DISCUSSION: I Don’t Like Cricket…

Summer holidays in Australia means cricket on one channel and tennis on the other. When I was younger this used to really bug me because I don’t like cricket, and tennis – well I could never sit and watch that either. Now, I don’t watch TV during the day so it isn’t such an annoyance…but, I still don’t understand it and it still puts me to sleep.

Am I un-Australian because I don’t like cricket? Maybe. But no matter how many times Mr Lace has tried to explain it to me, and how many times I have heard how exciting it is I feel my eyes glazing over and I start thinking about other things. Where’s the running? Where’s the hot bods in short shorts? And if it’s such an amazing sport – how can they wear long pants and a jumper while playing. Clearly very sweat inducing.


I’m not saying cricket doesn’t involve skill, and for some reason the male species seem to love it. My 3 year old can hit the ball better than I can and even he has the patience to watch at least a few minutes of it. I’m sure I am destined for a life of sitting watching him play cricket on Saturdays too because he is likely to pick it up when he starts school. My punishment for this post perhaps.

Once I sat on the plane next to Richie Benaud and a bunch of English cricket players were on board (or so my brother excitedly informed me), but of course, I felt nothing. I was much more thrilled to see “Alf Stewart” in person.

This week we are discussing cricket (and the watch-a-bility of other sports too) and I want you to weigh up in the discussion and tell me whether you are a fanatic or if you would rather watch paint dry. Cricket, golf, tennis, AFL, soccer, rugby? What do you love to watch and what do you loathe?

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25 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: I Don’t Like Cricket…

  1. I totally agree! Cricket would have to be the lamest sport to sit and watch anywhere. Give me AFL instead! Hot bods in tight shorts that can actually run!

    1. It’s funny I had this debate with my boyfriend this evening…. Cricket is like olives, it’s an acquired taste. For me, I would rather pluck out nasal hairs than even have to sit through a 20-20 match. I tried suffering through it for the last eight weeks and I find it as boring as batshit! I’ve given it a crack! Do I feel un-Aussie ? No way! I can say Aussie Aussie oy oy oy and I wear green and gold well. Us non cricket followers just have a different beat to a different drum. My only beef is when I’m expected to watch it with my loved one…. It’s endearing to have a partner want to spend time together but if its in front of a box watching cricket then the one sided fun fest sucks to say the least. It’s hard for cricket worshippers to understand the frustration of non cricket followers but I do thank Foxtel for channel choice- it’s worth the money!!!! That’s my spin in things :0) pardon the pun!

  2. you either love or hate sport i guess its as simple as that, I love it. I can see the skill required in test cricket its a game of tactics and mind games, I cant sit and watch test cricket but I have it on so i can hear whats going on and run to see the replay of the wickets or big hits. 20 20 cricket is for those who want to watch cricket but have no patience its faster paced with lots more big hits, run outs etc but many true cricket fans will tell you its ruined cricket. most sports i can watch, AFL, swimming, athletics, tennis to a point! I dont understand grid iron, and as for GOLF no thanks

  3. I dont really enjoy watching sport at all other then ice Skating which i have been informed is not a sport. I dont mind swimming or the gymnastics during the Olympics but only in small doses.
    Pre having children My then soon to be husband and I would race home from work in the afternoons, grab some french bread, selected cheeses and sliced meats from the deli and have a picnic dinner in front of the tv while watching the one day Cricket. Amazingly i loved it but then a few years later children arrived into my life and i found that watching cricket was no longer fun as every time something exciting would happen i would miss it as i would be busy with one of the kids. So I gave up and was never able to get back into it and now i no longer know the players like i used to and id rather read a book then watch guys i dont know hitting a ball about the oval.
    Sport is boring but at least it keeps our men occupied…right??

  4. Wether it is Cricket or Tennis, the sport is not only where the action is. We normally sit amongst the opposing side audience with a picnic. It can be just as exciting watching the game as it is sitting on the sidelines and talking with the crowd.

