Coles Double Choc Cookies

You’ll Love Coles is making it easy to be a domestic goddess with a delicious range of baking mixes. The range consists of classic family favourites that are quick and easy to make. So when you are faced with friends around for coffee, kids’ play dates and the office morning tea all you’ll need to do is follow the simple directions on the packet then sit back and enjoy the compliments.

The You’ll Love Coles baking mix range includes classic favourites such as Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Fudge Brownie Mix, Butter Cake Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix, Original Pancake Shake, Multi-Purpose Muffin Mix and Double Choc Chip Muffin Mix.

You’ll Love Coles baking mix range makes it easy to bake your own treats to share with friends and family. You can simply follow the directions on the packet for a quick and simple indulgence or use the mixes as a base for your own signature creations.

Everyone who tries your delicious treats will be asking for the recipe!

You’ll Love Coles Baking Mixes are also a great way to spend time with the kids. The kids can help with mixing, measuring and pouring and other than an easy solution to keep them entertained; baking also provides a valuable learning opportunity. As kids measure and pour they can learn about numbers, counting and fractions and as the baking goes through the various stages to become a finished treat they can learn about cause and effect.

You’ll Love Coles Baking Mixes are now available for use by all domestic goddesses from Coles stores nationally for RRP $1.99 – $3.49.

But What Do They Taste Like? –

Recently I tried the “You’ll Love Coles” Double Choc Chip Cookies. They were easy to make – simply add an egg and some butter to the mix and bake.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I am usually fussy when it comes to cooking and generally prefer to bake from scratch.

After they cooled I gave one a try and it was delicious – perfect texture and not too hard. I then decided to test them out on my mother who was visiting, and my husband. I didn’t tell them which brand they were and I am happy to report they were both impressed.

They didn’t last long in my house, and my mother especially couldn’t believe that they were from Coles. Finally – a supermarket brand that is of high quality, while being affordable for families.

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