Popular Types of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks of choice to help you get through the day, and with so many varieties picking a favourite can be quite a challenge.

Coffee isn’t just coffee so we have made the task of picking from a menu much easier with some of the more common serving suggestions:

Black Coffee: A straightforward coffee with no milk

Cappuccino: A combination of espresso, streamed and frothed milk. Served with chocolate or cinammon sprinkled on top.  An ideal pick for coffee beginners.

Latte (aka Caffe Latte): Made with espresso and steamed milk, with a thin layer of foam on top.

Flat White: Similar to the latte but served in a smaller cup without foam.


Iced Coffee: Coffee served cold. Chilled milk or ice is often added, and there are different variations such as iced latte. May also be called a Frappe.

Espresso: Made with finely ground coffee, this is a concentrated drink. It is very strong and is weakened in other versions of coffee such as the Latte.

Mocha: A chocolate and coffee combination.

Americano / Long Black: Made with a single shot of expresso and water.

Macchiato: Espresso with a small amount of steamed milk added

Irish Coffee: Espresso with Whiskey, sugar and cream

Cafe Au Lait: The coffee is brewed instead of using espresso. A milder coffee served with milk.

Double Shot: Extra strong coffee with two shots of spresso instead of one.

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