  5. I couldn’t agree more with you Ms Lace on the cricket front… but somehow, although i loathe any sport really, (which is a real head-banging-against-a-brick-wall scenario for me because Mr Nat is a complete sports freak…) it does feel slightly un-aussie that most of us gals can’t sit through an aussie iconic sport. But then again, hang on- that’s why we are WOMEN!!!! Leave the sport to the Aussie blokes out there… and lets hit the mall instead…now thats what we’re good at!!!!! And I dare say I am proud of it too…!!!

  6. I don’t like cricket either and there is nothing un-Australian if you don’t like it. Sports is just another category of out interests. Not everyone likes to read, people like different types of movies and music. Others play computer games all day where some of us would rather be active (gym, gardening etc) or go to the beach. Some people are happy to watch sports all day where others would rather go shopping.

    At the end of the day, if we all liked the same thing, we would spend all our time together, 24/7 and at the end of the day we would be sick of each other and have nothing to talk about really.

  7. When I was a child I loved playing backyard cricket but I have ALWAYS hated watching it. It is too slow a sport to be entertaining. I have never really seen cricket as a sport, I mean Shane Warne used to smoke and play at international level. How strenuous could it be if at top level you can still be one of the best and smoke cigarettes as well!
    I also hate cricket personalities and players. I’m not sure if it is just because I hate cricket but they all seem so “up themselves” if you will excuse the language!
    Tennis, on the other hand, I love, and so my summer TV regime is saved here because these days there is plenty of it on TV. I used to play at a high level when I was young so this is why it interests me. I can understand people not enjoying it if they never played it seriously and accept that it is not for everyone. So why don’t people accept that I HATE cricket and leave it at that. NO!, their first comment to me is “Well what sort of an Aussie are you?”, to which I reply, “Aussie Rules is Australia’s true sport and I LOVE that, GO BOMBERS!”

  8. As a kid loved cricket, and AFL, now, prefer an old western over any Sport, as I dont like it when people get hurt on the Field , chasing a silly Ball!, My , Dog can do that and he brings it back to ME!

  9. I am so with you on this one, yawn!!!! My partner and I are on holidays and when there has been nothing else to do he will sit and watch cricket for hours, hogging the TV. I whinge that there has to be something better on and he tries to go into how exciting it is. I normally switch off and go read a book. Oh well I guess that is one positive out of it, I get to read more.LOL

  10. A big yawn to cricket…….hubby watches with great intense…..he asks me to sit down and take an interest (it’s the perfect time for me to actually have a nanna nap 🙂 )
    Honestly, it’s so boring. Hubby says that the one day tests would be more up my alley…..somehow, I don’t think so from trying to sleep…..oops I mean watch 😛
    Gee they even take of Days of our Lives for cricket (I am more wondering how those viewers handle the cricket at this time of year). I would have to say, they are big cricket haters lol.
    If I have to watch any sport, it would have to be the tennis (although I admit not watched any this year yet) and maybe some golf (because I am still trying to work out why you would hit a ball then walk miles to find it again just to hit it again and again).
    Ok off to Foxtel to find something that I CAN watch >>>>

  11. ooooooh I hate Cricket. When regular television shows stop and allow the sports events to be shown ok I don’t mind the tennis but cricket. OMG it drives me crazy. Can’t understand it at all but each to their own but please put it on some distant channel on TV so we can watch something else

  12. Urgh – I hate sport on TV – remember the days of SATC and how many times a season the nights and times would change just to accommodate sport?? It’s even more puzzling as guys prefer to watch things in groups around the bar at the pub then at home.

    If sport was more reality tv styled and involved more women, like perhaps a high heel race down the side of parliament house or a roller derby through myer – then I would definitely watch it. Til then, bring back SATC, and can the cricket.

