Art Exhibition: CATHARSIS (August 17th)

Fortitude Valley is set to see an exhibition of new work by Lee Harnden on Friday August 17th for one night only.

Catharsis brings fine art and Australian street culture together in the work of Lee Harnden.

Harnden’s work as a graffiti writer is under the name of LINZ, whose career spans 20 years and has seen him earn international acclaim and sponsorship from Ironlak. In this time he has come across celebrated Australian’s – musicians, sportspeople and artists. These are some of the people at the heart of his work, these figures are captured with stark realism by the combination of subject and technique.

IMAGE - Ken Oath by Lee Harnden (Catharsis)

There is inherent integrity and soul in each of Harnden’s oil paintings, even when the subjects depict raw gangland imagery. There is a depth to the works that speak of more than a casual connection between Harnden and his subjects.

Although some figureheads he depicts fall short of the limelight in the popularised mainstream, the romantic undertone of Harnden’s perception is revealed as every character he paints is essentially a hero in his eyes.

In his time and place, Lee Harnden is a catalyst of ‘subterranean representation’.  Unfortunate for him, as it is for many true artisans, his work will speak volumes much louder in generations yet to come.

Don’t miss your chance to wander through the work of Lee Harnden and appreciate his talent.

WHAT: CATHARSIS – New Works by Lee Harnden

WHEN: Friday 17th August from 6.30pm [one night only]

WHERE: Lightspace – 30 Light St (cnr Scanlan) Fortitude Valley

COST: FREE entry

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