Palm Beach Collection – Pear and Cinnamon Candle

We have reviewed a few candles lately, they are a must have spring accessory and bring fragrance and a warm cozy feeling to your home. We only feature our absolute faves and I am happy to say I have found another hot (pun intended) pick to share with you. It’s from Aussie brand Palm Beach Collection, the scent is Pear and Cinnamon and it’s new for spring!

Soy based (you know the deal, soy is more environmentally friendly than wax and has less soot), this comes in a large glass jar for up to 80 hours burn time. Pear and Cinnamon might not sound entirely appealing in theory but it kind of reminds me of having an apple pie in the oven and once again I am in scent heaven!

palm beach collection

This has two wicks for added prettiness and more even burn distribution (does that even make sense, I thought it sounded smart). A sweet little touch is that the candle comes with it’s own matches in a little black Palm Beach Collection matchbox…and they have white heads which give them a luxe feel.

Pear and Cinnamon is a nice choice for the family home or office. It isn’t sickly sweet and is a fragrance most people will enjoy.

Palm Beach Collection scented soy candles have an RRP of $34.95

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