  13. being an american, no cricket is played here! so my experience watching it is in movies and europe in summer where it’s on TV everywhere! bars, hotels and cab drivers talking about it. i must say, it looks intriguing but i’ve never actually tried to learn about it. but, to be fair, i’m not into the athletic thing at all, except cheerleading in junior high. my brother, on the other hand, is really into sports like football (your soccer, i think), baseball, basketball, etc.if anyone would like to give me the cliff’s notes version, i would really appreciate it!

  14. I’d prefer to watch paint dry. In fact my boyfriend has it on tv right now, my eyes are glazing over, my computer comes out and I can’t help thinking… how many test matches can there possibly be? And why does it take so long to test it? *tongue in cheek*.

    I’ve never been very sporty but of course I can see the excitement to play the game, maybe even watch it at the grounds (that’s a big maybe) but on tv? I think that just reminds us we are not out there living our lives!

  15. I’d prefer to watch a rainbow than watch cricket. I don’t like any form of cricket, not on tv, and not those annoying little chirpy things in the backyard. I do like the tennis and footy, I think they offer more excitement but I wish they would put on some decent tv come cricket season.

  16. Cricket… definitely take paint! Thank goodness hubby doesn’t watch sport anymore – well not very often anyway.
    He loves his AFL and will watch it, that I can half watch and deal with it but usually I’ll just take a book.
    I don’t care if it’s unastralian, i am not a fan of watching sport – AT ALL

  17. Cricket is not a sport I like to watch as I find it mostly boring. Now give me a good game of Rugby Union and I will be found yelling at the TV. I think sport events are one of those things you either love it or hate it. I really like watching Golf, lawn bowls, hockey, union and netball. I never miss the Olympics or Commonwealth Games either.
    But for some reason I can’t get into cricket or tennis. Mind you I don’t usually watch daytime TV either. It has to be special for the TV to go on before the evening news. As for attending these two events- not in a pink fit. Lucky for me Hubby likes all these sports but is happy to watch the highlights on the news instead of one of those blokes who turn it on all day even when they go outside just in case something exciting (watching grass grow is more pleasurable to me) happens and they can rush in. Maybe it makes me un-Australian but to each his own as they say. Cheers.

  18. Ms Lace, your Australian citizenship will be cancelled unless you can watch three broadcasts of different sports and name ten Aussie “legends” (that is, teenaged boys who can’t speak in coherent sentences, rather expressing themselves with antisocial gestures, like tackling, kneeing, elbowing etc). LOL! Yep, I agree with you. I think it’s rather pathetic how much emphasis is placed on sports in Australia. Fifty years ago, sport was for hobbyists and sort of cute. Now it’s big business and overwhelming. I don’t mind sport in small doses, can watch a few minutes of cricket, don’t understand football (all kinds), and quite like Olympic pursuits, although, as with Meedee, I prefer it mixed with some artistry (like gymnastics or figure skating).

  19. I don’t mind cricket as at least there’s generally something happening, balls in the air, people running etc, golf bores me to tears, there is absolutely nothing entertaining about the game!
    Much prefer AFL, full on action, body contact, tackling, and those little shorts..mmm

  20. I remember a show making fun of the cricket and the camera shooting the birds in the background, twas a tad more exciting, and tennis well, a ball bouncing back n forth, pfft how boringggg. Watching music programs yessss, music makes the world go round

  21. Cricket bores me but it is great when you want a nana nap on a weekend in the afternoon you can put hubby in front of the cricket and lay down on the lounge definately puts me straight to sleep for an undisturbed hour of two!

  22. Watching paint dry, or even grass grow would be more exciting because there is a point to both of these tasks. What’s the point to cricket? Who cares which side wins or loses? It’s not life threatening or even life assisting, either way. They’re a bunch of men who never fully left their boyhood behind and enjoy people cheering them on for rubbing their ball in inappropriate places.
    But I must agree with you Karen Lang, it is the greatest sedative in the whole wide world!

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