First Date Etiquette

If you haven’t been on a date in a while you may be feeling a bit nervous. Times have changed, and if you are tired of waiting for that cute boy to ask you out – it is now perfectly acceptable for you to do the asking.

So if you have scored yourself a first date, and decided on a mutually agreeable location, you may be wondering about typical dating etiquette.

Assuming you like him, you will want your first date to be a success; it’s all about getting to know each other. Like all communication, it is important to listen and ask questions, as well as sharing some information about yourself.

Try not to be late for your first date, a few minutes is fine but you don’t want to leave him waiting as you will look unreliable.

first date etiquette

Body language creates a good impression – try to make eye contact because it shows you are interested in the conversation…and of course – smile!

One of the most common dating questions is – who pays? If the boy does the asking it is likely he will pay, but always assume you will be splitting the bill, if he offers to pay it’s a bonus and you should graciously accept.

If he gives you a compliment you should say thank you, debating it will just make you look insecure.

The main thing to remember is – dating is supposed to be fun, so relax and enjoy your night. If you realise there is no relationship potential, be upfront and honest, you don’t want to string him along.

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