Bag Ladies Tea

It is true that tea brings people together, and many secrets have been shared over a cuppa. Bag Ladies Tea is a company putting fun into this traditional drink, with their range of tea tins and boxes.

Bag Ladies Tins come with 25 bags of Earl Grey tea, each with its own witty tag. The tea is of high quality, and made from 100% natural ingredients, with no preservatives added.

Each teabag will make you and your guests smile, and it is hard to stop at just one cup! The tins make a fun, fresh addition to your kitchen, and they are reusable so you can keep refilling.

bag ladies tea

They come in a range of different themes, making them a perfect gift idea for that person who is hard to buy for! Try “No Other Like Mother” for Mother’s Day, or “Girlfriends” for when your besties stop by.

To compliment the range of delectable tea tins, Bag Ladies Tea have just added their New Blossom Collection. These come in beautifully packaged boxes, and are ideal for special occasions.

bag ladies tea

The range includes a range of delicious flavours such as “Happy Birthday” – with vanilla and caramel, or “Evening Comfort” – with Chamomile and Almond.

I am really impressed with this collection of teas, not just for the young, funky packaging, but also, the gorgeous flavours. What’s more, they are great value!

If you just want a taste, they also come in mini satchel sizes, with 5 tea bags in each.

bag ladies tea

The Bag Ladies Teas are loved by Beauty and Lace!

Visit their website at:

For Australian enquiries: 02) 4228 1800

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