DISCUSSION: Work and Social Networking

At Beauty and Lace we love our social networking, it gives us a chance to chat to our readers and allows you to be kept up to date with all our articles and competitions as soon as they are published.

Not everyone has the same kind of job as I do at Beauty and Lace, (I have Facebook open all day) so this week we are discussing how social networking fits within your work day. We have heard of companies allocating time for Facebook, companies that have a free for all and others who ban it completely.


Where do you fit in? Are you allowed to use Facebook and Twitter at work, and if so, do you take advantage of it? If you aren’t allowed to use it, do you sneak in some time on your mobile phone? Are you friends with your boss on Facebook?

Not to forget those of you who aren’t currently working – I have a question just for you…how much time do you spend on social networking websites such as Facebook during the day?

In regards to personal Facebook use, I try really hard not to be a complainer…what about you, do you use Facebook as a place to vent or do you like to keep it light and upbeat. Or are you a lurker and don’t post personal status updates?

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This week we are giving away a set of two mystery books (as in we aren’t going to tell you what they are, it’s a surprise) to one lucky reader. Talk social networking with me by commenting below for your chance to win.

The winner will  be contacted by email so make sure your address is current. Competition closes 22nd November 2011 Midnight AEST. Check back next Wednesday for a new weekly discussion.

28 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: Work and Social Networking

  1. I use Facebook and Twitter daily, mainly to keep in contact with relatives who live overseas so they can get updated pictures and videos of the kids. I rarely update my status or comment on others, use it a lot for competitions though!

  2. At my work they have totally banned Facebook, so the only time I get on it is at home, and when I have the time. My main reason for using facebook is to be kept up to date with friends and family that dont live anywhere near me. I think it is wonderful for this purpose, however I have two nieces that use it without the slightest care of repercussions and it has caused a lot of heartache within our family between them two.
    It is much easier to print or write things than it is to actually say them face to face, and for this reason I dont like facebook.
    So I guess it has its pro’s and con’s.

  3. Well I have two jobs and for one I use facebook all the time and it’s the only reason I have Twitter (well the only reason I started the account anyway). And my main FB use is for that these days too, and to play silly games.

    My work has a ban on all personal internet use and I will sneaky some stuff but would never open FB or Twitter – so instead of reading on my breaks I spend it catching up on cyberspace.

    Originally FB was to keep in touch with interstate family but now it’s to keep up with lots of friends all over. And be miserable about all the fun that is about to be had at my high school reunion without me.

  4. My work has a ban on all social networking sites…..and at home, yeah do have a facebook account among others, but after the computer has crashed several times, due to opening virus infested links posted by young nieces and nephews, I am now more careful than ever when I venture on the site. Facebook in particular is also being increasingly linked to fraud cases as people just divulge toomuch personal information, so I think we all need to be increasingly careful and tread with care..

  5. Like many, my work has a ban on Facebook and Twitter. Likewise TAFE, where I also attend. Since I don’t have the internet at home, I am restricted. However, I don’t feel that way. OK, I can’t enter all the cool competitions promoted on Facebook, which does irk me.

    Businesses, I understand would have a Facebook need. Large, scattered families would also benefit from Facebook. Twitter was shown to be useful in riots in Iran and Libya. All fabulous. But other than that, for the humble Joe and Josephine, what’s the point? “I did the ironing.” Or “I had toast for dinner.” Really, who cares? Isn’t there enough banality in life?

    But I am sure to join the revolution soon. If I do, I would have clear boundaries between work and socialising. Just seems sensible in today’s volatile workplace.

  6. I was very slow and extreemly resistant to opening a facebook account. I felt that as far as my friends are concerned we speak face to face or via phone. My family members dont have computers so they also dont have facebook and my friends that live overseas or in differant states keep in touch with me via email, instant message and we chat on voice via net meeting. I didnt need facebook. But i soon found that i did need facebook if i wanted to be able to enter competitions and access special discount offers that certain companies would have running. I actually find that very frustrating but I understand thats what they call progress and we have moved away from the days where you printed your name and address on the back of an envelope and posted it in and it was then drawn out of a barrel by hand. Now you need a computer or a smart phone and you must enter via facebook and with winner is decided by an internet program.
    I dont work as thus far no one has been mad enough to offer me a job…lol So my use of facebook is not an issue but if i did have a job i doubt very much if i would feel the need to access facebook during work hours. My Account is not for friends and family and my daughters dont follow me there as i told them that its just for businesses and not for friendly chit chat with people i see on a daily basis.
    That being said I do enjoy chatting with people in forums and I also love visiting here and letting my thoguhts fall out of my head and onto my screen.

  7. Unfortunately our computers do not allow us to connect to the internet therefore I can’t use Facebook all day as I wish I could haha

  8. I do sometimes, it;s a bit hard as Facebook is banned on the only desktop computer we have and we get in trouble if head office spots us on the cameras, but when you’re working indoors for sometimes 8 hours in a row with no break and nothing to do, i check it for updates on whats happening or to enter a quick competition, i can never stay on for longer than a few minutes though but its a little lifesaver to have a quick break from work!

  9. I am always on Facebook!!! super dooper lucky my work has a facebook page so I can get away with it pretty easliy

  10. As I work in a primary school there is no way I would go on to Facebook. I use it every evening to keep up to date on news and photos from family and friends. I also play word games and enter competitions to keep my brain sharp.

  11. I love Facebook for keeping in contact with friends and family here and overseas. Where you might not pick up the phone to talk to these people on a regular basis you can see what is happening in their lives and they in your life, and comment or chat with them when it is convenient to you as with our busy lives it is not always convenient to chat and spend a lot of time on the phone. The opportunity to share photos of our kids as they grow and vice a versa with their kids, just feels like the friends and family are actually closer to you.

