Dynamo Smart Shot

Dynamo and Cold Power are set to revolutionise the way we wash…

No more laundry mess from spilling the powder, sticky residue  in the machine or liquid drips across the lid. Sounds good to me!

The cute new Smart Shot bottles look fantastic and they make washing day much quicker, cleaner and more efficient.

It is as simple as popping off the cap and filling it from the squeeze bottle and placing the cap in your washing machine – I would suggest pushing it down into the wash rather than just leaving it sitting on top.

The Smart Shot formula is the best for both brands to date so this really does make a sparkling fresh load of washing ultra simple!

The major revolution is the soft in-wash dosing cap combined with the non-drip valve on the bottle, no laundry liquid spilled anywhere you don’t want it. So if you have a hectic schedule and really need to be able to throw it in the wash and walk away this is going to help you out by removing the need to wipe up the drips and spills after the washing. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, there always seems to be some powder that escapes or a trail of drips to the machine.

Dynamo Gel Top Loader

The detergent gets straight in the midst of the wash which means it starts working immediately. Those stubborn stains and everyday grime get more wash time because of it.

Surfactants in the Smart Shot detergents are biodegradable in accordance with procedures and the product complies with industry standards for phosphorous levels. The standard imposes  a maximum content of 7.8 grams per wash. This product has a phosphorous level of about 2.7g/wash.

To ensure the best results you still need to ensure you are following care instructions on the garment. The Smart Shot System is not suitable for wool or delicates and ensure you separate whites and colours.

Dynamo are so confident that their product is going to perform well that they are offering consumers a money back guarantee from the 11th of August to 31st of December 2011. The money back guarantee applies to all Dynamo liquid products during this period, though terms and conditions do apply. There is never going to be a better time to get out there and try something new, at the moment it is totally risk free with a money back guarantee.

Dynamo Smart Shot detergent can be purchased in all major supermarkets in the following varieties:

Dynamo Smart Shot Regular Top Loader, Front Loader and Eucalyptus Front Loader (800ml) – RRP $9.99

Cold Power Smart Shot Top and Front Loader varieties (800ml) – RRP $8.99

5 thoughts on “Dynamo Smart Shot

  1. I bought this to give it a go………… ended up liquid all over my clothes and had to rewash them again to get it off. Not smart just a waste !!

    1. Sorry to hear that Donna, have you taken up the money back gaurantee? It took some getting used to i must say but i didn’t have that issue.

  2. I also purchased the dynamo smart wash – front loader and have notice two things. 1- the clothes are taking longer to dry! And 2- after using the liquid in four washes my asko front loader has stopped working and it’s stating fault in the drainage. I’ve done exactly as the bottle has recommended in the dosage and now my washer will not open the door as it will not drain. In this I called the Asko customer service and they told me not to use the product! I’m not happy at all.

  3. I was actually part of the trial survey before the product was released and tested the product for a month.

    I tried it on a variety of laundry – clothes (adults and children) coloured, whites and blacks, linen/manchester and towels.

    I didn’t have any problems with it and thought the product itself worked well. Whether I would spend the extra money on the concept itself, still remains to be seen, but the cleaning capabilities were the same and I didn’t experience any problems with my top loading machine.

  4. I haven’t tried the Smart Shot and I won’t because I don’t understand the logic behind. Wait for the washer to fill, add detergent, Bob’s your uncle, clothes are clean. Any messy fingers become clean with application of water. Cup in the laundry? Who needs it?

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