30 Ways to Hurt Your Feet

Being clumsy is accidentally getting cleanser in one eye and shower gel in the other (this was actually me this morning).

But, even those who are a little more agile would have experienced some of the following foot catastrophes!

Here are 30 ways to hurt your feet, how many of these have happened to you?

  1. Stepping on Lego. Most parents can relate to the middle of the night Lego step, stop, scream. It hurts.
  2. That weird bit at the end of your sock. You know when you put on your sock and you get a toe caught? Or there’s a weird lumpy bit of cotton bunched up? Ow.
  3. Mozzie bites. Why do they insist on attacking the feet? The itch is unbearable. Evil.
  4. Glass in your foot. I don’t even know how this happens but it’s pain like no other. It comes complete with drops of blood.
  5. Walking into a cupboard… a door or anything else which feels as though it has suddenly appeared. How? Again, I don’t know but I have walked into more cupboards with my big toe than I can remember.
  6. When your socks are too tight. It can feel as though your circulation has been cut off and you are left with an indentation.
  7. Accidentally kicking a person. I mean accidentally. I’ve walked too quickly and stubbed my toe on someone else’s shoe before.
  8. The trolley incident. Grocery shopping isn’t stressful enough without someone ramming into your foot with a trolley. This can also happen with a stroller!
  9. Bee stings. Why do they lay there on the ground just waiting for you to step on them?
  10. Prickles. Some prickles can even work their way through your thongs. Those for corner jacks are not for the faint hearted.
  11. Kicking a footy the wrong way. Those footballs can be hard! Hit the wrong part of your foot or without shoes and you get the ouch.
  12. Splinters in your foot. Get out the needle because these do not go away. You may consider cutting off your own foot once the swelling kicks in.
  13. Rocks. Stepping on rocks or pebbles is pure pain. Why do I always try to run to the letterbox in bare feet when I know there are rocks there! Why?!
  14. Rubbing on shoes. New shoes. They look pretty but bring out the band aids because they aren’t your friend!
  15. Ankles bitten by a dog. Ever had a puppy? Those tiny little puppy teeth nipping at your ankles is not as fun for you as it is for them.
  16. Dropping dishes on your foot. Or dropping anything on your foot. Again an unexplainable occurrence but I bet it’s happened at least once in your life.
  17. Cutting your nail too short. This is almost bandaid worthy. It stings when you hit the skin which should be hidden beneath your toe nails.
  18. Getting your nail caught under the blankets. Then it rips. Agony caused by one of the nicest places in the world. Bed.
  19. Testing the bath water. How about a nice warm bath? Dip your toe in the water? Burnnnnn! Insert expletives here.
  20. Kicking the curb. I say kicking but I actually mean “walking into”. Sometimes I forget I have feet.
  21. Scratching your foot with a stick. Sticks are sharp and they are prickly. Get off me with your scratching.
  22. That bit between your thongs. Rub rub rub. You end up with some weird in between toe irritation. It’s not pleasant.
  23. Stabbing your foot with the other foot (or your partner’s foot). Stupid? Yes. Does it happen? Yes. Have I done this? Yes.
  24. Tripping over nothing. When this happens you have to keep walking. Do not make eye contact with anyone.
  25. Walking up a hill twisting your foot. Or walking down a hill. Look where you are going! Is twisting your foot even the correct term?
  26. Ant party in your shoes. Let’s go for a nice bush walk shall we? Let’s have an adventure! Then before you know it there’s ants in your shoes and you’re running in circles screaming hysterically.
  27. Hot sand. Nothing beats walking barefoot in the sand…unless it’s hot sand! You try to escape but the water is metres away! Run! But don’t trip over “nothing” on the way.
  28. Walking on the road. Maybe seems like a good idea when you’re a kid. But it’s never a good idea. Blisters anyone?!
  29. Jumping too much. This is a really annoying injury which never seems to let up. Too many songs ask you to jump, lets sue them!
  30. For no reason at all. You wake up, your foot hurts. For no reason at all.

We hope this list of 30 ways to hurt your feet made you smile! Don’t try these at home kids!!

Is there anything I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments section below!

8 thoughts on “30 Ways to Hurt Your Feet

  1. Think you pretty much nailed it – although you could add having a fight in your sleep and kicking out at your opponent and slamming your foot into the wall – hurts like Hades!

  2. Cramp, cutting toenails back a bit too far, when a 3 corner jack goes through your thong and I have trodden on the end of an extension cord a few times before.
    Sometimes I have a clumsy day and have put hairspray under my armpit before realising it wasn’t deodorant and putting the iron away in the fridge.
    I think we need to slow down and take it easy sometimes 🙂

    1. Oh I forgot about the toe cramp! That is the worst!!!

      If it makes you feel any better I sprayed deodorant on my hair instead of hairspray once! It went all white and I had to wash out my hairstyle!

  3. So funny and all are true. Also if someone steps back when you’re behind them and stands on your toe. That really hurts too!

  4. Think you have the complete list 🙂 We have all achieved most if not all of them at sometime in our life.

  5. Two things I would like to add are;
    Catching a crab with your big toe – it leaves memories you will never forget, trust me on that one.
    Getting your feet (in shoes) stuck in a very deep mud puddle (after being told by your partner that it looks firm) and ending up with sand flies all through your socks and bites all on your feet (thanks Merrick!).
    Otherwise very comprehensive and quite the giggle!

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