  12. I used facebook everyday at home or on my mobile but I never use it when I am working. I sometimes look at facebook on my phone in my breaks but I would never look at it while I am working! I love to use it to keep up to date with my friends and chat to them for free (cheaper than texting), play games and enter comps 🙂

  13. I only really ever go on when I’m at my own house. Facebook at work is a little unprofessional and I dont feel comfortable enough to spend time on it as I am worried someone is looking over my shoulder

  14. I’m not working at the moment so Social Networking is keeping me sane as a bit of contact to the world when not in an office every day!

    I tend to just lurk on facebook, check it for updates but haven’t written a status in about a year.
    twitter on the other hand is my outlet – i am very selective with who follows me on there, when I am working I dont accept anyone that i work with so its a free place for me to say what i wish – i like it that way.

  15. I love my facebook and am lucky enough that it is still accessible at work. Of course, it’s not encouraged to be on facebook all day rather than working so I do need to be a little sneaky 🙂

    I like to keep up with what my friends are doing, check out any new pics they’ve uploaded and play games like scrabble. It’s great that you can see your friends holiday pics before they even get back from their holiday, raise awareness for causes, and even create an event and issue the invitation through facebook. So much to do!

    I think facebook is a great tool, and as long as people are careful to maintain their privacy settings (and parents monitor those large party invites that teenages love to issue) then it’s harmless and fun. The main problem for me is that I’d much rather be ‘facebooking’ than working!

  16. I was recently at a health conference for young people and there was a lot of dicussion on social media. I definitely believe that there is no denying the direction in which society is heading – social networking is here to stay. Rather than building walls against it, we should embrace it (I do!). The possibilities made available are limitless! My take is that businesses shouldn’t be banning Facebook at work but educating workers on how to use it and other social media tools to engage a greater audience in this tech-savvy age. Like Beauty and Lace has done already, developing a love for social networking will be a powerful tool in the upcoming years. Keep up the great work, you’re already ahead in this game of quick typing and fast thinking with your attitude alone.

  17. I use Facebook at work when I get in early. I’m lucky that no-one can see my computer screen where I sit, so if I need to jump on FB during the day, I will, but quickly. As I’m on a computer all day at work, I rarely use the home computer, therefore tend to do my Facebooking whilst at work.

  18. I don’t have a Facebook account and I don’t plan on getting one, if someone really wanted to get hold of me, a distant friend or relative, there are other means to track people down. I also think companies could stay in touch with their clients or subscribers through email or post if they wanted to, it is just as good and efficient as Facebook. I won’t say Facebook isn’t convenient but I will go against the majority and say it isn’t the be all and end all in social networking.

  19. The company I work for does not allow you to use facebook, the computor is for work purposes only. I have a limited lunch break so I have to wait until I get home to go on facebook, I love my competitions. Unfortunately too many staff have done the wrong thing regarding this privilage at work so nobody is allowed to use the computor for personal time.
    If I was the boss man I would have the same rule I think.

  20. I use social networking all day. Whether I am at work, or home, I have it open on a page, and flick back and forth, to and from it regularly during the day. I usually use it to receive information and enter competitions. I never update my status and would probably not even bother with it if it wasn’t for the competitions!

  21. Mmm facebook and twitter are banned at work but my trusty iphone allows me access quite a few times a day. All done very secret squirrelly of course ; )

  22. I use Facebook only at home. I can understand if companies let their employees use it, I just feel I do not want to use this at work because I get paid to work. I can always check it on my phone at lunch if I feel the need but usually I wait until I get home 🙂

  23. Never was a big fan of facebook but I was reefed into joining and beofre I knew it, I was being ‘friended’ left right and centre.. It became a novelty for a little while and yes I admit i was addicted for a few months. But as all toys the novelty kind of wore off, and now I only use it to chat to mates when i couldn’t be bothered picking up the phone- crazy huh?! Ah yes but this is the society we have become- we are the social voyeurs and we are obsessed with everyone else’s business except apparently our own as we choose to live “virtual” lives instead of our real ones. My verdict? facebook is killing us!!! As for posting what’s on your mind today… I don’t care that Joe Bloe “had a piece of toast for breakfast” or that “Mondays suck”!!!!! Why are we a FAT nation??? Because we’re all sitting on our behinds at our computers when there’s a world to be explored out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I am an admittedly an addict of the Facebook game :Gardens of Time”, spending several hours a week of enjoyment playing with my neighbours from all over the world. I dont work so have that extra time others don’t to make the most of it!! I use Facebook as a means of keeping up with the Joneses…my more wealthier rellies and the average Joe. Gossip? Facebook is famous for that, people can be uplifting, and some not so uplifting….I tend to turn a blind eye. Then theres all those endless Facebook fan pages, with their special offers etc that one cannot resist…..we all want something for free! Facebook is a field of fun, endless amusement and news news news!!!

  25. When Facebook started I did shy away from it. It was all too confusing but after a year, I ventured in and added my first friend – hubby 🙂 I only have close friends plus family on there and of course B&L and a few other sites that I am involved in.
    I don’t work and do find myself going into Facebook maybe twice a day . It’s great for me as all my family and best friends live in NSW so seeing their holiday snaps or babies being born to family is my only chance of seeing them.
    At the same time though, I do still like phoning family and friends to have that personal chat and catch up time.
    I am not on facebook to have a world record of so many friends on the list….someone I know has 4,800 people on their list…like What the????

  26. I love social networking especially Facebook and at the moment I check it regularly from my phone and jump onto the computer if I need to do something which is going to take a while. I have been at jobs where they have used what I have written on facebook against me.
    I have also tried to introduce the use of Facebook for promotion of my work but a lot of people are slow to come around.

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