scales this week. Feeling good and looking forward to a better lighter future with the help of Reducta Gum.

  130. Week 6 down and dusted. I’m feeling a little better than the last week, and have managed to get 3 sessions of kickboxing in. I havent been hungry at all, and have had to actually force myself to eat. The scales haven’t changed, but I have lost inches from my tummy as one of my tops is a lot looser.

  131. Week 6
    This week I have continued my walking but I have given in to late night snacks again so saying that I only lost ½ kilo.
    I begin with chewing Reducta but after a while I want something savoury. I have said this in the past and I think I prefer savoury rather than sweet.
    If the company would make a different flavour of Reducta it would be excellent.
    Overall I am still happy I lost some weight even if it was only a little.

  132. Second last week, and running strong. The gum is part of my daily regime now, it has helped reduce portion sizes but for me more importantly has slowed the grazing. I still find that in times of stress I do need to rely on my gum to get me through. Have yet to be bored with the flavour of the Reducta gum, it still presents a refreshing flavour. The mentality of chewing prior to eating still seems weird, especially with most gums being post eating. Friends still haven’t noticed a difference in behaviour but have noticed portion sizes and those that I have told about the gum are keen and interested to give it a go too. A recommendation I’m happy to give.

  133. Week 6, loving that I have Reducta again, and back on track, I feel lighter and fitter, I feel like i’m in control again and can really watch my portions. Can Reducta make another flavor or 2? would benice to have some variety. I’ve already recommended it to my friends who have noticed the weight loss (nice to be able to fit in some of my old clothes again)

  134. Weeks 5 & 6 have been quite good for me. My clothes are still getting looser and in these last 2 weeks the results have also shown on the scales- which I’m thrilled with! The gum is easy to carry around and so easy for me to remember to use. I’m really happy with the results and other people have now started commenting on my weight loss!

  135. Week 7
    This week was my last pack of Reducta Chewing Gum since I was only sent 3 packs this will be my last report.
    I am in the Christmas frame of mind, so I have been cheating a lot. However I am still chewing when I can and still happy to report that I lost ½ kilo. It seems like I need to be stricter on myself.
    While using Reducta over the last 7 weeks my overall weight loss has been 5kg and I am delighted with the result.
    I would like to thank Beauty and Lace who gave me the opportunity to trial Reducta Hunger Reduction Chewing gum.

  136. I did my 10 week weigh in last monday and have lost a total of 11.9 kg using the reducta gum, great loss, especially coming up to Summer and the Christmas period!

  137. Week 7 review— no weight lost but no weight gained this week. I’m still running every week day! I must be nuts because I’m running up massive stairs at the beach over and over. Feeling a little more toned up. Definitely in the Xmas frame of mind now though. :0

  138. Week 7 review— no weight lost but no weight gained this week. I’m still running every week day! I must be nuts because I’m running up massive stairs at the beach over and over. Feeling a little more toned up. Definitely in the Xmas frame of mind now though.

  139. Week 7 review— no weight lost but no weight gained this week. I’m still running every week day! I must be nuts because I’m running up massive stairs at the beach over and over. Feeling a little more toned up. Definitely in the Xmas frame of mind now though. Looking forward to next week which will be my final review. (Which will also be the day after my birthday). Love reducta!

  140. Another week and I’m really feeling great. I’m also now realizing that I’m in control. I find that I’m not relying on Reducta all the time as I’ve now learnt to balance out myself. This is fantastic, I’m hoping this will carry me into the new year as a new person, I’m learning to not over-indulge. This is fantastic!!! I feel more fit and alive, it’s wonderful.

  141. My last week of Reducta gum was delayed by a nasty cold. So I’ve just completed it. I’ve had great results for me. I have lost a couple of Kgs, and more importantly my portion sizes and grazing is improved. I think I’m not yet done with using Reducta gum. I’ll be staying using this one for a while and have encouraged my sister to start using it also. What a great product to help us people that need all the help we can get to curb our bad habits. Thanks for the opportunity!

  142. A bit late but here is last last Reducta review. Week 8. I have lost another 500g. I think total lost was 4kg. Reducta has helped me to learn healthy eating patterns and keep snack cravings at bay. Thank you for allowing me to trial and review this amazing product.

  143. A Bit late with this review, lots of Christmas prep to do. I’m so in control now and Reducta has really helped with curbing those cravings and overeating patterns in the lead up to Christmas. I feel so much better and not bloated like I awl m during this time of the year. I’ve lost some weight, gotten fitter in the process and learnt to eat better too. Thanks for letting me do this trial, it really is much appreciated for a working mamma like me who has so many things to do, this has allowed me to do something for me!

  144. Hi all, they are selling it at Priceline if anyone is having trouble finding it. I just bought some to do my own trial – unfortunately I went overseas in what would have been mid-trial so I wasn’t able to participate. Let’s see how I go.

  145. Hi all, they are selling it at Priceline if anyone is having trouble finding it. I just bought some to do my own trial – unfortunately I went overseas in what would have been mid-trial so I wasn’t able to participate. Let’s see how I go

  146. Firstly huge apologies to Beauty and Lace for not posting a weekly review for the final 4 weeks of the trial… Things have been pretty full on to say the least! We’ve now moved from Victoria to WA with our 3 kids 5yrs and under, which was totally stressful plus there was a whole heap of other life hurdles and stresses thrown in at the same time unfortunately.

    But thanks to having the Reducta Gum at hand I haven’t been ‘stress-eating’ like I usually would’ve in situations like these! And it also definitely helped me stop from over-indulging over Christmas.

    I haven’t been exercising anywhere near as much as I was in the first 4 weeks of the trial and my healthy eating plan went out the window during the move, but I’m pleased to say my weight has still been steadily dropping – just not as quickly as it was… My total weight-loss over the 8 weeks of using Reducta Gum has been 16.4kgs! I’m thrilled with the results and I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this loss so quickly and easily without the gum. It’s so convenient, tastes great and really does work!

    Overall I would definitely recommend Reducta Gum without a moment’s hesitation… It has totally exceeded my expectations as a weight-loss aid and the results have been truly excellent. I will be continuing to purchase this product as soon as our budget allows.

    Thank-you Beauty and Lace and Reducta Gum, this trial has been amazing and even life-changing for me! Thank-you. 🙂

  147. I havent been this excited for a long time about a weight reduction aide .I am on my second day i cannot believe how it has stopped me from snacking so looking forward to great results

  148. I have been using Reducta chewing gumfor 3weeks I am losing weight but I am having problems with yellow staining on my dentures. Has anybody got any advice regarding this problem.

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