Leather items worth buying

For many leather manufacturers and distributors, quality is not just an empty word. There are still factories which produce hides by hand. The process is supported by machines of course, but they choose to do manually what can be done manually, and keep the old fashion way to maintain the highest quality of the materials possible. One may say that everyday products made from hide and crafted by hand are everlasting – just like the ancient art of leather-making. And they would not be very far from the truth.

First things first

Not many leather enthusiasts go as far as learning where does the leather they buy come from. Every seller should be able to tell you about the distributor or producer the cooperate with.  A few countries hasve established renown for the materials they provide. In Europe, polish leather and Italian leather are well-known for their quality. One of the best polish leather distributors it Itan, a company active on the market for over 20 years and cooperating closely with Italian company Codyeco which provides fine tanning agents. Together they achieve sustainable hides which prove their high quality later on in the shape of all kinds of leather items.


Leather sofas and armchairs can turn every living room upside down in terms of their unique stylish looks. They may require appropriate additions in the shape of noble, wooden table or stillage, however, if chosen carefully they may present themselves just as well with a modern set of furniture. If you think about buying a new sofa or armchair or both, and if you know it’s going to serve you a long time, leather should be your only direction. Strong, long lasting, and easy to clean are their main features. If impregnated properly, leather furniture looks as new even after years of service. Unique leather structure also allows for repairs, when a scratch happens. And do not be worried about a lack of colours options. A decent producer will offer you leather of any colour you want with gloss or matt finishing.


Leather boots are here to stay due to their durability and great looks. Leather is so popular in manufacturing footwear because it breathes, provides ventilation and maintenance of humidity. What’s more, its’ ability allows for retaining warmth when it’s cold and providing cooling when there’s heat. Calfskin is the most preferred leather for shoes because it has a tighter grain and fibre and is thinner and lighter than cow hide. However, boots are also produced from kidskin, pigskin, cordovan shell, and bovine leather. If you are going for luxurious, more exotic looks, choose footwear from buffalo, elephant, snake, kangaroo or crocodile skin. Always try to find out what type of leather is used for your shoes so you can select appropriate care and polish products in order to make the boots everlasting.

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