Winter Comfort for Your Home

I love winter!  Nothing better than pulling out those big boots and calf length jackets, wrapping a chunky scarf around your neck and meeting your girlfriends at a café for a hot drink.  Even better though is being inside while the rain is pelting down outside and your huddled around an open fire clutching a steaming mug of hot chocolate, the guy with the cover model looks is optional of course.

Winter has a bad reputation for bringing on a case of depression and winter blues but a few changes around your home can be instant mood boosters that make the cold months in your cave bearable.

Introduce colours from the warm palette.  Colours like Burnt Orange, Raging Sunset, Yellow Glow, Cinnamon, Latte and Rich Melted Chocolate put an instant cocoon around you.  Put your cushions on a rotation cycle.  Buy in the same size as the inserts you already have and just change the covers, this makes for less to store and easier on the budget.


Change the lampshades of your table and floor lamps to a glowing red silk to give an ambience of sophistication. Be bold and paint the wall in your entry and set tea-lights in a line along the base of the walls, creating a subtle up light.

Warmth is the key and how you maintain that is crucial.  Before you churn up the heater check for all draughts and leaks, not only is it good for your gas bill but there is nothing worse than getting settled for the night and feel a draft wafting down the back of your neck and your too tired to get up and do something about it.

There is nothing better than heat under foot, taking off your chunky slippers and the feeling of warmth under foot.  When building a house, floor heating is an option that gives you sustained heat without the damaging drying effects that comes with ducted heating (I start feeling the life sucked out of my skin within minutes of turning on the heating).  You’re not building you say? Well you can still get the benefits of the floor heating with a new product called the floor rug available from Coldbuster Flooring.

They call it ‘an electric blanket for your rug’.  There are no special fixings or tools needed, just a power point, and off you go.  The sizes start from 1.9m x1.3m up to 2.8m x 1.8m and they even have a double one that you can put on either side of your bed so you can put it on a timer and have it ready for when you take that first leap in the morning.  The beauty of it also is you can take it with you, so even if your renting you can have an economical and luxurious from of heating.

Watching movie marathons also calls for being swathed in blankets.  Now you can drag the doona down but that just creates more work and leaves the sheets cold for when you are ready to transfer from the couch to the bed.  Buy a large basket or a nifty ottoman with storage under and invest in some good quality blankets that will take you through many winters.

I remember a couple of years back there were some great bars in Melbourne’s Smith Street holding ‘knitting nights’ where groups of fellow knitters could get together while enjoying the sounds and tastes of Melbourne but if you didn’t get a chance to go there and you really couldn’t be bothered taking up a new hobby (put your hands up who has an unfinished jumper and a scarf that would wrap twice around the length of a basketball court) Luna Gallery have some amazing pieces to snuggle into.

How can you pass it up with a title like Couch Cardy!  They come in cushions, throws, blankets, wraps and lounge wear and even cater for the little bubs.  They come in pure wool, cotton and jersey and are all made here in Australia.  When you purchase their tree blanket (featured), knitted in 100% combed cotton, 10% of the profits are donated to The Wilderness Society.

The traditional throws of Mohair, Merino and Lambswool still give you a feeling on luxury.  A Tasmanian company called Waverley Australia have been producing these divine rugs and throws since they were founded in 1874 and are Australia’s oldest woollen mill.  They come in a variety of colours like Fiery Red, Nutmeg and Quartz Violet to add that splash of vibrancy around the home.


If you are after something more plush make a statement and go for the faux fur (I don’t need PETA coming after me with a pot of paint).  A couple of Arctic white cushions will balance the strength of the warm palette and gives you an alternative of running your fingers through something if you missed out on catching that model over hot chocolate.

So no more excuses about feeling low put on your heels and coat and seek these items out.  Or you could just stay rugged up in your PJ’s and Ugg boots and check them out online.


Written by Shaynna Blaze-Vaughan


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