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Leading better for you drinks brand Wilde has launched Australia’s newest non-alcoholic, sparkling hop water – Wilde Guru.

An all-natural sparkling water, Wilde Guru is infused with real beer hops giving it the slight bitterness and hop aroma of a beer, just without the ‘bad stuff’, with zero alcohol, calories, carbs and most importantly…zero bad juju. 

As Aussies embrace mindful drinking more than ever before, Wilde Guru is perfect for those seeking a hydrating, non-alcoholic beverage, whilst still wanting to participate in the ‘social drinking’ aspect of their favourite activities, including festivals, concerts and BBQs.

Three of our members have been drinking the Wilde Guru range. Let’s take a look at what they had to say:

Review by Jas


Wilde Guru, well, they had me with the packaging. The selection of ‘beers’ came beautifully presented and I couldn’t wait to chill them. 

The non-alcoholic beer range was by far my favourite, they taste like a freshly poured tap beer. It tastes crisp and fruity and perfect enjoyed outside in the sun!

The isotonic non-alcoholic beer is a genius idea and is a perfect summer companion.

The hop water was very mild in flavour, you can taste the hops and the flavour stated on the can. This flavour drink was not for me. 

I would highly recommend this range of drinks for anyone who enjoys the flavour of beer. It’s nice to have the drink of choice without all the nasties.

Review by Monique


Having never tried these types of drinks before, I was very intrigued and excited at the prospect of a brewed non-alcoholic drink.

1: Wilde Guru Sparkling Hop Water

Super light on the bubbles with a subtle hops flavour. The fragrance and taste reminds me of rosewater, but it is definitely not over-powering! I was excited to try the Wilde products, so I drank the Sparkling Hop Water cold, but not icy-cold.

It was certainly refreshing at this temperature and would be perfect on a hot day once icy-cold. You could certainly notice the ‘real beer’ heritage and techniques with the hint of hops, but without the calories or hangover. Lovely art work on the front of the can. 

2: Wilde Guru Sparkling Hop Water with Lemon and Lime

Similar to the original Sparkling Hop water but with the addition of refreshing lemon and lime flavouring. Has minimal bubbles, soft, light and a very nice drink.

Not as unique in flavour as the Sparkling Hop Water, but for the fans of Lemon and Lime drinks this is definitely a winner. The art work on the front of the can is eye-catching and funky.

3: Wilde Guru Isotonic Non-Alcoholic Beer

This looks, pours and feels just like a traditional beer with a frothy head and amber colouring. I’m not a fan of isotonic sports drinks, but this was very easy to drink. If you have been exerting yourself and feel like a traditional beer this could be the perfect substitute with the added bonus of electrolytes and vitamins (B1, B3 and B9).

Such a healthy way to have a beer without the un-healthy traditional beer ingredients. Definitely a great non-alcoholic beer alternative. The can is a striking blue, but not as arty as the others. 

4: Wilde Guru Mornington Peninsula Free Non-Alc XPA

Again, this looks, pours and feels very similar to a traditional XPA beer with a frothy head, golden colouring and fruity aroma.

The head on the XPA did dissipate relatively quickly and I did find it to be relatively gassy compared to the others. Crisp and easy to drink.

5: Mornington Peninsula Free Non-Alc Pale Ale

Again, this looks, pours and feels very similar to a traditional Pale Ale beer with a persistent frothy head and amber colouring.

Looks like a beer, tastes like a beer and was my personal favourite. I would definitely consider a pack of these as a non-alcoholic alternative when out at anything from a party to a picnic.

Review by Jodie


Thank you for the opportunity to try these alcohol free drinks by Wilde Guru. 

The first thing I noticed about these was their eye catching design. They look very similar to a craft beer, and unless you were to read the can you wouldn’t know otherwise.

When you open the cans they pour, look and smell like a beer. They’re great for those days when you want to relax with a drink but don’t actually want a “drink”.

My favourites were the Sparkling Hop Waters as they were really refreshing, especially the one with lemon and lime. They were like similar to some of the fruit beers you can get, with a zesty fruity flavour with a little bitterness. I’d happily pack these to take to a BBQ or picnic with the benefit of being able to safely drive home afterwards. 

The XPA’s flavour was that most like a beer, and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t  be able to pick it as the odd one out in a taste test. It was very hoppy and is full of the bitter notes seen in pale ales.

My least favourite was the Isotonic Electrolyte drink. I found the recommendation to drink one every 30 minutes during strenuous exercise a little strange as while I can see how the others are a great substitute for a beer, I can’t ever see myself replacing an electrolyte drink with a beer flavoured substitute. It would give the girls at netball a thrill though!

These products are available from Dan Murphys. For further information about the Wilde brand, please visit:

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