Crafty Extract from Sweet! Celebrations – Mini Muffin Advent Calendar

We recently featured Sweet! Celebrations by Elise Strachan in our Christmas Gift Guide and now we want to share a simple crafty idea sure to add some excitement to your festive season.

This DIY Craft idea can be found on page 201 of the book and is a slightly different approach to the traditional advent calendar.

Mini Muffin Advent Calendar
Makes 1

Advent Calendar template (page 227)
Card stock
1 (24-hole) mini muffin tin (try to find one with a small hole at one end)
Craft paper in assorted Christmas colours and patterns
Mini chocolate bars, treats or gifts (small enough to fit in a mini muffin cup)
Small number stickers: 1 through 24
Double-sided adhesive tape



1   Trace the Advent Calendar template onto a piece of card stock and cut out to use as a template.

2   Using the template as a guide, cut out 24 assorted coloured and patterned “covers” for the muffin-tin holes.

3   Place a treat in each muffin hole.


4   Affix a number sticker to each muffin-hole cover, and attach the covers using four small pieces of double-sided tape, placing the numbers randomly, not in sequence .

5    If the muffin tin has a small hole at one end, use this to hang the calendar with a ribbon.


Sweet! Celebrations is published by Murdoch books and available now where all good books are sold.
RRP: $39.99

7 thoughts on “Crafty Extract from Sweet! Celebrations – Mini Muffin Advent Calendar

  1. What a great idea that means you can create an advent calendar with anything you want! For those who dont like the amount of sugar kids are eating this provides the way to have the fun but without the sugar!

    Think of all the things you could fill this with? Money. stickers, erasers. etc.

    Cool idea!

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