Dating in a New City

In 2016, it remains a common sight for twenty-somethings to spend their prime hopping from city to city. The reasons for moving to each new metropolis will likely vary for each person, but common traits will run throughout each new arrival: finding a job, apartment, friend, and of course a partner. Thankfully though, the internet offers a wealth of opportunity to find whatever you’re searching for.

Although not entirely a new concept, online dating hit the big time when Tinder came onto the scene in 2012. The breezy and simple functionality of the now popular dating app resonated strongly with Millennials and, since its inception, has broken any reservations or embarrassment that might come with meeting someone you found online. Your parents might have a cute story of catching each other’s eyes at a ballroom dance, but nowadays, it’s perfectly natural to tell anyone who asks that you met your partner via online dating.

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The process of swiping ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to people on Tinder might be incredibly easy, but some still prefer the option of being able to message someone without prompt – basically the online version of walking up to an attractive person at a bar and using your best pickup line., for example, allows people to spark a potential romance via chat rooms and messaging features. Sometimes charming words and good timing is all it takes to catch someone’s attention.

Of course, there are other ways to date people in a new city that don’t take place online. Speed dating events, like this one by, are common in major cities across the world. Like the name says, the event is all about a quick-fire chat to other attendees, usually in under 10 minutes. That way if you get stuck with someone you don’t click with, you know you’ve only got a short time with them! On the other hand, if someone impresses you it’s easy to grab their number and organize a longer date. It’s also good to keep in mind that doesn’t just contain events for dating, but a whole host of occasions designed to bring people together and allowing them to forge new friendships as well. You can also try reading this Romance Tale Review.

It’s nice to think that a cute stranger will help carry boxes when you move into a new apartment, giving you a chance to invite them around for coffee and homemade snacks and potentially develop a romance. However, life isn’t always so easy, and we often have to be proactive and optimistic when looking for a partner. Whether it’s online or in the real world, there will likely be someone who will light a fire in your heart upon moving to a new city.

Article by Alex Pierce


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